Fantasy 411 Q&A: Mar. 12, 2009

Good news concerning the recent podcasts. The 411 is featured very nicely on the sports podcasting page in the iTunes store so you should have no problem locating it and subscribing. The season preview show is up and is actually posted under tv shows in iTunes not podcasts so just click on tv shows in the left nav of the itunes store then in the right nav of that next page , scroll to bottom and frank viola.


The Fantasy Roundtable is back and this weeks topic is all underrated team. All the members of the fantasy team here get a vote and then we get one player to write about. I strongly disagree with catcher but otherwise think it’s a good list.

Me and Corey Gottlieb will host today’s show. We’ll talk Mauer (our Twins writer Kelly Thesier joins us), Morrow, Choo and answer an e-mail or two.

I won’t be too active on the blog for a while. Taking wifey down to Florida tomorrow for a quick vacation that’s pretty much all about me, but then again I turn 34 Sunday and that’s really depressing since I swear I was 28 five minutes ago. It’s gonna be a good time. Golf and Berns steakhouse on Saturday, Phillies game and cocktails in Clearwater on Sunday and the Yanks on Monday. Mariano Rivera is supposed to make his spring debut on Monday so I’m psyched to see that.


rivera.jpgHave a great weekend and I’ll talk to you all again on Tuesday or Wednesday……..Siano



What kind of value am I getting with Soriano in the 29th overall pick?

Ed in Chicago

I’m on record as not being a big Soriano fan, but I think 29th pick is
very fair value for him. If he stays healthy he’ll blow that away, and
even if he doesn’t he can put up decent enough numbers that you’re not
getting robbed. Plus he says he wants to steal 30 bags this year, and
while we hear a lot of talk like that each spring, the difference is
that Soriano has actually done it before… it’s not like Matt Kemp
saying he’s going 40-40.🙂



Mike, enjoy your time in FLA. Watch out for the gators around the tee box. I’m in an NL-only 5X5 Keeper. My budget is tipped very heavy to the keepers on my offense. So I’m targeting low cost potential for my pitching in the draft (I’m thinking LIMA all the way). My question is: What arms do you and the boys think I should be targeting? I’ve got 8 spots to fill, and at least three of those need to be starters. Thanks!
– Chad in Champaign, IL


I love seeing gators on the course but your right not too close.

LIMA aside here are some under $10 arms I like.
Wandy Rodriguez / Randy Johnson / Jonathan Sanchez / Ubaldo Jimenez / Pedro?


Hey Guys

I was home “sick” yesterday and was able to catch up on the video podcasts. Did anyone else notice at the end of the Utley interview when Howard stepped into take BP? He still had the donut on the barrel and was bringing it through the zone like it wasn’t there and launching balls. I find it amazing. If anyone missed it or hadn’t taken a look I believe it was from the 10th.

that is all…
–Nate in Springfield

Yeah, I hear he’s going to bring his 199 k’s down to 195 this year. What a stud though, he is creaming the ball in spring training, but we all know the penalties of depending on that for a reliable source.

Under the idea that hitting is contagious, do you see any significant improvement for the other Oakland A’s players now that they have added Holliday, Cabrera, and Giambi?

-Greg in Iowa

I don’t supose there’s any chance of getting the preview moved to podcasts or up on this site as i’m from UK and the tv prog section on itunes seems to be country specific (found it when not signed in but as soon as i sign in it no longer will come up). Thanks,
Chris, UK


I think were kinda stuck with dealing with the preview show as is since it was made exclusively for iTunes they make the rules.


Nate and 1fukudome,

good catch and funny. One of the hardest things to do is take ST performnaces with a grain of salt, fight the power!



I do subscrive to the thoery but in the A’s case I like some o their other players (Suzuki, Ellis) but definitely don’t love them so I’m pessimistic.

Just a quick response to the guys about i-tunes surely MLB is a big enough organisation to but pressure on i-tunes to allow access to MLB programmes for all fans around the world and not just for the US fans especially as they want to promote baseball with events such as the WBC. just a thought.

Ahh, so that is why we have not been able to find the show. I have had someone in Spain looking as well and couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t there. That was short sighted by iTunes. Oh well.

crimbo and chris,

just found out it is a setting that itunes forgets to disengage, we are submitting the request now for them to lift so keep trying.


and scratch that I’m wrong for some reason it’s US and Canada only sorry everyone I wish it was different. I’ll see if I can find a back door…….Siano

I have an idea but I have to wait a few weeks……Siano

look for it in our regualr podcast spot a week before opening day.

10 team league, extra cats. are OPS and hitter K’s.

Keeping: Braun, Miggy C, Kemp, Martin and C.C.

I ahve the first pick in a keeper league. Im torn between Pedroia or Ellsbury as my first pick (both avail). I know Pedroia is ranked higher, but I love the SB and overall upside of Jacoby. With the next best 2b avail being uggla/cano, am I crazy for passing on Pedroia? Im just not convinced what type of numbers he is going to put up.

Thanks for the advice,

Blake in San Fran


Go Pedroia dont let Ellsbury’s steals blind you from pedroia’s total value. Besides you have braun and Kemp already for OF you can get the speed later.


Hey Guys!
I have an interesting dilemma. With the recent A-Rod injury, it is beginning to seem likely that he will fall to me in the second or even the third round (he is currently has a 29 ADP on ESPN). I have the first overall pick in my 12 team 6×6 (BB + k/9) with which I am going to pick Hanley. Should I consider taking A-Rod as a second or third round pick (24 or 25 overall)?

perfect puzzle

it is an interesting dilemma. You have so much time after you take Hanley to think about this it’s almost a bad thing. You could be sitting there looking at A-Rod , Fielder, Pedroia Soriano and carlos Lee to name a few and your getting two of them so it’s not a definite yes answer but there is high reward coming with that risk. Anyone who says don’t do it take Lee or Pedroia instead wouldn’t be wrong but I think in light of the not so bad news this Monday and the surgery being done at least until the fall that taking A-Rod at 24 is not a bad move.


Whats up boys –

10 team vanilla auction keeper league (260 cap), can keep up to 5 players. Currently penciled in Kemp ($10), Alexei Ramirez ($2), Sabathia ($16), and Garza ($4).

Have the following options for the last spot: B. Roberts ($21), Loney ($8), Milledge ($5), Webb ($26) or just keep the above and use our dollars in the draft. Currently leaning towards keeping the top 4 and throwing the rest back, but would appreciate any input.

– Greg, LI

I’d think about A-Rod there but ultimately say no. There are just too many other elite guys to choose from at that point in the draft. I admit I’m very conservative with these kinds of decisions, but what happens if A-Rod misses more time than expected. Is four months of A-Rod worth a second round pick? I’m not so sure. Many look at the Pujols situation last year as a point of comparison, but these two scenarios are entirely different. Pujols was starting the season active while A-Rod isn’t. You know for certain that A-Rod will miss time. That wasn’t the case last season with Pujols. Be careful!


Greg, I’d go with Milledge at $5. A lot of power/speed upside there at a great price.


re preveiws on i tunes,
thanks for looking mike, i’ll keep an eye out for it there then.

Chris, UK

After years of listening to you guys, I have taken the saying “hitters hit” at face value. In rounds 1-10 I might take 1 pitcher because of the amount of depth at the position. At or around the 10th I will start a run of pitcher and normally end up with a staff that includes Bedard, Nalasco, Verlander, Price, Harang, and Scherzer. I was curious what your thoughts on guys like Paul Maholm and Kershaw are for this season and when do you think Tommy Hansen gets the call to the bigs?

Also, Andy LaRoche has been playing well this spring. What are you predictions for this young 3rd base stud and what kind of impact do you think he’ll have?

Charles, Va

I was curious what you think about the value of A-Rod now that the word from him and the Yanks is that he feels good and should be fine when he returns. I’m in a 12 mixed keeper league and our draft was Sunday. My keepers were A-Rod, Utley, Markakis, and Kemp. During the draft I was offered Mark Teixeira straight up for him. I drafted Chone Figgins in the 11th and Chris Davis in the 9th rd to cover 3rd base until A-Rod returns or in case I do trade him. What are your thoughts or suggestions?

Charles, Va

re – i-tunes

cheers for trying

Just signed up for my first NFBC league and was wondering if you could give out some strategies and difference between drafting in NFBC and a standard 12 team league. More specifically, since it is more difficult to pitch in ditch in NFBC, what round do you start to target pitching in those drafts.

Hack in Rancho Cucamonga

Keeper question. 14 team league, 6×6 (OPS & Holds xtra cats), C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 3 OF, 2 Util, 2 SP, 2 RP, 3P, keep 15. Slam dunks: Ankiel (it’s a Cards fan league, he’s my required Cards player), Cano, EEncarnacion, Vladi, Napoli, Rollins, MYoung, Zimmerman, KRod, BJRyan, JShields. Probable: Teagarden. I need 3 more from this list (or 4 if you don’t think I should keep Teagarden): ODog, Kubel, Prado, Fernando Perez, Shealy, Teahen, Accardo, Arredondo, GFloyd.–Thanks, Jeanne in Hollywood

Am I crazy for thinking that with 550+ PAs, Ryan Spilborghs will be good for a .290+ BA, 15-20 hrs, 10-15 sbs? Does this make him more valuable than Andre Ethier (who doesn’t steal)? If Spil hits leadoff for the Rockies, is 90-100 runs likely? Is it better to make a pie with canned peaches instead of fresh ones?
-Dan in LA

Good Afternoon to everyone!
What do you guys think of Justin Upton this year? Is his ADP (126) about the right spot to take him? How far would you reach for him in a keeper league? If he end up hitting 3-4 in that lineup, would that influence your choice of him in the 11-12th round?
Chris in Columbus

Dan, anyone who feels the need to punch a clown is a little crazy. That said, while it’s not out of the question that Spilborghs puts up those kinds of numbers, I’d be a bit surprised. The reality is that since joining the bigs, he’s yet to hold an everyday job, and I think it’s dangerous to take stats from a limited sample size and just prorate them for a full season. I’d rather have Ethier for the main reason that I’ve seen him produce while playing 141 games. 5-10 steals doesn’t do much to change my thinking.

Jeanne, nice to hear from you! Miss those calls from the bus…my three would be O-Dog, Kubel, and G Floyd, though Accardo is tempting considering Ryan’s injury history.


I love your show and been listening to it for over 5 years, but I’m NOT going to give Apple my credit card number just so i can download your season preview show from the iTune store.
I’m really disappointed.
Shmuel in Jerusalem

FYI – I’m getting an error message when trying to download the video podcast for 3/12 from iTunes.

Shmuel In Jerusalem,
You’re looking at the 2008 version that is $1.99. The ’09 version is free for download you just have to create an iTunes account.

As usual, I think you’re probably right. There’s just something about the minor and major league stats that makes me think a big year may be coming for Spilborghs, particularly since he plays in Colorado. Honestly, I had basically the same inkling about McLouth last year around this time. Then again, I thought Andruw Jones would bounce back too, so I may be completely off my rocker. Thanks for the input.

-Dan in LA

I also got an error trying to download todays 411 podcast.

I think you missed Shmuels point. The point being that you have to supply your credit card number to create an account at iTunes.

That’s why I wont see this preview until another solution is worked out, but it seems like Mike is working on it.

Bertil in Sweden

What is going on with the Season Preview Show?
Many of your LOYAL listeners want to watch it (including me) and are not able to. My God, how can it be so complicated to put the show up without constant misinformation?
Is seems obvious MLB has slashed the budget for their fantasy content(or this area is just being mismanaged badly).
I’d prefer to dump all this lame message board crap, let the interns go and get back to having an hour show(if not 2 ) a day of Cory Schwartz and Siano talking baseball. Am I asking for too much? As of know I am being forced to go other places on the web to get content, and it seems like many others are in the same boat. I hope this ship eventually rights itself.


The video podcast from yesterday should work now.


Guys –

Sorry late to the OverRated/UnderRated party. From watching the PODCAST, I suspect this is based on standard 12 mixed as a basis point? Also, I also know you listed several on each list, and you stated its all relative to draft position vs. simply avoiding them at all costs. So to help on the former, when you listed the OverRated could you update and list (ex. Rd2) in what round or what overall pick (ex. #100) correlates to that OverRated or UnderRated listing. Meaning, Say Manny, is he listed as OverRated because he would potentially go as high as #20 overall, but he wouldnt be OverRated if you were able to take him with 50th overall?

So you would list Manny Ramirez (25th) showing that if taken at or after that he would be value pick, etc. at that point?

Anyway, if possible could you update your list and provide a Round or draft slot next to their name to help us understand where the value lies? Same with UnderRated?

I suspect some UnderRated guys, if grabbed too soon you would be overpay scenario, etc. Thats why I ask.

–BDH in DC


OK i know it is been some while since this aired but I have tried everyhting. It is not possible for us outside the US to download the show. I live in Sweden and I am not allowed by itunes to download american TV-material.

I hate iTunes and all its special rules. Is it possible to put up the show on the normal page?

Thanks for the show

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