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Hey again guys,

I am in a 10 team keeper league, points h2h.  We keep 8 players with a requirement of keeping 2 pitchers.  I have to keep 2 of the following pitchers: Chad Billingsley, Joba Chamberlain or Brad Lidge.  Who do I keep?
Tzvi in Israel

Hey Tzvi,

Go with Lidge and Billingsley.  Lidge is an obvious choice, as one could easily make the case that he was the top fantasy closer in 2008.  You can’t do much better than 41 for 41.  And that’s not including the playoffs!  On the surface, the choice between Billingsley and Joba seems like a tough one, but it really isn’t.  While both have bright futures ahead of them, Billingsley’s clearly a starter, and probably a top 15 one heading into ’09.  The Yankees are insisting that Chamberlain will start, but considering their free agent starter blitz, a move back to the bullpen might make more sense.  As a middle reliever, Joba has minimal fantasy value, and even if he winds up in the rotation, he has considerably less experience than Billingsley when it comes to pitching every fifth day.  I understand it’s tempting to keep Joba due to his huge long-term potential, but don’t for a second think that the 24 year-old Billingsley has already reached his ceiling.

Hi guys.

I am keeping 5 bats and will therefore be picking my first pitcher in the 6th round.  Would you rather take a Closer first like Soria, K-Rod or Mo, or take the best SP like Lackey or Haren and fill up on Closers later?

Kevin in England

Hey Kevin,

I’d definitely take a starter and closer with the first two picks but the order really depends on where you’re drafting and who’s still on the board.  All things equal, I’ll lean towards the closer.  If you can get a K-Rod or Mo, take them over a Lackey or Haren.  Owning an elite closer is invaluable, and they’re generally less injury prone and more consistent from year to year than even a top tier starter.  That doesn’t mean you should wait several rounds to get your ace, but a K-Rod/Dice-K duo sure beats a Valverde/Haren one.  And who knows?  It’s quite possible that you’ll wind up with both K-Rod/Mariano/Soria and Haren/Lackey.  The key is to be flexible.

Zach Steinhorn 

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Any chance you guys get the 411 onto MLB Network?

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