Updated Mock Draft (through Round 8)

Alex Cushing – MLB.com

Joe Sheehan – Baseball Prospectus
Jeff Erickson – Rotowire.com
Mike Siano – MLB.com
Jeffrey Ma – Citizen Sports   
Jason Collette – Fanball.com
Nando Di Fino / Tom Herrera  – WSJ.com / AOL.com
Will Carroll – Baseball Prospectus
Cory Schwartz – MLB.com
Lawr Michaels – CREATiVESPORTS.com
Zach Steinhorn – MLB.com
Tony Cincotta – Fantasypros911.com

R1 P1    Alex Cushing      Ramirez, Hanley
R1 P2    Joe Sheehan      Reyes, Jose
R1 P3    Jeff Erickson       Rodriguez, Alex
R1 P4    Mike Siano         Pujols, Albert
R1 P5    Jeffrey Ma         Wright, David
R1 P6    Jason Collette   Sizemore, Grady
R1 P7    Nando Di Fino    Howard, Ryan
R1 P8    Will Carroll         Upton, B.J.
R1 P9    Cory Schwartz   Braun, Ryan
R1 P10  Lawr Michaels    Utley, Chase
R1 P11  Zach Steinhorn  Rollins, Jimmy
R1 P12  Tony Cincotta    Cabrera, Miguel

R2 P1   Tony Cincotta    Hamilton, Josh
R2 P2   Zach Steinhorn  Teixeira, Mark
R2 P3   Lawr Michaels    Morneau, Justin
R2 P4   Cory Schwartz   Kinsler, Ian
R2 P5   Will Carroll         Santana, Johan
R2 P6   Nando Di Fino    Hamels, Cole
R2 P7   Jason Collette   Longoria, Evan
R2 P8   Jeffrey Ma         Lincecum, Tim
R2 P9   Mike Siano        Beltran, Carlos
R2 P10  Jeff Erickson    Holliday, Matt
R2 P11  Joe Sheehan   Soriano, Alfonso
R2 P12  Alex Cushing   Lee, Carlos

R3 P1    Alex Cushing     Ramirez, Manny                                                     
R3 P2    Joe Sheehan     Kemp, Matt
R3 P3    Jeff Erickson      Suzuki, Ichiro
R3 P4    Mike Siano        Pedroia, Dustin
R3 P5    Jeffrey Ma         Sabathia, CC
R3 P6    Jason Collette  Crawford, Carl
R3 P7    Nando Di Fino   Markakis, Nick
R3 P8    Will Carroll        Berkman, Lance
R3 P9    Cory Schwartz  Roberts, Brian
R3 P10  Lawr Michaels   Youkilis, Kevin
R3 P11  Zach Steinhorn  Phillips, Brandon
R3 P12  Tony Cincotta    Ramirez, Aramis

R4 P1    Tony Cincotta      Ramirez, Alexei
R4 P2    Zach Steinhorn    Bay, Jason
R4 P3    Lawr Michaels     Drew, Stephen
R4 P4    Cory Schwartz    Fielder, Prince
R4 P5    Will Carroll          McCann, Brian
R4 P6    Nando Di Fino     Rios, Alex
R4 P7    Jason Collette    Martin, Russell
R4 P8    Jeffrey Ma          Ellsbury, Jacoby
R4 P9    Mike Siano         Quentin, Carlos
R4 P10  Jeff Erickson      Webb, Brandon
R4 P11  Joe Sheehan     Peavy, Jake
R4 P12  Alex Cushing     Ortiz, David

R5 P1     Alex Cushing      Granderson, Curtis
R5 P2     Joe Sheehan      Mauer, Joe
R5 P3     Jeff Erickson       Soto, Geovany
R5 P4     Mike Siano         Papelbon, Jonathan
R5 P5     Jeffrey Ma          Hart, Corey
R5 P6     Jason Collette   Gonzalez, Adrian
R5 P7     Nando Di Fino   Guerrero, Vladimir
R5 P8     Will Carroll        Jones, Chipper
R5 P9     Cory Schwartz  Victorino, Shane
R5 P10   Lawr Michaels   Haren, Dan
R5 P11   Zach Steinhorn Dunn, Adam
R5 P12   Tony Cincotta   McLouth, Nate

R6 P1    Tony Cincotta      Rodriguez, Francisco
R6 P2    Zach Steinhorn    Nathan, Joe
R6 P3    Lawr Michaels      Billingsley, Chad
R6 P4    Cory Schwartz     Rivera, Mariano
R6 P5    Will Carroll           Halladay, Roy
R6 P6    Nando Di Fino      Furcal, Rafael
R6 P7    Jason Collette     Oswalt, Roy
R6 P8    Jeffrey Ma           Lidge, Brad
R6 P9    Mike Siano         Abreu, Bobby
R6 P10  Jeff Erickson      Davis, Chris
R6 P11  Joe Sheehan     Hernandez, Felix
R6 P12  Alex Cushing     Soria, Joakim

R7 P1      Alex Cushing       Martinez, Victor           
R7 P2     Joe Sheehan        Lackey, John    
R7 P3     Jeff Erickson         Tulowitzki, Troy
R7 P4     Mike Siano           Young, Michael         
R7 P5     Jeffrey Ma            Liriano, Francisco    
R7 P6   
  Jason Collette     Shields, James    
R7 P7     Nando Di Fino     Beckett, Josh
R7 P8     Will Carroll          Uggla, Dan    
R7 P9     Cory Schwartz    Pence, Hunter
R7 P10    Lawr Michaels    Napoli, Mike    
R7 P11    Zach Steinhorn  Matsuzaka, Daisuke         
R7 P12    Tony Cincotta     Hardy, J.J.
R8 P1     Tony Cincotta      Santana, Ervin    
R8 P2     Zach Steinhorn    Young, Chris      
R8 P3     Lawr Michaels     Ordonez, Magglio      
R8 P4     Cory Schwartz    Votto, Joey    
R8 P5     Will Carroll          Bruce, Jay    
R8 P6     Nando Di Fino     Kazmir, Scott    
R8 P7     Jason Collette    Valverde, Jose    
R8 P8     Jeffrey Ma           Iannetta, Chris
R8 P9     Mike Siano          Doumit, Ryan    
R8 P10   Jeff Erickson       Cano, Robinson    
R8 P11   Joe Sheehan      Pena, Carlos    
R8 P12   Alex Cushing      Lee, Derrek


Any word from Will Carroll on Chipper’s health?

Anyone know the ADP on Chris Iannetta? Seems like a reach here but I do think he’ll have a big year.
-Dan in LA

Cory, after the comments made about Fuentes in the random mock where you took him earlier than this, how come you passed up on a 2nd Closer and went for Votto. Was that purely because people seem to be waiting longer on closers in this draft. Or are you that much more secure having Mo rather than Soria as your #1?
What do you expect from Votto to make him more attractive this year than D.Lee. Is it just age and upside?
Also I am thinking that you are a believer in Pence striking out less this year? Again he makes an interesting comparison versus the veteran in Magglio.

Kevin, I am going to get a 2nd closer very soon, but in a 12-team mixed league the urgency is not as great as in a 15-team league (which was the other draft). Plus, if you review the overall draft so far, 4-5 teams haven’t even taken a closer yet so I still have a little time to get #2.

Re. Votto, I like his power and speed upside over Lee… a weaker lineup, but I think he’s essentially a complete and polished offensive player who will get better, while Lee’s power decline in the past two years appear to have set a new level for him.

Finally, Pence’s strikeouts last year do worry me, and having watched him play a bit, he does get fooled a lot on breaking stuff away (as do many young hitters). But his minor league track record suggests he’ll make the adjustments to improve his command of the strike zone, and even as it was last year, his production was very strong. Like with Lee over Votto, taking Pence over Magglio is another example of me preferring young guys who can improve over veteran players who might be better right now but may be past their peak already.


Dan, Iannetta is currently at 135 on the latest MDC.com ADP list, or 12th round in a vanilla league. Personally I think that’s a little high, but if he gets 400 at-bats as the Rockies everyday catcher, he can put up very strong numbers. But with some lingering uncertainty over his playing time, I think he’s overpriced in mixed non-keeper leagues.


Glad to see none of you reaching on Jeter, Ludwick, or Cliff Lee. Probably time has come for Garrett Atkins. Not what he once was, but pretty good value for a 9th round pick.
Editor, Fantasyballjunkie dot com

Jeter, Ludwick and Lee all went in the 9th round — I was sitting on Jeter but missed him by 2 picks so I went Peralta instead. Atkins is still on the board.


Hey guys,
I’m looking to get into this Fantasy Baseball craze… but I’ve never tried it. I got SOME information about it today, my friend recommended Yahoo Fantasy Baseball. I could use some tips from the experts though.
Just how to get started would be great!
or email me at: elizabethxsanti@aol.com

Elizabeth, the advice I would give to all first-timers is to start with a 10-team or 12-team non-keeper mixed league, with weekly transactions. This will give you a good basic exposure to a wide range of players and strategies, without the added pressure of playing in a keeper or daily league.


Cole Hamels as the 2nd SP taken. What’s the reason for that?

ldobson, that’s a question for Nando but I would assume he was attracted to Hamels’ increasing level of dominance, especially in the postseason last year, and the thought that he’s getting an elite pitcher on a strong team as he enters his best seasons. I don’t necessarily disagree with those perceived plusses, but that doesn’t mean I’d take him in the 2nd round, either. Note though that a few teams in this draft have indeed gone SP-heavy in the early rounds, a big contrast to the typical 411 strategy, so I think it’s a positive to be able to evaluate different strategies as the teams take shape.


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