Fantasy 411 Q&A: March 20, 2009



How usable is Nick
Punto in a 12-team AL only? Who is the real Punto, the one who hit a
combined .287 in 797 AB in 2006 & 2008 or the one who hit .222 in
866 AB in 2005 & 2007?

I have Punto for $1 in our keeper league and am considering keeping him over $5 Gio Gonzalez. Thank you for your thoughts.

John in Ohio

Go with Punto. He’s not the best player in the world but he’ll get you double
digit steals in his sleep and he’ll provide average I think. Anything
above that is gravy and if he bombs, so what, it cost a dollar. I think
Gio is a sleeper this year but more likely next year, and $5 is too
much. I got Cliff Lee for $4 last season in an AL only.



Happy Friday everyone,

In case you missed it, in the past few weeks, the fantasy crew unveiled their All-Overrated and All-Underrated teams heading into the ’09 season.  We put it to a vote, and it’s all broken down by position.  Here are the links to the articles:

All-Overrated Team

All-Underrated Team

I have a feeling there’s one member of the All-Overrated team that you can guess without even reading the article (Hint: Starting Pitcher)

***Also, note this revealing paragraph, found on the Rays team page on

LHP David Price
was dazzling in the postseason, but his chances to win a spot in the
Rays rotation at the start of this season seem like a longshot at best.
The Rays want Price, the top pick of the 2007 draft, to further refine
his changeup, and they want to limit his innings in his second pro
season, making it more likely he will open the season at Triple-A
Durham. “We want him to be very successful right out of the chute,
without any hesitation or backward movements,” manager Joe Maddon said.
“We don’t want him going back and forth between here and Triple-A. When
he gets here, we want him to stay here for a very long time. That’s why
we want everything to be as perfect as possible.”

Now on to your questions…



Mike and Cory,

I’m in a 4×4 NL Only auction keeper league. Our league uses contract years as part of the keeper system. Contracts start at three years. Once expired, we can extend the contract once (and only once) for up to but not necessarily an additional three years. Each year of the contract extension raise their salary by $5. For example, a two year extension would raise the player’s salary by $10 and once the two years was up he would no longer be my keeper.

I have four guys at the end of their contract so I need to decide a) should I extend their contracts and b) for how many years.

Can you help?

1) Dan Uggla: 1 year at $15, 2 at $20, or 3 at $25
2) Chris Young: 1 year ext at $16, 2 at $21, or 3 at $26
3) Brandon Phillips: 1 year ext at $15, 2 at $20, 3 years at $25
4) Russel Martin: 1 year ext at $15, 2 at $20, or 3 at $25


Speculating for saves: I have 3 spots in my bullpen for middle relievers. I love getting a head start in Saves and always find Closers make great trade bait.

I currently have Balfour, R.Soriano & J.Lewis. But Kuo, Saito, Thornton and Shields are Free Agents and I have a shot at placing waiver claims on Perez, Gregg and Rodney. I can’t stand Rodney’s control, but it looks like he can get in the mix for saves.

So please can you bring order to this chaos and tell me which 3 guys to settle on.

Hey Guys,

Any update on the Fantasy Baseball Mafia? I haven’t gotten an email from Jason or Tony in over a week and I noticed that their website was down when I checked last night.

Jeff Blake

St.Petersburg, Fl

Hey guys,

Due to my previously mentioned “drinking and drafting” in my AL-Only, I’m trying to unload an OF for a SP. I had to get creative with a team but this is what I came up with as an offer:



I have other OFs already for 5 OF spots and my U spot including:
Nelson Cruz
Jose Guillen
Brett Gardner (if he starts)

Meche is the best SP of his I wouldn’t consider a keeper and the rest of his SPs are crap, which is why I’m targeting Meche (he LOVES his low round keepers). Let me know if you think this is a fair value.

Thanks for the knowledge,

Scotty Mac

Pat and Kevin, I just answered your questions in yesterday’s post. Siano and/or Schwartz may chime in later.


Hi Mike & Corey, Are you seeing a trend brewing with A-Rod resentment? I’m in a keeper 12 team mixed league, head to head. One of the owners holds A-Rod and just flat doesn’t like him, especially now with the steroids fallout. Overall, I haven’t seen this much passionate resentment for a player since maybe Bonds a few years ago.

Headline is that he is open to trading A-Rod to me for Aramis Ramiez. He wants the guy off his team but expects value too. I’m a Cubs fan and like A-Ram but like the upside of A-Rod. Thoughts on the trade? I’m also curious to hear if others are seeing this fallout with Alex Rodriquez.

In our league we have a position specific outfield. In our draft, I took too many Right fielders.
Corey Hart (Mil – RF)
Justin Upton (Ari – RF)
Andre Ethier (LAD – LF,RF)
Brad Hawpe (Col – RF)
Shin-Soo Choo (Cle – LF,RF)
I do not have a back up for first, center or catcher, so I proposed this trade to a guy that doesn’t have a right fielder at all. He was drafting at work, and had to fire a guy at the same time.
I give
Justin Upton (Ari – RF)
Brad Hawpe (Col – RF)
I get
Adam Jones (Bal – CF)
Pablo Sandoval(SF – C,1B,3B)
That is fair and doesn’t give too much right?

Hi, Mike, Corey, and Zach,
12 team 5×5 standard roto, Mafia type league where I will be able to keep 5 forever with no round, cost etc.
I will have the 6’th pick in the draft. Should I be looking at somebody other than Braun, Sizemore, M. Cabrera with the 6’th spot, assuming Hanley, Pujols, Wright and Reyes will be gone. Of those three how would you rank them, knowing you will be able to keep them forever.

Scotty Mac, my preference would be to keep shopping, as I’m not at all a fan of Meche. But this is definitely a fair deal. Blalock just cannot seem to stay healthy and the move from Bay to Morneau is pretty much a wash, if not a slight upgrade for you.


Thanks Zakh, but would you really still place Perez above Gregg right now after the injuries and with Motte looking to be the front runner in STL. I hear that Perez could be going to AAA.
Gregg comes off waivers first and I have a high claim, so if I want Perez I have to not put a claim on Gregg. Do you not think that Gregg is in prime position in ChC? Even if he only holds the job for a while I can trade him meanwhile Perez could still be in AAA?

mnehmer, definitely see the resentment, and I think this is a great opportunity for you to get a stud at a significant discount. The fact that this is a keeper league, makes A-Rod even more appealing. So the answer is yes, I’d jump all over that deal. Find a stopgap 3B option until A-Rod returns. 3B is plenty deep, so it shouldn’t be all that difficult. Don’t let your team allegiances stand in the way of your fantasy baseball decision making!


Kevin, yeah, in that case, go with Gregg. Definitely looks like he has a good shot now with the questions surrounding Marmol’s makeup and with Sweet Lou not afraid to ride the hot hand. I still think Perez winds up with more saves than Gregg by year’s end, but Gregg is more likely to get claimed at this point in time.


delaverp, pretty funny story (of course not for the guy who got fired). Too much of that going on right now. Anyway, on paper, I’m not thrilled about that deal as I see Hawpe having a huge year now that he’ll receive everyday ABs with the departure of Holliday. I think Upton and Jones are fairly comparable in value. But Sandoval’s C eligibility does give him a boost, and if not doing this trade means you’ll be forced to bench one or more of those five OFs (it sounds like that’s the case), I have no problem with you pulling the trigger.


cad, those are definitely the three to consider at that spot, and this is an extremely tough call. You can’t really go wrong either way. Hopefully, one will be taken at 5 to make the decision a bit easier. In the inaugural season of a keeper, I’m ranking them Sizemore, Braun, Cabrera. Sizemore gives you the best across the board package while Cabrera’s psyche and questionable work ethic make me a tad concerned going into 2010 and beyond, though I do think he’ll have a monster year this season.


Hey Guys,
Any ETA on the final “Stats” projections? I want to make sure i have the most complete and up to date info going into my draft this week and dont want to calculate all my values on numbers that are drastically wrong. Big thanks to Cory for providing these to the community.

Chris in Columbus

Hey guys,
I had a question the other day that went unanswered, so I suppose I’ll try again.
Several weeks ago I had a question about whom to keep, Morneau or Ellsbury, to go with Braun, Teixeira, Beltran and Longoria. Your (expected) advice was to do a two for one trade, obviously, that did not work out.
My question for you now is would it be worth my while to offer Morneau to an owner that has Lincecum and Santana and has made it known that he would like another bat to go along with Holliday, Hart and Rios? I know you will always favor the side that gets the hitter, but I already have a strong core of players and Lincecum and Santana are awfully good.

Hey guys!
I am associated with Corey Hart, Nate McLouth, and Shane Victorino and I’m having a hard time which of the three is the most valuable. Can you rate them?
Thanks! Davis in Mass


In a 16 team standard roto league 22 man team; requires 8 pitchers minimum, no other limits. Daily add/drops allowed

My staff includes

My pitching has potential upside, but risks with last 4 starters, 2 who are mediocre, 2 rookies. If you needed to drop one or two for an upgrade, in what order would you keep them? Do I need another reliever?

I’m trying to round out sp no. 4-6. I need 3 of the list

Whom would you keep?

Davis, I rank them Victorino-McLouth-Hart, but by ADP they are going Victorino-Hart-McLouth, and in my NFBC league they went McLouth-Victorino-Hart. In other words, there are arguments to be made for any of the three.

Sinker, if you are going to make a trade offer for an SP, it should be the likes of Johan or Lincecum, but the other guy is not going to take Morneau straight up. Personally I would offer Longoria and see if that gets it done, but he may ask for one of your top four bats and I would probably just pass at that point.

Chris in Columbus, I’ll post my projections tomorrow night. I had to finish up with NFBC first.🙂


Afternoon fellas,
Need to pick a RP to pick up some holds, choices are, Scot Shields, Kyle McClennan Dan Wheeler…basically the top 20 from last season! Dont need help Saving as i already have Papelbon, Valverde & Fuentes. I know this is a tuff one to predict, but was leaning to Shields.

Also cheers for all the cheat sheets, note and quotes…have a Sweet shot to win the bickies this season….with another draft this Monday.

Cheers guys,


G, I would stick with Shields there. He’s a time-tested option. Wheeler is a solid choice too but he may get more saves than Shields and therefore fewer holds. Who knows how the Cards bullpen will shake out, so avoid McClellan for now. The other advantage of Shields is that he’s a hedge against Fuentes, who has had a poor spring plagued by nagging injuries… I am still bullish on him for this season but Shields is a good backup option for the short-term.

And whatever the bickies are, I hope they’re good!


Tim Tams and a case of bourbon and coke for the winner… isn’t $25,000 but it is enjoyable all the same!


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