Early Mock Draft for ’09

Much thanks to Tony in Jacksonville for this!

2009 Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft.doc


Hi guys,
Thanks for another great season. I hope we’ll get some more shows a-la last year’s post season.
12 teams mixed we keep 5. Who are the best keepers from the following list:
A. Gonzalez

Sam in Jerusalem

First you need to make a prediction on what other teams will keep and therefore leave on the table. For instance, if you foresee there will be a lot good closers available, keep Bay and not Nathan. However if all things are even I’d keep Nathan over Bay, therefore my list would be:

Nathan (or Bay)

This of course is only an opinion, not the Gospel.
Nice keepers, Good Luck!
Here’s My six for ’09:
Lee, (Carlos)

Alright so this is my first time blogging. The season is over but I can’t wait for the next. Have a few questions. 10 team mixed keeper league. 3 rookie (4years), 2 reg keep, 2 Franchise (4 years). Te regular keepers are each tagged with franchise or put back in draft. I have the tenth pick next year for first two rounds cause i won this year. Here is an idea of whose available.
Draft pool: Hanley, D wright, Matt Holiday, Ryan Howard, Teixeira, CC, Rollins, Berkman, Fielder, Peavy, Webb, Carlos Lee, Soriano,

My team
Already kept
Miguel Cabrera (3 years left)
Ryan Theriot (3 years left)

Potential regular keeper(only two)- one of these players will be eliglbe for Franchise in 2010*

In order of what I think, but David Ortiz scares me and Markakis could have a break out year.
Ian Kinsler *
Carlos Quentin
David Ortiz
Manny Ramírez
Nick Markakis
Álex Ríos

Potential Rookie Keepers in order (need 2) Jones 20 20 20 possibility is very a enticing but could I pass up Davis and Edinson. Also might be able to trade so rookies off season if I don’t tag them any thoughts?

Chris Davis
Edinson Vólquez
Adam Jones
David Price
Cameron Maybin
Joba Chamberlain
Mat Gamel
Thanks for the input

oops email is antquan32@yahoo.com just sent you a comment

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