That’s What I’m Talking About

This is from Pfelon. Great great stuff.

By the way The 411 does not condone underage drinking or drinking and driving.

Fantasy 411

Drinking Game



(standard drinking game setup: you will need a glass of beer or a cocktail, a shot glass, a bottle

of hard liquor)


Drink once whenever one of the guys drinks (obviously)

Drink once whenever alcohol or beer is mentioned
Drink once whenever someone says "it's interesting..." or "you

know what’s interesting is…”

Drink once whenever Sterno forces a segue (segway), and once

more if Schwartz or Siano laugh or comment about

Drink twice and do a little dance whenever Club DTM is


Drink twice and take one shot whenever "21" inspiration

Jeffrey Ma is mentioned or calls in

Drink four times whenever the guys make an Entourage

reference (you know, because there’s four of them), including saying “Is that

something you’d be interested in?”

Chug/finish your drink ("kill" it) whenever the bells toll

for someone’s now-dead season

Take a shot whenever Schwartz uses the phrase "by the same


Take a "single" shot whenever it is referenced that Sterno

is single, or he mentions that he likes the ladies, or that he will accept

friend requests from unknown ladies on facebook

Take a shot whenever Pitch or Ditch has a "TBA" listed
Take two shots whenever you hear "flags fly forever"
Take two shots whenever you hear "stay hot"


[quote]Take a shot whenever Pitch or Ditch has a “TBA” listed
Take two shots whenever you hear “flags fly forever”
Take two shots whenever you hear “stay hot” [/quote]

You’ll die! 1 shot for a TBA? Maybe during the regular season you can survive, but now, with september call ups, you’ll never make it!

Yeah, I think for September you’d have to cross out the TBA one. For the first 5 months of the year it works, since you get maybe 1 per day, if that.
-Dan in LA

Also, can I just take some shots myself while chanting flags ly forever?

You can take shots yourself regardless.

Really, I just wanted an excuse to say “Flags Fly Forever” after winning my money league this year.

Don’t forget to kill a beer completely when sterno starts the show with `What is up’.

Is she gonna drink all that????
Allan in SA

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