Post-Show Blog for 9/26/08 (All-Fantasy Team)


          2007                             2008

C    Russell Martin          C    Russell Martin
1B  Prince Fielder          1B   Albert Pujols
2B  Brandon Phillips      2B   Chase Utley
SS  Jimmy Rollins           SS   Jose Reyes
3B  Alex Rodriguez        3B   David Wright
OF  Matt Holliday           OF  Grady Sizemore
OF  Magglio Ordonez     OF  Matt Holliday
OF  Grady Sizemore       OF  Carlos Beltran
SP  Jake Peavy              SP   Cliff Lee
CL  J.J. Putz                   CL   Mariano Rivera

                Your MVP is:  JOSE REYES
                And the Cy Young goes to:  CLIFF LEE


is there any way to watch the playoffs on the internet – similar to regular season?

I mean no disrespect to the selection of Martin and I understand the value of getting SB out of the catching position, but how isn’t Mauer the choice? Mauer has more runs, RBI, higher BA, and three less home runs than Martin. He also has a higher OPS and more Runs Created. Is Martin the pick because of one category?

As they said on the show, if anything the pick at catcher probably could’ve been McCann.

Wow… I don’t understand why K-Rod wasn’t the closer of the year for fantasy. I mean 60+ saves? All you need on top of that is one extra closer and you’re going to compete at the top in saves. Poor selection…

That being said, your show is great. Love watching it all year. Keep the insights and analysis coming our way!

I can buy picking Mariano over K-Rod, the differences in WHIP and ERA are huge.

However: Manny!
I’d pick him over Holliday (and maybe Beltran)

Manny vs Holliday:
-5 runs, +12 in HR, +33 RBI, -25 SB, +.020 AVG

Manny vs Beltran
-14 R, +10 HR, +9 RBI, -22 SB, + .048 AVG

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