Unreads + Mayo AFL Article

12 team 5×5 mixed keeper entering 3rd year. Need to keep 5, no values attached. Without trading up, who’s your top 5. If you could rank all 10 players that would be great then I can start upgrading my keepers.

C     Soto
2B   Pedroia
SS   J. Reyes
3B   A. Ramirez
OF  Sizemore, Soriano, Quentin, Ordonez
P    Webb, Peavy

Danielle from NJ

Hey Danielle,

You’ve got a ton of great keeper options here.  Reyes, Sizemore, and Soriano, in that order, are definites.  While Soriano’s injury risk status and declining stolen base totals are a concern, he’s undoubtedly a top five round player.  I actually see Alfonso dropping quite a bit in ’09 drafts, making him a nice value pick, but under no circumstances will he last into the sixth round.                                       

After this trio, the decision gets tougher.  As much as I appreciate A-Ram’s consistency, there’s a lot of depth at third base this year, so I’ll pass.  Quentin will be overvalued heading into ’09, and I need to see more before placing him in the elite class of outfielders.  Magglio’s still an appealing fantasy player, but his stats saw a significant hit across the board in ’08.  Ordonez turns 35 in January.  I’d stay away!  It’s probably a good idea to take one of Webb/Peavy.  This call is a real toss up but I’m giving the nod to Webb (good team and no uncertainty as to where he’ll pitch).  If you can, try packaging the other pitcher with, for example, A-Ram to get an A-Rod or a Wright.  Losing either Peavy or Webb for nothing would be a real waste!  If you can’t pull off a deal, take Pedroia as the fifth keeper.  His dominance in average and runs narrowly beats out Soto’s value at the thin catcher position. 

All in all, my ranking is Reyes, Sizemore, Soriano, Webb, Peavy, Pedroia, Soto, Quentin, Aramis, Magglio.  Hope this helps.

Hi guys,
Should I be looking to trade Utley for Kinsler or J-Ro, or stay put and hope that he comes back refreshed and better than ever.

Hey Kevin,

There’s little doubt in my mind that Utley will come back strong from his injury.  Despite the possibility he misses the season’s first couple of weeks, I see a ton of upside if you can snatch him up at some point in the second round.  Adding Kinsler or Rollins is tempting, but it’s not like these guys come risk-free.  Kinsler’s missed significant portions of the past two years due to injury while Rollins’ drastic loss of power is alarming.  For now, I’d sit tight with Utley.

Zach Steinhorn

***See post below for more info on Utley

And here’s Jonathan Mayo’s AFL prospects article

And finally, Mayo’s thoughts on three other players the guys didn’t get to on today’s show:

Eric Young Jr. – Opened a lot
of eyes in the AFL. If he can stick in the OF – and it looks like he’ll be ok
there – he’s got a chance to be a real good leadoff type. Speed off the charts,
knows how to steal bases and a little better hitter than some may have

Chris Nelson – A bit of
a late bloomer (2004 draftee), looks like he’s figuring some things out. Did
well with switch over to 2B, which will help him get to bigs (flexibility always
good). Runs pretty well, some extra-base pop.

Josh Donaldson – Will
be more valuable if he can stick behind the plate. Legit power from right side.
Hit a moon shot in the AFL championship game. Pretty athletic, handled 1B OK
when I saw him. Really has impressed since going to Oakland in the Harden

Happy Thanksgiving!

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