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Below is a message I am sending out to update those of you who were wondering about the current status of


411 Hall of Famer GoingPostal (GP in Cincinnati) launched the Fantasy Baseball Mafia two years ago. Since then the Mafia has grown to 28 keeper leagues, each with 12 teams, thanks to the Fantasy411, and word of mouth; which is pretty impressive.


It’s always sad when a member of the fantasy baseball community encounters “real world” challenges that prevent them from participating in the leagues we all enjoy so much; this year, GP faces such challenges, and is taking what we all hope is a brief step back, allowing him to focus on matters he needs to address. We wish him well and look forward to welcoming him back as soon as possible.


In the meantime, Fantasy Baseball Mafia Leagues will be looked after by two members of GP’s inner circle: Jason Pitts (Jay the Technical Advisor) and Tony Bartlett (Tony in Hitchin) – names well known to us and to all Mafia members. The two of them will oversee all Fantasy Baseball Mafia League matters during 2009 and are already busy doing so.


It will help Jay and Tony tremendously, if Mafia league members can drop them a quick line so that they have all members’ current email address, name, team name and league.


Jay and Tony will contact all Mafia members in the next few days, making sure all arrangements are in place for the 2009 season; this will include a note of the reduction in fees that they’ve been able to put into place for the coming year.


Lastly, anyone interested in joining a Fantasy Baseball Mafia league should contact Tony, who’ll send you all the details you need.


You can reach both Jay and Tony at



Thank for the information. Is there anything happening with the 411 listener leagues?

I didnt have a great experience with the FBM leagues last year. I was in a league (#27) that was basically dead by June 1st, and no one traded outside of 2 owners who seemed to be colluding with one another. I could’ve gotten that experience for free in a Yahoo league.

I was recruited for an open spot in league #2, after which FBM appeared to go inactive. Our league made the decision to carry on but may now be committed at a different site. I guess the commish and the Mafia caretakers can work that out.
The one main complaint I’ve heard is that keepers did not have values attached, so could be kept basically forever. That discouraged 2-for-1 trading and made parity an issue.
A in SA

A question about using projections to determine dollar value for auction drafts. Is there a “proven” formula that uses projected performance data for a 5×5 league and gives an estimated auction value?
(I’m going to be in a 10 team, mixed, keeper league, if that makes any difference.)

Sorry to hear that GP will not be involved for a part of this season and I wish him the best of luck. Hopefully they continue to have strong leagues and good owners willing to join up. I will be keeping my team this year and hope this news doesn’t scare anyone off because it shouldn’t.

Chris Mulligan

I want to send my fellow 411 Hall of Famer, GP, some good karma. I’m not sure what irl issue he is dealing with, but I wish him well. I had real life kick me pretty good a couple of years ago and unfortunately I had to set fantasy baseball aside for a while. He took on a huge task with the FBM and those of us who run or commish a league know just how draining it can be sometimes. Hang in there, GP!

-Johnny Archive

Johnny Archive!!! It’s Jay from the HoF League 2007. Nice to see you buddy. I’ll pass along the wishes.

As for everyone else, I think it’s important to realize that basically one person setup, kept track of and administered 28 Leagues all with at least 12 Owners in addition to advertising and publicizing Fantasy Baseball Mafia. GP took on insurmountable responsibilities and received essentially nothing in return, well maybe the satisfaction of creating a competitive community of Fantasy Baseball enthusiests.

Almost all of the 28 Leagues were highly competitive and if there was a few teams out of 336, or one League out of 28 that had lackluster seasons, it should not paint a picture of what Fatnasy Baseball Mafia is all about.

I’m inviting everyone to come back again this year and try these Leagues on for size, namely A in SA and swtchftfan. We have openings in some of the inaugural leagues and my League KL4 is looking for at least one more owner.

You can visit and read the Constitution linked on the left side of the page and you can email me directly for more information.

Thanks for listening.

Technical Advisor
Commissioner League 4
Fantasy Baseball Mafia

I wanted to second Jay’s comment. I’m the back to back champ of FBM League 9 and for the most part the last two seasons have been some of the best competition I’ve experienced. Most of the members are knowledgeable and active the entire season. I’m really glad to hear you and Tony are keeping up FBM and look forward to the future. Thanks for your hard work.

Rob – Corleone’s Cannolis League 9 champ

I will second the others with a great experience in the Mafia Leagues. I was actually a member of GP’s original Mafia League Team in 2006 (really I won the league that year) only had one league that year. Now we are looking for some members to join League 1 this year as we have had quite a few not respond this spring yet. Reply here and we can get in touch.

Cad in Ohio


It’s one of my priorities to keep League 1 members in League 1. I think it means a great deal to be in that first League and I’ll do my best to fill it.

Rob, Thanks for your comments and that reminds me… find tougher competition for you. LOL

Technical Advisor
Commissioner League 4
Fantasy Baseball Mafia

I dunno I’m in a FBM league and only about half of the owners really understand how to run a keeper league or how to value players. We had owners who had no chance of winning trading keeper quality guys for 12th-14th round type players who already had injury flags. McLouth for McGowan type trades.

Hey Tony and Jay, This is Yogi from FBM 24. Glad to hear that you are keeping Postals’ vision alive. We had a great experience with the Mafia (returning 10 owners). We remain together and were able to quickly fill our two remaining slots. Due only to the good reputation of the Mafia Leagues. I feel bad that not everyone had the same experience we did. Sometimes it’s just luck of the draw. Anyhow as the proud owner of the league 24 champs Da Bada Bings I hope to remain a member of the family. If in any way I can do you a favor, do not hesitate to let me know. I’ll try and get in touch, to see if I can fill in our something. Yogi

Hang in there Jay And Tony. The most amazing thing about the 411 community, especially of a couple years ago, was the kindness of the people. Get us in a fantasy league, oh we’re animals and we’ll scratch your face off! But have a real life problem and we’ll rally like the Red Sox vs the Yankees a few years ago, as you guys are doing now. Some of the guys in the J.A.I.L. League also own teams in the FBM, so I’m definitely pulling for you guys.

-Johnny Archive

I had a chance to talk to GP’s friend Damien who developed and he passed along this message.

He sees GP almost everyday and GP is doing well. He’s focusing on more important RL priorities, but applauds our work and wishes us the best. Damien also indicated that he has a lot of files and all the website stuff for and will talk to me soon about how to use all the information.

It’s great news about GP and almost as good news for Fantasy Baseball Mafia.

I personally wish GP the best and look forward to getting out to Cincy for a game this year.

We are filling Leagues now and we are creating new Leagues. Look for us on, where I hopefully will talk with my good friend Tony Cincotta. I also hope to touch base with the one and only Bob in Cleveland about his recent projections. Man that guy has a lot of time to kill… probably not.

Technical Advisor
Commissioner League 4
Fantasy Baseball Mafia

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