Final Standings for Listener Leagues

The 411 will be returning on Tuesday, November
11th and will air each Tuesday and Thursday from 11-11:30 am ET.

Congrats to Cory for yet another second place finish in the 411 league.  And to Johnny Archive for dominating all of us in the Ron Cey league.  As GM of Round Trippers, I’m not too happy with my 6th place performance, but when you lose your first and second round picks (Crawford and Papi) for an extended period of time, it’s an uphill battle.  Well, at least I lived up to my team name! 


Marzano and Ron Cey Lgs.doc        411 Lg.xls         2008 PCSmith.xls



How does one join a Listener League?
-Dan in LA

Hey Dan,

There’s a general group of people who have been playing in these leagues for several years but spots often open up. Siano organizes them in late February so I’ll have you in mind!


Much obliged, Zach. Greatly appreciated.
-Dan in LA

Congrats owner of “Manhattan Marauders”, Johnny Archive, and the owner of team “PCS – Outlaws United BC”

Zack-Philly, team Havalina Lumber Co., 411 Lg.

Thanks to Mike Siano, Zach and everyone at the Fantasy 411 for putting together the listener leagues. It’s an honor to just to be in one of these leagues with so many great fantasy baseball fans. Winning the Ron Cey League — as well as the J.A.I.L. league in the same season — was a huge thrill and I’m already looking forward to ’09!

-Johnny Archive

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