Buyer Beware?


I have no idea why, but the Padres have reportedly begun to explore the market for reigning NL Cy Young Award winner Jake Peavy.  Unlike Johan Santana’s situation last offseason, Peavy is signed through 2013 at the fairly reasonable rate of $56 million over the next four years with a club option for 2013, making him an extremely hot commodity.  Leaving the lowly Pads would surely enhance his fantasy value, right?  Maybe.  While the win total should increase, the peripherals could take a hit with the move away from Petco.  Check out these splits and you’ll see what I mean.

JAKE PEAVY STATS  (2005-2008)

Home (65 Starts):  25-22  2.50 ERA  1.05 WHIP  25 home runs allowed in 439 IP

Road (55 Starts):  25-20  3.85 ERA  1.31 WHIP  45 home runs allowed in 334 IP    
Don’t get me wrong.  Jake’s still a fantasy ace.  But counting on him to post better or even the same numbers we’ve come to expect might be asking too much.

Zach Steinhorn

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Hats off to the Rays for an unbelievable season and their 1st shot at a World Series Title!

Also, hats off to Mike for his post game interviews in the Rays’ clubhouse after the victory. Man, I wish my job were that exciting!

The Walrus

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