411 Returns Tuesday!!!

Brad Lidge’s value is at an all-time high after capping off a perfect season with a World Series title.

Who’s improved their fantasy stock due to impressive postseason showings?  The guys will discuss this among other topics during the first offseason edition of the Fantasy 411 Tuesday at 2 pm ET.  The 411 will run throughout the winter on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2-2:30, so start posting all your questions and we’ll answer them either on the blog or on the show.  It’s never too early to talk keepers and ’09 draft!



Keep four: Hanley Ramirez B.J. Upton Josh Hamilton Joakim Soria Joe Mauer Adam Dunn Chipper Jones Mariano Rivera We do OBP and SLG instead of AVG and HR, so Dunn+Chipper become more valuable in our league. Soria may seem like a stretch to you, but he’s my favorite player, and I’ve won the league twice in a row, so I’m going to do it anyway! Last year I kept Hanley, Upton, Chipper and Dunn. Passed over Mariano, Manny, Markakis, Aramis, Derrek Lee.

Wow, so it accepts HTML tags in preview mode, but not in the actual post? Lame. How in the world are we supposed to format our comments?! Anyway I intend to keep Hanley, Upton, Hamilton and Soria for next year, since it’s so unclear from the post above.

Crazy how Lidge went from the bottom to the top among fantasy closers in a year.

Nice… advice for you this year, more phone calls. I love listening to emails, but it would be nice to hear some of the old voices. Often you give out the phone number to the show and just take emails.

I don’t want to sound sour or insulting here because I love the 411, but all in all I really don’t like the new format. IMHO the more commercial, polished version has little of the charm and natural feel the old version had. Of course the personalities remain great, but the talk and the show in general is far more structured, which allows much less time for fan interaction. A year ago, I knew that if I called in, I could very likely get on and get a good answer. Now I want to call less because the likelihood is far less and even if I get on, I’ll get cut off quickly. Certainly air time is at a premium but the show should be about the fans. I like a rambling dialog from Mike & Cory on occasion; some of those have been classic show moments. But now they are held in check by the structure. And no offense, but POD and fantasy feud should be relegated to the blog, giving more time for calls. Don’t get me wrong, again, I love the show and will continue to listen. I just wanted to give some constructive feedback and see what other fans have to say. Respectfully, Allan in San Antonio

Oh, and what do you think of keeping Lidge at $20 in a very deep 16-team league?

12 team Mixed 6×6 (.OPS & K/BB) Roto. We keep 5 per year and cannot make any trades during the offseason. Which 5 do I keep?

Johan Swantana
Roy Halladay
John Lackey
Matt Holliday
Carlos Beltran
Jose Reyes
David Wright
Russell Martin
Alex Rios
Garrett Atkins

Just finished a 3-Peat as league champions and want to go for a fourth. Thanks for the advice

To Allan from San Antonio:
I have been a religious listener for well over 3 years now and i agree with every comment you have made to a T. I am not enamored with the new format but I am happy to have Cory and Mike available albeit now only for a half an hour.
Jean-Michel in Baltimore

I been a listener for about 3 years, but this pass year I haven’t been dedicated due to the new format I tried to catch a show here and there but not everyday in years passed.. I found some new show to listen to that have also some great insight. But I do miss listening to the 411. now that I have a few new shows I like listening to I think I am going to come back and be a full time listener again and the new format being only half hour, will help me get my 411 fixes and still have time to listen to others. thanks Guys

I liked the hour-long show much better.
I have watched the show for a while and I think its the best its ever been with Casey/Cory/Mike. Casey has been great. My only complaint is the streaming quality, which is bad to horrible during a live show.
Looking forward to another great season with the 411.

Point 1:
While I do miss the old show format, the new format’s Audio/Visual flair is great. It adds to the show a lot.

Point 2:
Ten Team 5×5, SLG and OBP instead of HR and AVG

Keep between 5-7, straight draft, no round value or price
R. Martin
P. Fielder
I. Kinsler
N. Markakis
C. Quentin
D. Ortiz
J. Soria
D. Matsuzaka

Keep only 1
J. Upton
J. Chamberlain
C. Kershaw

Keep up to 5
J. Montero
M. Ramirez
P. Alvarez
A. Villalona
D. Jennings
M. LaPorta
N. Feliz
D. Price

I pretty much agree with Allan in San Antonio. If you’re going to stick with the “3 guys for 30 minutes” format, you should really move the Fantasy Feud to the blog. Either that, or dedicate some real analysis to it. While it’s great that someone decides to pick Ricky Nolasco because he has a two-start week against the Padres and the Giants, it would be better to include some context. “I’m trailing by two wins and 30 Ks. This choice gives me a chance to gain some ground here without risking blowing up my ERA and WHIP.”

Similar for pitch-or-ditch: it’s great that you give recommendations, but it would be even better if you’d talk about your past performances, too. “Up to this point, my pitch recommendations are 12-9, with 80Ks in 72 IP….. I called it right on Boof Bonser yesterday, but Tim Wakefield killed me!” And do we really need you guys to tell us to pitch Johan Santana or Cole Hamels? Less time on the obvious pitch candidates, and more time on the borderline cases (guys you might actually find on the waiver wire) would be hugely valuable.

How about more info on how you’re doing in some of your own leagues, and what you’re doing to remain competitive? Learning more about the thought process behind the decisions would be fabulous!

I also long for the days when more time was spent with callers and guests. We hardly heard from Jeffrey Ma last year.

Enough rambling….back to work!

Best, Brad from Cupertino

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