Don’t fear the WBC!

We’ve been asked before, and I’m sure we’ll be asked again as the WBC draws closer before the games start this March, if we should be apprehensive about drafting pitchers who are slated to compete in the World Baseball Classic. Well, Fantasy 411 listener Bob in Cleveland took the initiative and dove into the numbers to find an objective answer, and his very informative findings were posted today on his site,

I encourage everyone to read the fully story, but the conclusion speaks volumes: “I’ve not seen enough in these 2006 statistics to scare me away from WBC pitchers.”

g-sp-080331-johan-santana2-vmed-345p.widec.jpgBob cites several examples of pitchers who appeared in the 2006 WBC and went on to have strong seasons, such as Johan Santana (right), Javier Vazquez, Carlos ZambranoFrancisco Liriano and Daisuke Matsuzaka (in Japan). The most notable exception was Jake Peavy, who did not have a great season, but then again, starting pitchers are inherently risky so there’s no way of knowing if he wouldn’t have struggled that season anyway.

Anyway, go check out the complete story and then take a look at some of the pitchers on the provisional rosters for the 2009 WBC: several who appeared in 2006 will return in 2009, further evidence that the pitchers themselves (and their clubs) obviously aren’t worried enough to avoid the event.

The bottom line is, if you like pitchers, proceed as usual!

Thanks to Bob for the outstanding research.




Nice article and I hope that Jake Peavy improves on that last experience.

Tony Cincotta

Thanks, Tony!

I kind of wonder if all the off-season uncertainty around Peavy’s status with the Padres will have more of a detrimental impact on his ’09 performance than the WBC ever could.


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