Fantasy 411 Q&A: Jan. 29, 2009



About to head in and tape the show with Petey Mac. Topics today will be Heilman to the Cubs , Garland to the D-backs and who is better for 09′ Quentin or Hamilton? As is now the norm the audio podcast will get up pretty close to noon ET and the video podcast and on demand clips will soon follow.




Don’t forget we have a chat on Tuesday at 2pm ET.

Let’s get to your questions.


FEATURED QUESTION OF THE DAY                                                                                                                          

Keeper question. We get to keep 5. I am going to keep Brandon
Phillips,Adrian Gonzalez and Aramis Ramirez. I also have
Nathan, Soria, Halladay and Manny. I am leaning towards Nathan and
Halladay. I am afraid Manny is going to be the unhappy Manny. Your

Thanks for your time,                                                                                                  


Even when Manny no happy Manny rake so I am going to say go Nathan
and Manny as your #4 and #5 keepers. I like your balance between
Gonzalez, Phillips and A. Ramirez and Manny complements that very well
since you need an OF.



Hey Mike – thanks for taking the time to respond to all of our questions. I’ve got a keeper question: We keep 3 players, as long as they weren’t drafted in the first 3 rounds of the prior year. I’m keeping Hamels and Markakis, but I am torn on my third. I have narrowed it down to Joe Mauer, Nate McLouth, and Curtis Granderson. Scoring is vanilla and we add total bases. I am leaning toward Mauer because of position scarcity, but wonder if McLouth or Granderson are worth taking because of their statistical upside. Any feedback is much obliged. Thanks!

Hey guys, where do you see super-prospect Matt Wieters going in a scratch draft? How about if it’s a keeper league? Can you tell me his ADP? (I don’t sign up for my MockDraftCentral membership until March). Thanks.
-Dan in Los Angeles

Hey guys,

Another keeper question. 15 team keeper league, 5X5 vanilla, 28 man rosters (22 starters and 6 bench) and we keep 7. My keeper choices are Matt Holliday(1st round pick), Brandon Phillips (2nd), Hanley Ramirez (3rd), CC Sabathia (4th), David Wright (5th), Aramis Ramirez (6th), Brad Lidge (10th) and Jose Valverde (11th). I traded Ryan Ludwick, who was a 28th round pick, and David Price, who was a 23rd round pick for Wright and Scott Baker. My question is was this the right thing to do? I know the old rule of thumb is if a trade doesn’t feel right don’t do it, but Wright was too good to pass up in my opinion. I guess this is why I’ve never done a keeper before! LOL.


Brian in NH

Hi Mike, Keeper question.We get to keep 5.I am going to keep Brandon Phillips,Adrian Gonzalez and Aramis Ramirez.I also have Nathan,Soria,Halladay and Manny.I am leaning towards Nathan and Halladay.I am afraid Manny is going to be the unhappy Manny.Your thoughts?Thanks for your time.Gary


Thanks for your insight on prep for AL only yesterday. I am totally fired up about the league…especially since it will be a live auction draft, first year of a keeper league.

Quick follow-up…I have been looking for the Tout values that you mentioned in your reply to me and cannot find them. Can you post a link? Thanks!


btw, great job on the FantasyPros911 show Sunday night with Tony and Gabriel.


Even when Manny no happy Manny rake so I am going to say go Nathan and Manny as your #4 and #5 keepers. I like your balance between Gonzalez, Phillips and A. Ramirez and Manny complements that very well since you need an OF.



Thanks for the props. Zach will go find the results and re-post them today. You can also look under fantasy resources here on this page and just go to the Tout Wars site.

Once my Steelers win on Sunday I will be fired up just as much as you, my intensity is kinda sleeping in my belly right now since I am a huge Black and Gold fan.

I’m ducking out for a few hours so Cory and Zach will hook you all up for most of the day today.


Hey all,

I’m preparing to participate in a two-team expansion draft in an established AL only league … 12 team, standard scoring, $260 cap, can keep up to 13 players on various types of contracts.

I’ve narrowed down my list of available targets to four, and I’d like to have you rank them:

Kelly Shoppach $1 (option year, contract goes up $5 each year I keep him after this year)
Alex Rios $15 ($20 next year)
Adam Jones $1 (two years remaining)
Nick Markakis $12 ($17 next year)



I was discussing market valuation of closers with Jeff in Minny, who’s joining my money league this year. 16 teams 7×7 with Holds & Quality Starts the added pitching stats. He’s modeling player values and finding that in our setup, closers top out at less than $10, indicating that it’s a category to either punt or minimize investment. Having no quantitative basis (yet), I feel that their generally superior contribution in ERA, WHIP & K ratio may not be valued correctly relative to the alternative of middle relievers. First, I’d welcome your input on this, and secondly, what would you think about some sort of index measuring a player’s value in terms of standings points (for your league’s average spread) relative to some “average” player? Have you ever seen a measure like that? Or do you think market value in $ represents it well enough? Thanks! Allan In San Antonio

Jeff just pointed out to me that he thinks that’s what Cory’s doing in his spreadsheet, and if so, forgive me for not reading closer and I’m really looking forward to seeing it.
A in SA

Dan, check out yesterday’s talk on Wieters, but one added note is that he just went to Jeff Ma with the 5th pick of the 11th round in our mock draft. That’s pretty much where I expect him to go, maybe a round or so later.
Brian, totally approve of the deal to acquire Wright. You’re getting the best player here. Play to win now and worry about keeper round values late in the season should you fall out of it.

rscottking, I know it’s hard to pass up an ace, but in this format, I’d actually go with Mauer and Granderson. Mauer’s position makes him worth hanging onto while Granderson gets the slight nod over McLouth due to the fact that he’s a little more established and hits in a better lineup. But if you’re dead set on keeping Hamels, yes, my answer is Mauer.


Hey guys,

Hey guys,

I have another keeper question. 12 team keeper league, 5X5 vanilla, 25 man rosters (12 pos starters 1C, MI ,CI, 4OF and ULT; pitchers 3 SP, 2 RP and 2 P) and we keep 4 with a additional keeper (late round) if two kept after the 15th round. My keeper choices are Chase Utley (1st round pick), Albert Pujols(2nd), Lance Berkman (4rd), CC Sabathia (5th), Cory Hart (18th), Josh Hamilton (20th). My late round keeper possibilities (21rounders) include C. Lee (pitcher), Lastings Milledge, and Johnny Cueto. My feelings are Albert, Josh H, Cory H, and C. Lee for sure. The last keeper is the toss up. I am leaning towards CC in the 5th. But I hate keeping pitchers.


Brad in STL


How do you plan to execute your Hitter heavy strategy in an auction league? Basically, I’m trying to figure out how much money you are allocating per position…

Thanks-Bill in Chicago

14 team (4-6 player league)

League champ last year returning with some decent talent. Whiich of these do I keep:

No Brainers –
Hanley Ramerez
Prince Fielder
Evan Longoria
Jason Bay

Help me fill these last 2 spots:

Carl Crawford
Jon Papelbon
Mariano Rivera
Dan Uggla

I think… the right choice is Papelbon & Crawford

I understand most folks don’t carry closers as keepers but having 2 of the best can’t be a bad thing. I just hate dropping the Yankee Closer, given the staff NY has put together this offseason. I see a healthy Rivera getting 45-50 saves.

I hoping to get a trade worked out to move Rivera for a draft pick in the 2nd or 3rd rounds (this is basically the 8th or 9th after the keepers are delared).

Thanks for the help…

widstorm…Papelbon and Crawford is the way to go. While Rivera is Rivera, Papelbon is younger and has more upside. He’s going as the consensus #1 closer in scratch drafts, and it’s not like he pitches for a bad team. If you can get something for Rivera, great. There are a ton of Yankee fans out there! As for Crawford, I expect a big bounceback. He can carry you in steals, and with a rapidly developing supporting cast, could see improvements across the board.


Brad, I actually like Berkman over CC. 5th round is nice value for CC, but you’re already keeping one pitcher, and whenever the decision is a close one, always lean towards the hitter. I understand that Berkman fell off a cliff in the second half last year, but he’s still close to a lock for 30 and 100 with a .300 BA. Tough choice, but I think that Berkman has a better chance than CC of matching or exceeding last year’s production. Sabathia will be a very good pitcher in ’09, but remember that he’s going back to the AL, and his incredible run with the Brewers will likely never be duplicated.



BUSY day of trading here for me today. After getting Wright last night, I’ve just traded Aramis Ramirez for Carl Crawford, who will cost me a 4th round pick and Aramis will cost the other guy an 8th!!! Sweet deal for both. Now I’ve just been offered Jose Reyes for CC Sabathia and Brandon Phillips. Reyes would cost me a 5th round pick and give me Hanley, Holliday, Wright, Crawford, Reyes, Lidge and Valverde as my keepers.

Is this overkill in speed and cost me too much in losing a top SP?

Brian in NH

Hi guys, yet another keeper question for you. 12 team league 6×6 with OBP and Holds. Keeper position is 4 rounds earlier than they were drafted last year with free agents given the lowest round value. I can keep up to 8 of the following. Hamilton (round 6), Lincecum (7), Broxton(13),Lester(14), Votto(15), Randy Johnson (24), or Morrow, Kershaw, Devine, Gallardo, Duchschererer, Aviles, Lowrie, Bruce, Loshe all in the (28th [last] round.). My thoughts are keep Hamilton, Lincecum, Lester, Votto, Morrow, Kershaw, Gallardo and Bruce. Any thoughts would be great.
Mark in Durham (UK)

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