Oscar night mock draft

Did another mock draft tonight because, let’s face it, it’s a lot better way to spend a night than watching another industry awards show, which I think is just a self-serving exercise in ego gratification. Anyway, here are the pick-by-pick results, my team and the projected standings.

Obviously this didn’t turn out to be not one of my finer efforts, but there’s a lot of upside here with guys like Chase Utley (a steal at 2.11), Lastings Milledge (9.5), Colby Rasmus (18.11), Mike Fontenot (22.11) and Kendry Morales (23.5). Of course, there’s also plenty of risk with those guys, plus most of my pitching staff, Adam LaRoche (13.5), Kevin Kouzmanoff (14.11) and others. This is the kind of team that could finish anywhere in the top three spots or the bottom three spots depending on health and luck.

t1_fontenot_all.jpgI will say this, though… I think Milledge is going to have a monster season; in fact, I’m saying to anyone who will listen that Milledge : 2009 :: Nate McLouth : 2008. Meanwhile, Fontenot (right) is a great late-round gamble in the middle infield or utility spots. That guy is a solid hitter, he’s in his prime and he could put up very good numbers in that Cubs lineup as long as they don’t stick him in the #8 hole.

Anyway, I’ll keep posting my mock draft results as I do them and hopefully the results will get better as we close in on draft day!






You mention Utley being a steal at 2.11, but given his injury exactly which point in the draft would you consider taking him? I’m picking 11th in one of my upcoming drafts, do you take Utley if he’s still available at that spot or do you wait and see if he comes back at 14? I have Alexei Ramirez as one of my keepers (in the 25th round, go me!) but I can always move him to SS once he gains eligibility there.

Jeff, UK

I was in that draftt last night too (TBOS). It was a strange draft, with a lot of positions flying off the board much ealier than I anticipated. I like to wait much longer than I did for my SP, but I was shocked how quickly the position was being cleaned out. I tried to make changes on the fly and landud up with a decent team, but my pitching was the weak link. I actually like those drafts that throw you curves, as they keep you focused on the overall balance of your team, more than individual targeted players.
Any thoughts on my draft results would be greatly appreciated. This is the first mock that I’ve done at any position other than the back end of the order this year. I would appreciate your input, especially from the critical side, more than the positive side.

Thanks in advance. Hope to see you at a couple more drafts.

Jeff, I’m not letting Utley slip out of the first round. Although he’s talking about being ready for Opening Day, I don’t think he will be. But, the optimistic talk makes me think he’ll be ready in early April, and be able to play ~140 games, which should mean late 1st round numbers. Anything in the 2nd round or later is a steal in my opinion.


TBOS, I didn’t think the draft was too atypical, but I made a couple of mistakes early on… Sizemore over Wright was an experiment, and I ended up top-heavy on OF with not nearly enough IF depth. Also, I took 5 pitchers in my first 12 picks, as I usually do, but plenty of solid mid-tier SP’s fell into the early/mid-teens rounds so I might have been better off getting on more IF bat in those late single-digit rounds.

I just created a new draft for 10:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday night (2/24): “Late-night NFBC practice”… see ya there!


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