Fantasy 411 Q&A: Feb. 19, 2009

Just shot today’s show. Topics included Junior’s return to Seattle, the fantasy value of the Rockies rotation in 2009 and an e-mail about Billingsley and Joba. When you see the show you will see a new face. Corey Gottlieb joins the 411 on air family today and we are excited to have him. He will fill in as an analyst and Schwartz will start doing some ring leader work as the year progresses. Be sure to welcome Corey. Here is a mini bio and photo.


A member of’s team since the start of 2008, Corey Gottlieb is an editor who works in fantasy content development and production.  Corey is a graduate of Amherst College, where he was an English major; before that, he was a starting pitcher for the Brookline High School baseball team (an achievement not shared by fellow BHS alum Theo Epstein). Despite the better wishes of his father, a lifelong Yankee fan who witnessed Roger Maris’ legendary 61st homer, Corey is a Red Sox fan and is by no means afraid to say it. When he’s not obsessing over his fantasy lineups, Corey enjoys playing sports  …  and watching “Gossip Girl.”










Questions time………..

Featured Question of the Day

I’m a little surprised to see that Rick Ankiel has not yet been taken in your mock draft. If healthy, can’t he put up numbers similar to what we can expect from Carlos Pena?

Charlie Saponara


I’m a big fan of Ankiel and think he has 30-35 homer power, although some might be turned off by the potential playing time crunch in the St. Louis OF with the emergence last year of Ludwick, the arrival of Rasmus this year and the return of Chris Duncan. Still, he should be gone by now and I’m surprised he’s not; I’d take him but I drafted OF much earlier so I’m filled up now!





Hey guys. Thanks for the batting and pitching composite rankings. They are a big help for draft prep. I was just wondering if you knew of anywhere where I could get projections for QS for SP this year since that is a category in my league and it wasn’t listed in your projections. Welcome to Corey and you guys keep up the good work!



I had a quick question regarding the projections.
On your spreadsheet it has a column called PROJ and underneath has numbers. What does this column represent?
Sorry if this is already known.

I downloaded the projections you have on the site. FIRSTTIME USER of the projections here so bear with me it this question is a bit on the rookie side.

I am under the belief that those projections were ‘averages’ from a number of projections out in December, January…. Etc. So, I am assuming the PROJ column is the number of projections used to arrive at these projections. Is that a good assumption?? Are you able to name where you got the projections from??

If you guys could add just ONE more column…. If there was a N for National League, an A for American League and a blank for free agents (or any other letter for that matter)… it would be a lot easier to sort for those of us who participate in the AL-Only or NL-Only type games…

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Jason from Wintersville, Ohio.

Should I drop Jair Jurggens for Fausto Carmona ?

Hello Corey,

I was just wondering if this was a good trade Big Unit and Delmon Young for Bedard and Wood if not I could take Big Unit out and throw in Chris Young(AZ) or I could take out Delmon and put in Chris in the deal. Help me out also should i drop Jair Jurggens or Gavin Folyd for Fausto Carmona?

Max Martin

Although I can see Carmona having a decent bounce back year, I’ll take the conservative approach and keep Jurrjens here. Despite tailing off a bit down the stretch, Jurrjens was pretty consistent last year, induces a ton of ground balls (as does Carmona), and boasts a better strikeout rate than Carmona. Considering his Cy Young caliber season of ’07, Carmona probably has the higher upside, but he also comes with more risk. If you’re very comfortable with the rest of your rotation, I don’t really have a problem rolling the dice on Fausto, but Jurrjens is the safer play.


I have a big keeper question. Its a 14 team league with OPS. We get to keep 5 and thus far my keepers are Arod/Pujols/Sizemore/Kinsler. I just cant decide on who to keep between R Martin and Kemp. I found out that Mauer Soto and Mcann will be kept by other squads and if let Martin go he will probably be taken by a team that didnt choose its full 5 keeper set. If you do think I should keep Kemp which catcher should I target in the upcoming draft out of Martinez Wieters Hernandez or other. This is the last yr for keepers.

Note- I did a whole lot of a wholesale trading to get that keeper set so dont think my league is sucks or anything. I gutted my draft picks two yrs ago to get both arod and pujols in the first round with the 1st and 7th picks.

Max, I like the original deal for you. You’re basically taking the downgrade from Randy to Bedard in exchange for the upgrade from Delmon to Wood. Is Bedard a huge injury risk? Sure. But Randy isn’t exactly the model of health either. Young has a great deal of potential, but has yet to show much at the big league level. Wood is the most valuable player among the four and clearly owns the closer job in Cleveland. Ultimately, this is why I’d pull the trigger.



This is a great question and I really thought about it and factored in that this is the last year of keepers etc.. I say go Kemp he is just flat out the better player, it’s very hard not to consider kemp because of the extra scarcity but I think you can still do ok at C and not miss Martin as much as you may miss Kemp. Here is the rankings at catcher from our preview feel free to work your way down the line or jump some guys over each other but you’ll see there is some value there. the question to me is what combo is better martin and OF X or Kemp and say Doumit? I like my chances with the Kemp combo.


Hey guys. I’m in a tiered league with three 20-team divisions. I won my league last year, so this season I’m advancing to the highest tier and I’ve got the first choice of which of the bottom three rosters to inherit. Each team has to keep five players, and can keep them for up to three seasons. Which group of keepers would you prefer:

Team A: Brandon Webb, Adrian Gonzalez, Brian McCann, Bobby Jenks, Justin Verlander

Team B: Carlos Beltran, Justin Morneau, Victor Martinez, two of Jonathan Broxton/Carlos Zambrano/Edwin Encarnacion

Team C: Josh Hamilton, Geovanny Soto, Roy Oswalt, two of Chris Young (OF)/B.J. Ryan/Justin Upton

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