September 2008

Post-Show Blog for 9/11/08 + Upcoming Show Sked


So on the morning of August 20th, I decided that I had enough of Bronson Arroyo’s inconsistent ways.  I stuck with Bronson up until that point and was just never able to figure him out, starting him in his worst outings and missing out on his best ones.  By cutting him, I’d never again have to make these decisions only to second guess myself afterwards. 

Not surprisingly, in five starts since, Arroyo has gone on to post a 4-0 record to go along with a 1.24 ERA and 1.10 WHIP.

Never again will I own Bronson Arroyo.  He might have exited the 411’s Club DTM, but he’s got a permanent place in mine!

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Also, here’s the schedule for the upcoming 2009 rankings shows:

9/12: Top 10 Catchers heading into 2009

9/15: Top 10 1B heading into 2009

9/16: Top 10 2B heading into 2009

9/17: Top 10 SS heading into 2009

9/18: Top 10 3B heading into 2009

9/19: Top 10 Closers heading into 2009

9/22: Top 20 Outfielders heading into 2009

9/23: Top 20 Starters heading into 2009

9/24: All Surprise Team for 2008

9/25: All Disappointment Team for 2008

9/26: All Fantasy Team for 2008 plus Fantasy MVP and Cy Young


Post-Show Blog for 9/10/08


We all know that Pat Burrell is one of the most streaky players in the majors.  I went into this season targeting Burrell as someone who could provide great value considering his projected draft position and the contract year factor.  Right now, I’m paying for my optimism.  2008 looks to be the same old story as 2007, but reversed.


Pre All-Star:   .215 AVG  11 HR  37 RBI  .408 SLG  .786 OPS
Post All-Star: .295 AVG  19 HR  60 RBI  .590 SLG 1.010 OPS


Pre All-Star:    .275 AVG  23 HR  57 RBI  .575 SLG  .979 OPS
Post All-Star:  .212 AVG    7 HR  20 RBI  .394 SLG  .696 OPS

On today’s show, Cory recommended benching Burrell.  Maybe it’s because I’ve always loved the guy, but I just can’t do it!  A daily lineup league is a different story, but this is a weekly money league, with the top three receiving the cash.  I’ve been bouncing between second and third and a mere 1.5 points separate second from fourth.  I’m positive that the moment I decide to bench Pat the Bat, he’ll go on to have one of those 5 HR 12 RBI weeks.  So I’m riding it out.  These are the kinds of decisions that torment us all as the season winds down.

Hopefully, we can help you make the right ones!


Pujols and Foley’s news




            ST. LOUIS, September 9, 2008 – The St. Louis Cardinals addressed media reports from yesterday citing uncertainty over the condition of Albert Pujols’ right elbow by stating today that Cardinals management, Pujols and his representatives are in agreement that the condition does not appear to be season-threatening nor do they have a clear indication that it will or will not require future surgery.

“We are sensitive to Albert’s stated concerns,” said Cardinals’ Vice President/General Manager John Mozeliak.  “At no time would we ever ask Albert to consider anything other then what is best for his career and future health.”

The team plans to conduct a follow-up medical exam with Pujols at season’s end, just as it does every year, and will make a determination at that time to as to any future course of action. 



If you are in the area stop by Foley’s Wednesday night for their baseball trivia contest. You can win vouchers for the bar and there is a final in November to crown the overall champ.


Foley’s Searches for New York’s Baseball Trivia King
(Wednesday, Sept. 10)

The second heat of Foley’s search for NYC’s will take place on Weds, Sept. 10. A third heat will be held on Weds, Oct. 1 and with the three finalists vying for the title of “New York’s Baseball Trivia King” on Weds, Nov. 5. Prizes include food/drink vouchers and other great baseball items, as well as a trophy. Congratulations to Sean O’Shea, who had 15 of 27 correct answers during the first preliminary round.

Post-Show Blog for 9/9/08


On today’s show, Rick Wilton of said that he thinks the Cards will shut down Albert Pujols as soon as they’re officially eliminated from playoff contention.  While Pujols owners have already gotten more production than expected, losing him at this crucial time hurts big time, especially for those of you in head to head leagues (see my previous post!)

The Cardinals’ elimination number for the NL wild card stands at 15.  Let the countdown begin.


Post-Show Blog for 9/8/08


This is exactly why I hate head to head leagues and only play in one each year.  Amidst his Cy Young worthy season, Brandon Webb decides to have his worst week (13.00 ERA  2.67 WHIP) during Round 1 of the playoffs.  As expected, my season is now over and I’m getting set for a much anticipated fifth place game!

Whether you have any questions or simply need to vent, here’s where you do it.


Updated Feud Standings


Curtis Granderson’s huge week has Siano leading all the hitting categories and seemingly well on his way towards a feud title.


#$%$#@#%&*()(^$###%^&* Huge Quentin News





            CHICAGO – Chicago White Sox outfielder Carlos Quentin will undergo surgery Monday morning, September 8, to have a screw inserted into his fractured right wrist.


            The surgery, which will take place at Rush University Medical Center, will be performed by team hand and wrist specialists, Dr. Mark Cohen and Dr. John Fernandez, and White Sox lead orthopedic surgeon Dr. Charles Bush-Joseph of Midwest Orthopedics at Rush University.


            Quentin, who leads the American League with 36 home runs and is hitting .288 (138-480) with 100 RBI, will have his wrist re-evaluated in two to three weeks to determine how the healing process has progressed.


            Quentin suffered the injury to his right wrist during Monday’s game in Cleveland.  He returned to Chicago on Wednesday for evaluation and treatment by Dr. Bush-Joseph and Dr. Cohen, and a decision to insert the screw was made last night.


POD for Sunday-Monday


Our patience is wearing thin with Mr. Danks (5.22 ERA  1.56 WHIP since All-Star break), but he’s not
bench material just yet.


Pitch:  Garza, Saundo, Lee, Greinke, Perkins, Mussina, Lannan, Young, Parra,            Josh Johnson, J. Sanchez, Unit, Kershaw, Hamels, Johan


Pitch:  Carmona, Miner, Lester, Burnett, Danks, Volquez, Maddux, Petit, Lincecum

Post-Show Blog for 9/5/08

Thanks to Casey for reminding me on today’s show that I own Ian Kinsler in all four of my leagues.  Oh well, at least I can free up a roster spot for some late season pitching and ditching.  Welcome, Paul Maholm! 

You know the deal.  Ask and we’ll answer.


Unreads for 9/4

Keeper question:

I am in a standard 4×4 keeper auction league. I have the following potential keepers for next season.  I can keep 8.  I do not believe that there will be much opportunity to package keepers to move up.  So I would like your thoughts as to which of these guys I should keep.  I have provided what their value will be for next year.  I have broken down the list between hitters and pitchers, although I can take any combination of 8 hitters and pitchers.  The only ones I am definitely keeping are Hamilton and Quentin.

Josh Hamilton $10
Chris Young (hitter) $10
Jason Giambi $9
Carlos Quentin $7
Ryan Doumit $7
Alexei Ramirez $7
JD Drew $6
Luke Scott $4

Chris Carpenter $7
Justin Duchscherer $7
Johnny Cueto $5
Andrew Miller $4

I also have Cole Hamels at $21 and AJ Burnett at $18 but I don’t think I will keep either because I don’t think they will go much higher at the auction.

Thanks as always for your seer wisdom and guidance,
Todd D. Brody

Hey Todd,

You’re correct in securing Hamilton and Quentin. Those are absolute bargain-basement prices for two players who should repeat with 30 homer-100 RBI campaigns next season. I think you can get Chris Young for under $10, especially in a batting average league. He’s had better luck this year, with a .296 BABIP vs. last year’s .257 number, but he’s still hitting only .244. Plus, he has only 10 steals in 15 attempts.

Personally, I wouldn’t take Giambi, but $9 isn’t a bad rate if you’re targeting homers. Doumit is a good target at $7. He’s been productive when healthy, hitting .319 with an .864 OPS, 13 homers and 53 RBI, albeit in only 96 games. He plays a premium position, so don’t underestimate the satisfaction of having a shallow position secured. Speaking of premium positions, Alexei Ramirez is fantastic at $7. Sixteen home runs and 21 doubles is a pleasant surprise for the skinny second baseman who doesn’t seem to weigh as much as his listed weight, at 185 pounds. You’d like to see a better steals rate (he has 10 base swipes in 18 attempts), but, again, he’s a good hitter at a premium position and there is talk he could be moved to shortstop.

Duchscherer is probably seen as a bargain at $7 based on his 2.54 ERA and 0.99 WHIP this season. However, he’s thrown over 127 more innings this year than last. Sorry, but I buy into the “no more than 30 innings increase” theory. I would like Cueto at $5 if your league counted strikeouts – I’m assuming the four pitching categories are W, SV, ERA, WHIP. If strikeouts aren’t one of the cats, then I can’t recommend a pitcher who has a 4.59 ERA at his home ballpark. I really only like Hamilton, Quentin, Doumit and Ramirez at your prices. CY, Giambi and Cueto (if your league counts strikeouts) are possibilities, but you can probably get them next season for about the same price, possibly lower.

Kyle Stack

I picked up Justin Duchscherer since he’s about to come off the DL and dropped Joba Chamberlain.  This is a weekly CBS Sportsline league, no keepers.  Does that seem like a good move or do you think Slowey would have been better?
Chris in Tennessee

Hey Chris,

You definitely could’ve gone either way here, but I would’ve opted for Slowey.  Statistically, Duchscherer’s been the better pitcher, but we don’t know how he’ll respond from missing over two weeks due to a strained hip.  Slowey is quietly having a very solid season, boasting a 3.70 ERA and 1.08 WHIP.  Over his last five starts, he’s pitched exceptionally well, going 4-0 while allowing a mere seven runs over 31 innings.  I’m not saying Duchscherer won’t help your team, but we’re entering the home stretch of 2008, so I’ll always give the edge to the guy who’s routinely taking the mound every fifth day.  There’s just too little time left to wait and hope for production, especially in a weekly league, where committing to a set group of players is vital.

Zach Steinhorn