Fantasy 411 Q&A: March 5, 2009 (A-Rod Surgery UPDATED)


(Editor’s Note: There will be a show on Friday to delve even deeper into this A-Rod news. There is a ton of dust to settle and a surgery to be had so I wouldn’t panic if I have A-Rod in a keeper league just yet, but I just don’t know what the ramifications in a straight draft and auction will be yet. Cory and I will discuss tomorrow so check out today’s show with me and Petey Mac and look out for a special show tomorrow…………Siano)

Well, Alex Rodriguez just can’t get himself out of the headlines.  The latest bombshell has Rodriguez missing about 10 weeks as he’ll undergo surgery to remove a cyst on his right hip.  Is A-Rod still a top five pick now?  Not so sure.

Check out today’s 411 podcast which will be up on the site later this afternoon.  The guys will discuss the A-Rod news and Manny signing among other topics.

Also, our two month long mock draft is finally over!  I’ll post the complete results shortly.

Lots to discuss, so let’s get this thing started.




In my league, one of the members couldn’t make it for the Yahoo! live draft so he was autodrafted and he got Scherzer. He dropped him in favor of Huston Street. I have number 2 waiver priority and I know for sure the number 1 guy isn’t going to grab him. Should I use my waiver now, or wait until later in the season for a possible Tommy Hanson callup?

Thanks again, Matthew in Southern California

I’d wait. #1 waiver can also be used for a backup position player who takes over or gets traded and becomes a starter or a new closer. I’m not saying hang onto it forever since the quicker you use it the quicker you get back up to the top. I definitely agree on Hanson, but right now Scherzer is banged up and the 5th starter so he will just sit on your bench for at least two weeks. If he starts the season on the DL and you can wait on him to clear waivers that’s cool. But I will almost guarantee that anyone who picks him up will cut him and he will clear waivers at some point early on.



Hey guys-

Long time listener. Have a draft process question. We are unable to come together for a live draft and it looks as though an online draft might not be possible. It’s a 10 team, H2H, keeper league. How did you tackle the World’s slowest Mock Draft? How do you keep track of players taken so that people don’t take the same player twice? Is there a web site that this can be done through, or just a long email chain?

Thank you for your help!


Wow, this A-Rod thing throws off everyone. I look forward to your advice.


We used, which allows you to conduct a draft without any time limit. The system keeps track of all the picks and you are sent updates via e-mail after each pick is made. The only issue is that in order to create your own draft, you need to be a subscriber to the site, which costs money. How much? I’m not sure. But go check it out.


Hey guys, got a trade question for ya. 10 team h2h, we keep 8 in the round projected to go. I traded for A-rod earlier this offseason, and now the news comes out. I’ve got a super stacked keeper list of A-rod, Wright, Utley, Texiera, Quentin, Crawford, Webb, and Lincecum, so I can afford some flexibility, but what’s this hip surgery say for A-rod? Is he no longer the durable guy we can count on, or is this the start for seasons plagued with the DL? If I trade him I’d like to get a younger stud, but was offered El Caballo and the guys 2nd round pick for A-rod. I’m definitely thinking no cause the pick doesnt really help me out too much. Instead of starting my draft in round 9, Id just start in round 8. Not to mention we have established rules where the bottom half teams get extra picks before everyone else so getting a pick doesnt really help me out since I finished high last year. So really this long drawn out question is: Should we all be worried about the durability of A-rod going foward, and secondly, what type of talent would you expect back in a trade for him given this injury news, or do you recommend just waiting it out? Thanks for your time and advice as always!


Check out they allow you to do free slow drafts and you can set the time limit between picks to 8 or 12 hours. It all works out really well. Good luck!

Vlad or Manny? Who has the most value now that Manny has signed? I’ve cut ties with Vlad because he was a high salary player, and he hasn’t performed? If I were to acquire Manny, would he give me more value?

I was in the George Foster League‏ listener last year.
Is this league going to continue for 2009?

Just trying to plan accordingly.

Jeff from Boston

Manny over Vlad and to be honest its not even close…….Siano


You can invite your crew to MDC for a mock but use the results for your real; league and enter them elsewhere for commissioner stuff if I am not mistaken.

Jersey Hitman’s recommendation looks good as well.

Start soon so you get it done before opening day.


If you were in fantasybaseballmafia last year the guys still are running the site (Tony and Jay), but I’m not sure about all leagues. Hit the mafia site and e-mail those guys.


Wes, I’d try to wait it out. A-Rod has been the model of durability throughout his career, and the injury doesn’t really affect my longterm outlook of him as a fantasy force. While it’ll obviously hurt to be without his services for the first six weeks of the season, I doubt you’ll get an offer that’s too tempting to pass up as you’ve lost a lot of leverage. That said, if you do get a solid offer, particularly a young stud, jump on it. If, say, someone offers you Wright, that’s too good to pass up. But this will almost definitely not happen, so the best option is to sit tight.

As for Vlad vs Manny, definitely Manny. Despite his age, Manny showed in the second half of last year that he can still be a dominant fantasy player. Vlad, on the other hand, is in a steady decline and has been a lot more injury prone. I can see Vlad putting together at least one more very good season, but Manny’s clearly the safer choice.



Cory and I just had this conversation in a way and we will end up shooting a special show on Friday since it’s such big news and we went on 10 minutes after it happened.
I’d hang on to him for now. You are so stacked at keepers so there is no need to panic. It’s too early to tell on A-Rod’s health for 09′ much less beyond so hang in there and let the news come out in more detail over the next 48-72 hours and then again after he gets out of the hospital around March 24th.

Do not panic.


(Editor’s Note: There will be a show on Friday to delve even deeper into this A-Rod news. There is a ton of dust to settle and a surgery to be had so I wouldn’t panic if I have A-Rod in a keeper league just yet, but I just don’t know what the ramifications in a straight draft and auction will be yet. Cory and I will discuss tomorrow so check out today’s show with me and Petey Mac and look out for a special show tomorrow…………Siano)

Keeper question here. 12 team mixed league, 28 man rosters w/ $265 cap. We have to submit our keepers (no limit) in a few weeks and I wanted to know if these players are worth keeping or trading for at their current price.
Denard Span $5
Atkins $21 (several projections have him at a 300/20+/100+ season)
Kelly Johnson $10
Alex Gordon $12
Figgins $16
King Felix $17
Combined, my current keepers have above average power, below average speed, and weak pitching (Liriano is my ‘ace’ but I can live with it). What do you think?

Hey guys,

If you could, try to address on Friday’s show the A-Rod issue not just in an ML-universe league but specifically in an AL-only draft as well as an AL-only auction. I have both coming up later this month and in the draft I have the 8th pick… it’s not a serpentine draft so my next pick would be the 18th. If he’s available with the 8th pick, should I take him or risk seeing if he will fall to the 18th? I already have Youkilis as a keeper as well so I can stick him in the 3B slot as I wait for A-Rod to return from the DL. Chances are, I’m looking at guys like Crawford, Bay, Ichiro, Vlad, Markakis and Big Papi (or a pitcher…yuk) with the 8th pick based on what’s expected to be available at that point.

Thanks for the knowledge,

Scotty Mac

Scotty Mac, there have been new developments which we will address on the show Friday no doubt.


Keeper question. 10 team 5X5. keep 6. keeping Hanley, Teixeira, Grady and Lincecum. need 2 out of the following. Manny, Papi, Mauer, or Papelbon. help!

Another league, another trade. 16-team, 29-man roster, 7×7, auction with escalating salaries. Keep as many as you want subject to the draft cap of $260. Cap goes to $300 after the draft.

The general strategy seems to be to reduce salaries as much as possible leading up to the draft. Anticipating a shallow draft (which was correct), I took the opposite strategy of keeping my high-priced players and trading for others to max out my salaries. I just finished that off by trading Pablo Sandoval at $4 for Matt Garza at $15 to supplement a staff of Hamels, Lester, Danks, Lidge. My hitters are mostly set, with Tex, Utley, Sizemore, Markakis, Hart. Now I have $11 to fill 10 spots at the draft (it’s not unusual to have ten $1 players with this deep of a league). Pretty much sitting this draft out, but my team is very solid. What do you think of the trade and the strategy?
Allan in San Antonio


I’ve re-posted the leftover questions from here onto today’s blog post, so we’ll get to those soon.


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