Fantasy 411 Q&A: March 16, 2009



Am I crazy for thinking that with 550+ PAs, Ryan Spilborghs will be
good for a .290+ BA, 15-20 hrs, 10-15 SBs? Does this make him more
valuable than Andre Ethier (who doesn’t steal)? If Spil hits leadoff
for the Rockies, is 90-100 runs likely? Is it better to make a pie with
canned peaches instead of fresh ones?

-Dan in LA

Dan, while it’s not out of the question that Spilborghs puts up those
kinds of numbers, I’d be surprised. The reality is that since
joining the bigs, he’s yet to hold an everyday job, and I think it’s
dangerous to take stats from a limited sample size and just prorate
them for a full season. The Rockies’ outfield is also a crowded one with Spilborghs, Seth Smith, and Carlos Gonzalez competing for two spots, not to mention if Dexter Fowler either starts with the big club or gets called up early in the season.  In other words, Spilborghs will have pressure to perform.  I’d rather have Ethier for the main reason that
I’ve seen him produce while playing 141 games. 5-10 steals doesn’t do
much to change my thinking.



Zach here,

These next few weeks are undoubtedly the most exciting time of the year for sports fans.  You’ve got March Madness, you’ve got the end of the NBA regular season, the start of the baseball season, and, last but obviously not least, the fantasy baseball draft season is officially underway.  My next three Sundays are booked solid, all due to fantasy drafts.  From now through April 5th, I will spend approximately 16 hours sitting in front of my computer drafting my fantasy teams and countless others thinking about who I’m going to draft along with contingency plans should my guy get taken the pick before I’m up, something I’ve experienced way too many times.  But enough complaining, I know this happens to everyone.  Just got to make the best out of it.  Good luck everyone!

Let’s hear your questions.



Hey Zach, it truly is the best time of the year. My question is about one of those scenarios when the guy(s) you think will be there are taken. I’m in a 12 team standard 5×5 league and I’ve got the 12th pick. I’m planning to take one of the MI (Rollins, Utley or Kinsler) plus a power bat at 1b or OF. If all 3 of those MI are gone, who would you look to take? Here’s one possible first round (Reyes, Hanley, Pujols, Wright, Bruan, Sizemore, Cabrera, Rollins, Kinsler, Utley, and Teixera). Would you go Hamilton, Berkman or Howard or reach for a Pedroia, Upton or Beltran to go with one of those power bats? Thanks.

Rob in GR

How would you rank the following SS/MI in a 10 team H2H 6×7 (OBP) keeper league? Uggla, Drew, Tulowitzki, Furcal, and Young. I’ve got the wheel pick at the end of the first round (9 keepers) and looking at how thin 2B/SS is I’m thinking about taking two of these guys to go with Utley (keeper). I like them in the order above, but some publications have Drew much lower and Furcal and Young much higher. My other hitter keepers are B.J. Upton, Holliday, Markakis, Wright, and Morneau, so I don’t think I’m hurting on steals if I go power with these two positions. Your thoughts?

Hi guys, I just had my 10 team h2h 5 keeper mixed league draft on Saturday. My keepers were Hanley, Holliday, Aramis, R. Martin, and King Felix. Here is my draft:
6. McClouth
7.Chris Davis
8. Furcal
9. Cliff Lee
10. Scott Baker
11. Kevin Slowey
12. Rich Harden
13. Justin Upton
14. (previously traded away)
15. Soria
16. Kershaw
17. Shin-Soo Choo
18. Travis Snider
19. Brandon Wood
20. Neftali Feliz
21. Travis Ishikawa
22. Gordon Beckham
I also have Mat Gamel, from last year, as a rookie keeper who must be added to my bench this year or I lose his rights. I offered Brandon Wood for Pablo Sandoval immediately after the draft, but I may be turned down. He drafted Sandoval in the 15th round, and I probably could have waited longer for Soria. I still have a big issue with the need for a second basemen, since I did not draft one for some reason. I was thinking Aaron Hill or Eugenio Velez to take the spot because both have some upside, and both have had a great spring. I would probably let go of Feliz in order to pickup a second basemen. Please help me out and let me know how I did in the draft, etc. Thanks.

Hey guys, 20 team 5×5 non-keeper auction league. My auction didnt go quite as planned so my team is terrible. I have no good SPs at all. Got offered Haren and Oliver Perez for Morneau and Micah Owings. I got no one to replace Morneau on my team. I really have no SP’s worth mentioning at all, so I’m thinking I need to bite the bullet to at least try to stay competitive and for the waiver wire for a replacement. Any thoughts?

Hey guys,
I posted questions the on last Thursday and Friday and they were never answered. Should I ask them again?

Charles, DC

Rob, I think there’s a good chance that one of those MIs, especially Utley, will still be on the board at 12. Tough that Upton no longer has 2B eligibility, isn’t it? Anyway, I’d actually go with Howard with one of those wheel picks and get your 45 HR lock. Beltran/Soriano are more mid-second round guys, but I have no problem with you reaching on one of them, Beltran being my preference. With the long wait until your third pick, it’s important to get an elite power/speed player since many of them will be gone come the last pick of Round 3.


Damon, I’d rank them Uggla, Drew, Furcal, Tulo, Young. I really like Furcal this year as a value pick. He’s healthy and has been very consistent. By taking him with one of those two picks, you’d solidify steals and be able to focus exclusively on power going forward. Tulo gets the edge over Young due to the keeper factor.


Malik, no problem with dropping Feliz for Hill. Definitely not too early for Soria. He’s a top six or seven closer. A pretty good team overall, but I’m not in love with Justin Upton as a #3 OF in a 10 teamer. Also, owning both Harden and Kershaw is a bit risky. I’m just being ultra-critical though! Oh, and Wood for Sandoval would be a no-brainer for you.


weschicago, bite the bullet for now. I don’t do that Morneau deal. Other owners know that you’re desperate, so you’re not going to get their best offers. See how the start of the season goes, and if it’s a complete disaster, then go ahead and make a deal. Owners will realize their needs a month or so into the season, so you’re more likely to get better offers then.


Charles, go ahead and post them again. Cory told me he’d answer them, but I guess he never got the chance.


I have a trade offer. I give up Morneau and Ludwick and I get D. Lee and Roberts. I als have Teixiera, but my 2B is Figgins. Is this a good deal?

Hi Zach…..I basically just want to know how you think I did in my draft on a scale of 1 to 10 (be honest :))

10 team (we couldn’t find a 12th person), NON-keeper, 5×5, head-to-head………

C Iannetta
1B Berkman
2B Utley
SS Hardy
3B Zimmerman
OF Sizemore
OF BJ Upton
OF Granderson
Util C Hart
Bench Sandoval

Billingsley, King Felix, Vasquez, Lowe, Slowey, Weaver, Carpenter, R Johnson, W Rodriguez
Soria, Hanrahan, Hoffman



killahz, I’ll pass on this one, especially if it means benching Figgins. I’m a big fan of Roberts, but speed and AVG are really his best assets, both of which can be matched by Figgins. Even if you’ll have a spot available for both 2Bs, the bottom line is a healthy Figgins means you don’t have a great need for Roberts. You’d be losing Ludwick’s power and taking the significant 1B downgrade from Morneau to Lee.


Haven’t seen an answer to my question yet, so here it is again: Keeper question. 14 team league, 6×6 (OPS & Holds xtra cats), C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 3 OF, 2 Util, 2 SP, 2 RP, 3P, keep 15. Slam dunks: Ankiel (it’s a Cards fan league, he’s my required Cards player), Cano, EEncarnacion, Vladi, Napoli, Rollins, MYoung, Zimmerman, KRod, BJRyan, JShields. Probable: Teagarden. I need 3 more from this list (or 4 if you don’t think I should keep Teagarden): ODog, Kubel, Prado, Fernando Perez, Shealy, Teahen, Accardo, Arredondo, GFloyd.–Thanks, Jeanne in Hollywood

Dino, I’m tough, so I’ll give it a 9! Don’t have that 35+ HR guy, but there’s enough power/speed balance to cover for that. Pitching is deep and solid. This team looks awfully good to me.


Jeanne, I answered this on Thursday but here it is again:

My three would be O-Dog, Kubel, and G Floyd, though Accardo is tempting considering Ryan’s injury history.


Hi Zach,

My main league drafted last Sunday (4th pick) and I have been racking my brain on how to improve my team. Weeks and Gordon stand out but over all what do you think for a 12 team 6×6 (extra cats. TB and K/9).
util- otriz
lincecum, lester, grienke, j. johnson, harang, bedard, weaver
soria, hoffman, gregg, percival

misox, I think you nailed it. Weeks and Gordon are clearly the weaknesses, but overall you did a nice job. I’m most concerned about Weeks, who just can’t seem to get it together. He burned me in one of my leagues last year, so he’s pretty much gained DTM status. But who knows? Maybe this will finally be the year. I’d start out the season and see how things go. You have good pitching depth, so worse comes to worse, you can deal one of your arms at some point for a 2B upgrade. All in all, I like the team.


Hey Guys:

I am preparing for my AL Only auction and was wondering if you could give some guidance on what to shoot for in each category. I have only done mixed leagues in the past, so I would imagine that there are different category goals for a 12 team AL Only league. If I wanted to shoot for 3rd place in each of the 10 categories, what should I be shooting for?


Just looking for thoughts on how I did in my draft yesterday. What I should think about looking at for improvements. 12 team mixed 6×5 w/ the extra stat being TB.
C Jorge posada
1B Albert Pujols
2B Dan Uggla
3B Aramis Ramirez
SS Michael Young
OF Shane Victorino
OF Alfonso Soriano
OF Vlad Guerrero
OF Lasting Milledge
DH Connor Jackson

SP Eric Bedard
SP Justin Verlander
SP Chris Young
SP Josh johnson
SP Oliver Perez
RP B.J. Ryan
RP Francisco Cordero
AP Kerry Wood

George Sherill
Carlos Gomez
Carlos guillen
Dave purcey
Wandy Rodriguez

Thanks for the help,
Rich from San Diego

no love for the end of the NHL season culminating in the best playoff run including March Madness…shameful.

Chris, I think Siano can give you a good idea. He’s been in two AL-Onlys (one of them being Tout) for the past several years. He should be back tomorrow.
Rich, it looks like you can use one more decent speed guy as both your MIs don’t run. You do have Gomez on your bench, but there’s really no starting spot for him. Your SBs are OK, just not great. Power very good though. Not in love with the pitching staff as there are a lot of medium risk players here, but they also have high rewards, so there’s a chance this group could be dominant.

And sbyrne, hockey is DTM:-)


The fact that people still even watch hockey is shameful.

Hey guys,
I drafted last Sunday and made a few transactions since then.
This is the team I ended up with:
C-B. Molina
W. Rodriguez

I have 2 trade offers for me. One is Braun & Theriot in which I’d recieve Granderson, Guzman, LaRoche, Hanrahan. The other is one I like Kouzmanoff for Sandoval since I have Longo and need to upgrade at 1B.
Tell me what you guys think.
The Manoman

manoman, love the Kouz for Sandoval deal. On paper, I like the other trade for you but also take into consideration the two players you’ll need to drop and the guys you’ll have to bench due to your new acquisitions. If, say, there’s not enough space to slot in Hanrahan, I’d be less inclined to do it. I presume you’ll just replace Theriot with LaRoche at UT, so that makes sense.


What’s hockey?


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