Podcasts + Upcoming Show Sked

In case you missed it, the guys did an hour long show from Vegas on Tuesday.  The audio and video podcasts for this one are available on the site.  In addition, you can also get an audio podcast of a couple of short segments from Wednesday…one analyzing the Sabathia and K-Rod signings and the other discussing the Mariners-Mets-Indians three team deal.  Here’s how the 411 schedule looks for the next couple of weeks:

Today – no show

Tuesday 12/16 and Thursday 12/18 – McCarthy and Schwartz

Tuesday 12/23 – Hosts TBD (final show of 2008)


Really, really looking forward to Petey Mac next week. Thanks.

16-team mixed 7×7, very deep, can keep as many as you want within salary limits. $260 auction.
Question #1: I’m trying to trade for Danks and Lester at $3 and $9, respectively, in order to reduce the cost of my staff by trading Myers ($15) and Lowe ($16). The issue is I’m being asked to give up Damon ($11, SB) and Brian Giles ($4, OBP), which only leaves me with Hart, who’s pricey at $17 and Spilborghs ($4) in my OF. He said he’ll take Sandoval at $4, but is concerned about C eligibility – but he only needs 1 game in 09 to qualify per our rules. Need some comments on Damon, Giles, Spilborghs, Sandoval. Do you like Damon/Giles, keeping Sandoval or Damon/Sandoval?
Question #2: I also have Tex at $38. He’s the ****** in my lineup but I’ve toyed with the idea of trading him to a Red Sox homer in our league, trying to get Youkilis ($15) & Ellsbury ($2), which would help replace the stats in total and add steals. Maybe packaging him with Myers or Hart to add in Gallardo ($3). I think I can contend again this year, would you keep Tex or shop him for a deal like this?
Allan in San Antonio

“Hosts TBD” eh? How about throwing Zach in there?
-Dan in LA

So, where did Casey go?

Where did Casey go?

What are the details of his exit???

–BDH in DC

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