The Mock Draft Continues…

On tomorrow’s show, the results of Rounds 5 and 6 of the early ’09 mock draft that Mike and Cory are participating in will be unveiled.  I’ll update this tomorrow but in the meantime here’s a reminder of how Rounds 1-4 went.

Also, just a note that Sheehan will be on Thursday’s show.


R1 P1     Rhett Oldham         Ramirez, Hanley     
R1 P2     Yogi FBM24             Rodriguez, Alex     
R1 P3     Schwartzstops       Reyes, Jose     
R1 P4     Paul Greco             Wright, David     
R1 P5     Adam Ronis            Pujols, Albert     
R1 P6     Lenny Melnick        Rollins, Jimmy     
R1 P7     Jeff Erickson          Utley, Chase
R1 P8     Tony Cincotta        Cabrera, Miguel
R1 P9     Eric Stashin           Howard, Ryan
R1 P10   Mike Siano            Kinsler, Ian
R1 P11   Jason Collette       Sizemore, Grady     
R1 P12   Sean in DC            Braun, Ryan     
R2 P1     Sean in DC           Teixeira, Mark
R2 P2     Jason Collette      Pedroia, Dustin
R2 P3     Mike Siano           Beltran, Carlos     
R2 P4     Eric Stashin          Hamilton, Josh
R2 P5     Tony Cincotta       Suzuki, Ichiro
R2 P6     Jeff Erickson         Upton, B.J.
R2 P7     Lenny Melnick       Fielder, Prince
R2 P8     Adam Ronis          Crawford, Carl
R2 P9     Paul Greco            Holliday, Matt
R2 P10   Schwartzstops     Soriano, Alfonso
R2 P11   Yogi FBM24           Berkman, Lance
R2 P12   Rhett Oldham       Phillips, Brandon

R3 P1     Rhett Oldham       Santana, Johan
R3 P2     Yogi FBM24           Lee, Carlos
R3 P3     Schwartzstops     Roberts, Brian
R3 P4     Paul Greco           Morneau, Justin
R3 P5     Adam Ronis          Longoria, Evan
R3 P6     Lenny Melnick      Guerrero, Vladimir     
R3 P7     Jeff Erickson        Quentin, Carlos
R3 P8     Tony Cincotta      Ramirez, Manny
R3 P9     Eric Stashin         Sabathia, C.C.
R3 P10   Mike Siano          Martin, Russell
R3 P11   Jason Collette     Rios, Alex
R3 P12   Sean in DC          Lincecum, Tim
R4 P1     Sean in DC          Bay, Jason
R4 P2     Jason Collette     Hamels, Cole
R4 P3     Mike Siano          Dunn, Adam
R4 P4     Eric Stashin        Gonzalez, Adrian
R4 P5     Tony Cincotta     McCann, Brian     
R4 P6     Jeff Erickson       Mauer, Joe     
R4 P7     Lenny Melnick    Ramirez, Aramis
R4 P8     Adam Ronis        Kemp, Matt     
R4 P9     Paul Greco         Hart, Corey     
R4 P10   Schwartzstops  Markakis, Nick
R4 P11   Yogi FBM24       Granderson, Curtis     
R4 P12   Rhett Oldham   Peavy, Jake

1 Comment

Pedroia with the 14th overall pick is crazy in my book! I also think you could say siano as taken every player to early. Dunn is what 2, 4 or 6 rounds to early? he doesnt run and is an avg killer!!

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