Blog for Monday (1/26)

All right 411ers, you know the drill.  In the slowest mock draft ever, we’re in the middle of Round 9.  I’ll post the results through Round 8 later today.  I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that this draft WILL be over before Opening Day.

And don’t forget, the premiere 411 chat of 2009 is set for 2 pm ET on Tuesday, February 3rd.



This is slightly OT but were any of you guys given an advanced copy of the Front Office Manager to try out? Just wondering if you thought this game would be worth the time and 35 bucks to pick up?

Got a keeper question. 5×5 11 team mixed. 8 keepers, no round or price values. For sure keepers are H Ram, A Rod, Braun, J Hamilton, Prince, and Webb. I have to choose 2 from: Alexi Rameriz, Hart, Pence, Doumit, Billingsley, Shields, Gallardo, and Price. I don’t want to let Price go, but think I might have to. Thanks for any advice

How good do you guys think that Jeff Francis is going to do this year if he is healthy?

claybo, since you already have Webb, I’d focus on the four hitters. Tough call, but I’d go with Ramirez and Hart. Ramirez offers across the board production at a thin position with potential multi-eligibility while Hart gets the slight nod over Pence due to his higher SB output. Doumit’s valuable, but he’s not worth sacrificing both of those outfielders.


I’ve never been a fan of Francis. He pitches in Coors, has yet to post an ERA under 4.16 in any single season, and his strikeout numbers have been far from impressive. On top of all this, he’s still experiencing shoulder soreness and could miss the start of the season. For fantasy purposes, stay away…far away.


Nate, I’m not familiar with that product, have you used it?


It’s a video game that Billy Beane did w/ 2Ksports. I guess it is “Fantasy” Fantasy Baseball. Didn’t know if anyone else was thinking about it. I thought it would be something fun to do in the offseason.

Will the real Verlander please stand up. He killed me in 3 leagues last year. But surely we can’t forget those two preceding years. Is it simply a case of YPNM, or could he be a value pick for a bounce back?

Kevin, Verlander will bounce back but how much, I’m not sure. If you look at his ’08 stats they are not terribly different from his ’06 stats, other than the BABIP, which reflects how terrible the Tigers defense was last year. They should be better this year so that will result in some improvement. However, it’s clear from watching Verlander pitch last season that his velocity was down somewhat and he seemed more tentative, so I don’t know if that will be better in ’09… I don’t think anyone can know that until we see him pitch. So let’s expect some improvement and bank on some upside, but let’s not ignore that there is still some risk here.


Is there an e.t.a. for the 2009 Fantasy 411 Preview? Our league uses the preview to determine keeper values… some of the teams are getting a anxious.

Couple questions:
My league is a 12 team mixed keeper w/ a $265 cap for 28 players.

Just completed a trade by giving up Utley at $38 for Hardy ($14) and Cano ($25). What are your thoughts on Hardy and Cano for this coming season and their further development?

Also, what are your thoughts on Fausto Carmona? I currently have him at $14 for this coming season.


Mid Relievers…. our league has “Holds” as a pitching category. Please provide 3 or 4 candidates I should target in the mid/late rounds in our draft?

Rojoperron, this came up on another recent thread, and in short, I don’t believe in targeting middle relievers for Holds. There are more holds awarded each season than wins or saves, and distributed between many more pitchers, so you don’t really need to target them. Just wait for the late rounds of your draft and grab middle relievers and setup guys, whomever is available. That might be Hong-Chi Kuo or Jose Arrendono or Jon Rauch, or maybe even Edwar Ramirez or Damaso Marte. But middle relievers come and go so don’t spend a lot of time or energy here.

Chillaxin, word out of the Dominican Republic is that Fausto had been working hard to fix a mechanical flaw in his delivery, and with a 28-10 K-BB ratio in 32.2 IP, he may be making some progress. He’s a good late round gamble this year. Sorry to say though I don’t really like your trade all that much; I don’t think you got any discount on either player you obtained. You would’ve been better off just letting go of Utley and trying to draft him back cheaper. Sorry.


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