Fantasy 411 Q&A: Jan. 28, 2009

For those new to the 411 Blog today we wanted to welcome you and let you know that you can do one stop shopping here on this Blog. Want to hear or watch our latest podcast then scroll down on the right and head over to’s podcast page or Want to read from some of the best writers in the country then click on any of our friends also down on the right. Scan our archives for mock draft results, our list of 12 pitchers to keep an eye on in 2009 and more. Most importantly welcome to the place where your fantasy questions get answered.

Wanted to give a shout out to Daria Debuono, Mark Newman and Jacob Wilson for the help with the look of the blog home page and our brand new panel on the main landing page for MLBlogs. I’m not smart enough to get this stuff done so I’m glad there are others that can.

Only a few more days until the Super Bowl and then to me the official start of the fantasy baseball season.


im_radio_schwartz.jpgSchwartz hooked me up with some sweet cheat sheets for AL only auction leagues and I have them printed out and in my bag ready to get going next week.


Let’s get to you guys………..Siano


Thanks for the old school mughshot. Good for my ego.🙂

you looked good in the late 80’s

Dont know if this was mentioned already but do you guys have any plans of doing any mock auction drafts? Would be cool to have you do one out of or somewhere and then post the results like you do with the straight draft mocks. Hell I can put it together for everyone if you want, just let me know.

Brian in Philly


Fair question but the answer is not likely. I think cheat sheets are plenty for auction prep. Go to and you can tailor your cheat sheet to your league standards so if you are in an NL only 4×4 10 teamer they will spit out adjusted $$$ values.


I have been trying to focus on some SP strategy since it seems like they will be least effected by the signings of the remaining free agents out there. I agree with your draft strategy of taking mid-tier SP unless you have top-tier fall in your lap – even though sometimes that can burn you, right Cory? (NFBC couple years ago). What round would you take these guys if they “fell in your lap”?
Lincecum, CC, Johan, Halladay, Haren, Lackey, Beckett and King Felix.

Also I have “inside sources” that TLR has the closer role between Perez and Kinney right now, w/ the major question mark being Kinney’s ability to pitch on back to back days…

Guys, Is Ryan Howard Adam Dunn? Where Dunn has proven that he will not hit for a decent average, I am still holding out hope for Howard’s average. Am I being naive?Howard will also beat Dunn in RBI by a substantial margin.


Speaking of AL only, I am going to be participating in my first ever AL only league (have only done mixed leagues in past years). What is the best way to prep for my AL only auction? I assume that the top players auction values will be inflated above their mixed league auction values? Other thoughts and comments? Thanks!

Hey Guys!
I have a keeper question for a roto-league. I have to keep 3 of these 4. McCann, Markakis, Beltran, BJ Upton? I was thinking of dropping McCann and drafting Wieters for my C. I also have D Wright. Thanks, STeve

I’m looking for a good place or software to run a keeper league with. Any suggestions? Call me lazy, but I don’t like doing it all on spreadsheets and having to update everyones information. I want to set it up and then manage it.


Are Stats and Siano answering questions?

Rob…No, Ryan Howard isn’t quite Adam Dunn. Howard tops Dunn in every category, and while a .250 average hurts, the 45-50 homers and 140+ RBI make up for it. With Dunn, you can get an average in the .235 range…a big difference when you factor in the amount of AB’s these guys get over the course of the season. Dunn’s annual 40 homers make him a #2 type outfielder, but he carries a lot more risk.


Steve, keep the three outfielders. It’s always nice to have position balance in your keepers, but Upton, Markakis, and Beltran are all must haves.

Cob, I’ve got four letters for you…ESPN. Yahoo might offer keeper leagues as well this season, but ESPN’s live scoring seals the deal.


Thanks for the reply Zach! What do you think about Wieters? Also….What do Stats and Siano think? or anyone else?
and when is the MLB season preview coming out?
Cheers, Steve?

Cob – we use CBSSportsline for both my auction keeper leagues and they do a really nice job with contract statuses. Interface is different and took me a little time to get used to, but overall we are very happy with it.

I think the fantasy rankings are pretty accurate with regards to Wieters. He’s ranked #10 among catchers…someone you should feel comfortable drafting as your #1 due to his considerable upside. But he’s so hyped that it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s taken too early. Don’t make that mistake!


I use CBS Sportsline for one of my leagues, and I find it OK but not great. The news is very up to date and they have a large player pool which is nice. But I find the analysis very amateur and the live draft applet is a disaster. Also, if you want to be in a league with customizable options, you’ve got to pay…


Hey Guys,

I am in a 12 team 7×7 Mixed Head to Head Keeper League. The extra stats are OPS and K’s for hitters, and Losses and Holds for Pitchers. I am working on getting a keeper league together and wanted an expert opinion. I can only keep 5 players from the group. The list of potential keepers are Alex Rodriguez, Jose Reyes, Ryan Braun, Ryan Howard, Matt Holliday, Manny Ramirez, Ichiro Suzuki, Roy Halladay, and Garrett Atkins.



Here is my Pro-Ryan Howard argument:

Ryan Howard’s stats the last thee years are:
06 – .313 58-149 – 181 K’s
07 – .268 47 136 – 199 K’s
08 – .250 48 146 – 199 K’s

In ’06 he hit .313 while striking out 181 times. That tells me that he is able of hitting for a high average while still striking out a ton.

His lifetime average is .279. I think that .280 is more likely than .250 which puts him as possibly the most valuable player in Fantasy not named Hanley Ramirez.

Finally, the reduced number of home runs being hit league wide makes him more valuable than he would have been 10 years ago when homers were more easily obtained in the later rounds.

Agree/ Disagree?

I am really bored.


To follow up on Steve’s question, when do you expect the Fantasy 411 Preview to launch for this coming season?


Hey guys I am back




AL only auction is my favorite type of league I am in 2 right now, one is Tout and the other is a money league I have been in for ten years. I think the best way to prep is too get your dollar rankings. I’ll be using a combo of’s and rotowires plus the Tout values from last year which we posted a few weeks ago. Then assemble within reason your ideal team on paper and add up their values just kind of wing it. I’m assuming you have a $260 cap. You will probably put together a team that adds up to $350 or something. Now you need to look at what you need to trim to get to $260. Lose that second closer? Go 2 stud OF’s instead of 3? This to me is the most fun part. Then you have to have backup plans. If you are targeting a $30 1B is there another one you like for that price if you get out bid? No? Ok go down to a $20 1B and bump your 3rd OF from $9 to $19. Get my drift? It’s the most fun with math one can have.



To me it’s A-Rod / Reyes / Braun / Howard and Holliday. That’s 5 players who all have ADP’s of 13 or lower which is sick!


Hey Siano!
I have a keeper question for a roto-league that I asked Zach earlier. I have to keep 3 of these 4. McCann, Markakis, Beltran, BJ Upton? I was thinking of dropping McCann and drafting Wieters for my C. I also have D Wright. Thanks, Steve

where do i find the link for the 12 pitchers to watch for 2009?
Thanks ANdrew in Boston

i feel unloved since my pitcher questions was skipped over, someone show me some love…


This may be stubborn but you asked. I wouldn’t draft Tim, CC, Johan because I would have to abandon my strategy. It would be beyond tempting if they somehow made it to the 5th round but thats tough. The other guys to me beg the question this way. If I prefer to take my first starter in the 10th but am open to the 9th depending on draft slot and the wait between picks would I “stretch” to grab Doc, Haren, Lackey, felix or Beckett? The answer is yes.


Mays-ways, no way you are dropping arguably the #1 fantasy catcher to focus on drafting a rookie with zero MLB experience, even if it’s a stud uber-prospect like Wieters. Keep McCann and let go of Markakis… as great as he is, you have two other elite OF’s in Beltran and Upton.


Nate, no doubt I’ve been burned before by taking top SP’s too early, but ultimately the decision can be based on value. In a 12-team vanilla league I would consider these guys only if they fall to me in these rounds or later (based on a 12-team mixed vanilla league):

Johan, Lincecum or CC — mid/late 3rd round
Halladay — late 6th round
Haren, Lackey or Beckett — 8th round, only if SP was drying up fast though
King Felix — 9th round

I’m not as dogmatic about this as Siano is but as he said, these guys would really have to fall into my lap for me to deviate from my plan.


Thanks for your insight on prep for AL only. I am totally fired up about the league…especially since it will be a live auction draft, first year of a keeper league. Also, great job on the FantasyPros911 show Sunday night with Tony and Gabriel.

Quick follow-up…I have been looking for the Tout values that you mentioned in your reply to me above and cannot find them. Can you post a link? Thanks!

Speaking of hookups….Hey Cory, are you gonna bless our lives with your much anticipated combined projections this year?


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