September 2008

Post-Show Blog for 9/4/08


While the 2008 season is far from over, you can’t help but start thinking about ’09.  Will Carroll was on the show today, and one of the topics he discussed was Joba Chamberlain’s anticipated return to the relief role.  Chamberlain’s draft position next year, especially if he goes into Spring Training as a reliever, will be in my mind one of the more intriguing stories heading into the season. 

But hopefully, your teams are still in contention.  Let’s finish off this year first!  We’ll be here all afternoon to answer questions.


Post Show Blog For 9/3/08

Sorry I couldn’t make the show today but it’s getting hairy in Multimedia and I just couldn’t pull it off today. Not sure what September brings for me but you are in tremendous hands with Sterno and Schwartz. Let’s get some questions going………Siano

Fave 5 Ballparks

Cory Schwartz    

1. Yankee Stadium

2. Wrigley Field

3. Fenway Park

4. Oriole Park at Camden Yards

5. PNC Park

Mike Siano    

1. Yankee Stadium

2. Fenway Park

3. Wrigley Field

4. Safeco Field

5. Citizens Bank

Casey Stern     

1. Fenway Park

2. Wrigley Field

3. PNC Park

4. Shea Stadium

5. Coors Field









Updated Feud Standings


Alfonso Soriano’s three stolen bases helped put Siano back on top.


Post Show Blog For 9/2/08: What is a vulture win???

This came up twice this weekend so I want to throw it out there to everyone. Is a vulture win when a releiver comes in and blows it and gets the win or is it when he comes in for a tie game or a close deficit and the team scores and he gets the decision? I say without hesititation it’s the latter since what JJ Putz did to Washburn on Saturday in Cleveland was more akin to stealing then vulturing but when you look at Sean Green who pitched 3 scoreless yesterday in relief of Silva and got the W well that’s more like it.

Let us know your thoughts and then hit us with your e-mails………Siano