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FLUSHING, N.Y., September 30, 2008 – Mets righthanded pitcher John Maine underwent successful right shoulder arthroscopic surgery today at New York’s Hospital for Special Surgery. Mets Medical Director Dr. David Altchek and Mets Team Physician Struan Coleman removed a lesion from the back of his shoulder socket.

Maine will begin rehabilitation immediately and resume throwing activities as part of his off-season workouts, and is expected to make a full recovery in advance of spring training.


Looks he’ll be back to be a part of the Mets’ collapse and narrow missing of the playoffs tomorrow. Huzzah!

And by “tomorrow” I mean “next season.” Man, I need to lay off that drinking game.

Hey guys,
i won my league and a nice 500 thanks to yall.
now its a keeper 10 team 6×6 mix
5 keepers
r.martin pujols
jay bruce
carlos beltran
adam lind
zack grinke
wood and mariano.


Hey guys, big fan of the show, been listening since 2006 Spring Training. What’s the schedule for the 411 in the offseason? Will we hear from you guys at all or are we sitting and waiting until Spring Training?

Keeper question, 16 team, 6-keeper league:
I’m thinking 5 bats from this group: El Caballo, Dunn, Crawford, ARam and Soto, D. Lee, Hawpe, and Chris Davis are other options.

Thinking about keeping one pitcher from these three:
Rivera, Lackey, Dempster.
Should I even be tempted to keep Dempster over Lackey for 09? Can he possibly repeat his Cinderella season or is he a pumpkin next year? OR should I pass on both and keep Mariano Rivera? He is getting older…

Maybe I just need to make a deal to get 6 solid keepers. Thoughts? (btw, I’m opening this to any commenter, not just the 411 crew).

Thanks guys!

To me, Martin, Pujols, Beltran, and Mo are sure things. As for the fifth keeper, the choice is between Youk and Bruce. Despite the hype, I find it hard to believe that Bruce will go in the top five rounds in a 12 teamer with no values attached to keepers. Go with Youk!

cwalrus…I understand a case could be made for Dunn being the odd man out among the hitters due to his low BA, but 40 homers a year is hard to pass up. Leave D. Lee unprotected instead…a lot of depth at 1B. I’m not a fan of Dempster and would much rather have Lackey…very consistent.


Oh, and I forgot to mention, the 411 will be off for October but sounds like we’ll be returning in November twice a week.


Thanks Zach.
I forgot to mention that we do OBP instead of Avg, so I think Dunn is more valuable in that format.

Dunn is definately more valueable in that format. I’m in a similar league and I’m keeping him as a second rounder…

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