Unreads for 12/4

5 Keeper league…Planning on keeping David Wright anyone else worth keeping?

Kelly Shoppach
Ivan Rodriguez
Adrian Gonzalez
Brian Roberts
Jhonny Peralta
Kosuke Fukudome
Torii Hunter
Aaron Rowand
Jose Guillen
James Loney
Justin Verlander
Felix Hernandez
Daisuke Matsuzaka
Chad Billingsley
Fauston Carmona
Chris Perez
Troy Percival
George Sherrill
Grant Balfour
Andy Sonnanstine
Cristian Guzman
Carlos Gomez
Victor Martinez
Vicente Padilla


Hey Jeff,

A good way to look at this is to think about who would classify as a top five round selection.  Assuming this is a 12 teamer, that would translate to a top 60 pick.  Roberts certainly fits this description.  Roberts is as consistent as they come at the second base position, providing around a .290 average, 40 or so steals, 100+ runs, and double digit homers.  He’s no worse than a late fourth rounder, and will likely be drafted even before then.  Adrian Gonzalez is another guy you should hold onto.  There’s a slight chance he’ll last into the sixth round, but don’t take that risk!  Once again, the key is consistency.  Adrian’s averaged 33 homers, 110 RBIs, and 102 runs scored over the last two seasons while playing half his games at Petco.  Pretty impressive.

Beyond the Wright-Roberts-Gonzalez trio, I’d stay put and take those extra draft picks.  Keeping V-Mart is tempting, but chances are he will still be on the board by the time you make your first regularly scheduled pick.  The fact that Martinez returned from elbow surgery to hit .288 with a .475 slugging percentage in the month of September bodes well for his ’09 outlook, especially if he’s available at a discount.  Considering V-Mart at that spot could pay big dividends.  

It’s great to have you guys back for the winter – Dustin Pedroia was taken 14th overall in your mock draft, and I was surprised that nobody’s talked about him and whether that’s where his value lies for next season. Could you guys elaborate a little bit on where Pedroia fits in the early rounds and among other second basemen?

Thanks, as always!
Adam in St. Louis

Hey Adam,

No way is Pedroia anywhere close to the 14th best player in fantasy baseball.  This is yet another example of fans overvaluing players on their favorite teams.  And the number of Red Sox fans is constantly growing!  Take advantage of that.  There’s no question Pedroia’s across the board numbers can help any fantasy club, but he doesn’t have a track record of dominance in multiple categories, a prerequisite for any first or second rounder.  Looking at that mock draft, I’d much rather have Beltran, Upton, Ichiro, Carlos Lee, Berkman, Holliday, Morneau, or even Brandon Phillips and Brian Roberts.  All in all, I view Pedroia as more of a fourth round player, and would rank him fifth among second basemen, after Utley, Kinsler, Phillips, and Roberts.  

Zach Steinhorn 

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Zach, I have to disagree with your on the first post. You aren’t looking at the Top 60 keepers; you’re looking for the top 12, top 24, top 36, top 48, and top 60 players. If Jeff drops all of these guys, at the very least he should be getting back Roberts and AGon. I would consider taking Roberts, since he could go 30ish, but I’ll let AGon back into the pool.

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