2008 GxP and 2009 projections

As requested, here’s a complete 2008 games-by-position list (
2008 GxP 2009 projections.zip) for every MLB and minor league player, plus the 2009 composite batting and pitching projections, with the league column added. You ask, the 411 delivers! It’s a .zip file with a big Excel workbook included.

A few of the other Q&A threads have included some questions about the projections that were answered in the original posts, so please re-read those:

* About the composite pitching projections

* About the composite batting projections

fantasy_g_gallardo_200.jpg* Last year’s projections and FAQ

As far as the GxP list, this includes one row each for MLB games and one for all total minor league games, including short-season “complex” leagues (Dominican Summer League, etc.) but NOT including the Mexican League since it is not affiliated. All three spreadsheets list each player’s 2009 team and league as of a couple of days ago.

I’m currently tinkering with my own formulas to convert projections into rankings and will probably post those in the next two weeks or so, hopefully including a formula to convert to dollar values. This is all work-in-progress stuff that I use to prep for my own drafts, so whatever I figure out, you all are welcome to share in as well.

BTW, there’s no good reason I included this picture of Yovanni Gallardo (right). I just wanted to include a picture so this wouldn’t look so boring.🙂






I will enjoy. You never stop providing the goods.
By the way, on the 2008 projection FAQ, you wrote this:

* Remember that these are projections, and NOT predictions. Just because this projects Rick Ankiel with 28 homers, that doesn’t mean he’ll hit exactly 28… but that’s the average expectation of several objective projection systems.

Well, that projection was pretty close since he hit 25.
Great work.

Hi guys,
I’m having trouble accessing the show (I read that you’re on Tuesdays and Thursdays but I don’t know what time or even what the URL is to access the show. I can’t find any link on the MLB page either. Please help.

Rich (from Mass)

Rich, the show is no longer live, so that’s why you might be having trouble finding it. Show archives will be available by the end of the day on Tuesdays and Thursdays at this address: http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/radio/ (in the upper right corner) You can also listen to audio and video podcasts of the show here:

Hope this helps,

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