Post-Show Blog for 9/22/08 (OF Rankings)

   2008                         2009                            

Matt Holliday              Grady Sizemore                     
Grady Sizemore         Matt Holliday                   
Carl Crawford            Carlos Beltran                     
Carlos Beltran            Alfonso Soriano                    
Bobby Abreu              Ryan Braun                       
Curtis Granderson     Matt Kemp                     
Ichiro Suzuki              Alex Rios                         
Magglio Ordonez       Carl Crawford                    
Vladimir Guerrero       B.J. Upton                    
Eric Byrnes                Nick Markakis                      
Carlos Lee                Carlos Lee                         
Alfonso Soriano         Ichiro Suzuki                      
B.J. Upton                  Josh Hamilton                      
Alex Rios                    Jason Bay                          
Lance Berkman         Carlos Quentin                     
Adam Dunn               Manny Ramirez                      
Chris Young              Nate McLouth                       
Torii Hunter               Bobby Abreu                        
Gary Sheffield           Curtis Granderson                  
Nick Markakis            Corey Hart                      

1 Comment

Noticed that mags and vlad dropped out of your top 10 to off your list completely (honorable mentions). Do either of them have keeper value in a 5×5 10 team 5-keeper league? Are they not keepers but 6th round value picks, or should I stay away from them as too inconsistent?

I picked up quentin this year and love him. He seems like a keeper in my league (I’d keep him over mccann).

quentin amd mcclouth were waiver pickups in our league this year but showed promise last year. Anyone finishing up this year that looks similar and we should keep an eye on in particular?
I am in a dogfight for third this year (exhibit A I traded adrian g for chris young) but I am hopeful to finish in the money. Thanks for the show.

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