Fantasy 411 Q&A: March 23, 2009

I need to pick up an RP to get some holds.  The choices are Scot Shields,
Kyle McClennan, Dan Wheeler.  Don’t need help in saves as I already have Papelbon, Valverde &
Fuentes.  I know this is a tough one to predict, but was leaning towards

Also cheers for all the cheat sheets, notes and quotes…have a Sweet
shot to win the bickies this season, with another draft this Monday.

Cheers guys,


I would stick with Shields there. He’s a time-tested option. Wheeler
is a solid choice too but he may get more saves than Shields and
therefore fewer holds. Who knows how the Cards bullpen will shake out,
so avoid McClellan for now. The other advantage of Shields is that he’s
a hedge against Fuentes, who has had a poor spring plagued by nagging
injuries… I am still bullish on him for this season but Shields is a
good backup option for the short-term.

And whatever the bickies are, I hope they’re good!



Please keep a close eye on the blog this week starting with today. We have some announcements coming and with the draft season in full swing we will have some real draft results for you in a big way. We think it will be of some help if not a major help as you get ready for the final days of spring. Look for mixed, non mixed and more.



nfbc_logo.jpgCory got it all going with NFBC results over the weekend
and Zach will be posting some more results in a few hours………Siano


When will guys that are for sure out be placed on the DL? I can’t put a guy on my DL until the MLB team does.

We know A Rod is out for the 1st 14 games so place him on the DL.

Mmsox, most teams don’t place players on the DL until the last week or few days before the season starts, because there is no incentive to do so. You’re going to have to wait a little longer on A-Rod.


Hey guys. I’m in the middle of our e-mail draft right now, and think I’m going to go SP next. It looks like the best available options are Cain, Greinke, Bedard, Chris Young, Vazquez and Ervin Santana. It’s a 5×5 mixed keeper, and I usually don’t keep pitchers, so I’m wondering who will be the best this year. Also, since there are still 3 picks in front of me, could you rank them for me? This will be my 9th pick, and my only other pitcher is Matsuzaka. Thanks a lot.


If Erv was healthy I’d shout his name out now but he is slipping due to uncertainty. This is a decent group. You can kind of interchange the first three if we don’t count Erv so this is strictly my opinion.


I’m not saying don’t take Erv I’m just saying realize the risk……Siano

Hey guys. My draft is tomorrow night for my keeper league with round Values. 10-team 8×8 with extra cats, hitting: 2B, BB, K : pitching: CG, SHO, BB. Keepers are Manny – 4th Round, BJ Upton – 10th round. I have the 4th overall pick.

Thanks for the advice to keep Manny. I now have a shot at Sizemore, Miguel Cabrera or Jimmy Rollins. My question is 2 fold:

1) Sizemore or Rollins? I already have Manny and BJ Upton, so it seems that Rollins would be a better deal, position-wise. Can you breakdown these 2 guys seasons, as well as a few guys/rounds to look for some value picks?

2) Because our league counts CG/SHO, pitching is very heavily weighted. We have a love/hate relationship with these 2 categories. Last year, I followed the 411 philosophy of not taking a pitcher until the 10th. And it really hurt, as the Kazmir’s and James Shields type players were off the board in the top 10 rounds.

This year my strategy is to try and nab 2 top notch pitchers in the first 10 rounds. I have Webb targeted with the 17th overall pick. Is that too early? Keep in mind Lincecum and CC have been kept, and I’m assuming Johan goes in the first round, as it is a keeper league and most of traditional 1st round guys are already off the board. Those CG/SHO’s are the single most valuable stat in our league. My plan was to go Webb 2nd and hope for James Shields around the 8th or 9th.


Ben in the 909

Thanks Mike. I have another one for whoever if policy doesn’t prevent you guys from taking 2 in one day. I’m looking for a power hitter to give me homers, rbi’s and OPS and all of the top-notch guys are gone. We added an extra utility spot this year, so I’m wondering if I should take Thome a few rounds early, to make sure I get him. Am I correct that he gets a big boost in value now that there are two utility spots instead of one? As a subpart to this question, the other guy I have looked closely at to supply the extra power would be Ethier. Can I reach for Thome or am I better of going with Ethier?

I don’t know if my glasses are rose colored or not, because my head is still spinning from draft night. This was my 15 team 5×5 league draft result. Since then, I have tried to address two issues; SB and Saves. I picked up Luis Castillo from the waiver wire, perhaps fetching me some SB’s. I dropped Pedro Feliz to do so. In addition, I am trying to deal one of my SP’s for one more closer. I took V-Mart at #74, only as insurance against not getting a 1b. The top ones went very quickly. I recovered by getting Ianetta at #137, LaRoche at #164 and John Baker at #337. This allows me to use V-Mart at CI.
Please, give it to me straight. Can this team contend? This is the best I’ve felt coming out of a 15 team league, especially picking at #14. If I’m just drinking my own Kool-Aid, please feel free to tell me.

1. (14) Chase Utley
2. (17) Evan Longoria
3. (44) Curtis Granderson
4. (47) Corey Hart
5. (74) Víctor Martínez
6. (77) Jhonny Peralta
7. (104) Jon Lester
8. (107) Brian Fuentes
9. (134) Adam Wainwright
10. (137) Chris Iannetta
11. (164) Adam LaRoche
12. (167) Joel Hanrahan
13. (194) Pat Burrell
14. (197) Ubaldo Jiménez
15. (224) Mike Cameron
16. (227) Mike Pelfrey
17. (254) Oliver Pérez
18. (257) Fred Lewis
19. (284) Freddy Sánchez
20. (287) Cody Ross
21. (314) J.J. Putz
22. (317) John Baker
23. (344) Andy LaRoche
24. (347) Bronson Arroyo
25. (374) Juan Rivera
26. (377) Dave Bush
27. (404) Daniel Murphy
28. (407) Nick Punto
29. (434) Pedro Feliz

Two trades:

I give M.Cabrera for Rollins
I give Furcal for Atkins

16 team, 6X6 Roto league (extra category is OPS) Would you do these? It is a keeper league, so trading Cabrera is tough. FYI my roster is below.

Big Mike

C Brandon Inge

1B Lance Berkman

1B/3B Mark Reynolds

3B Miguel Cabrera

2B Kazuo Matsui

2B/SS Brandon Wood

SS Rafael Furcal

LF Carlos Lee

CF Johnny Damon

RF Jayson Werth

OF Jose Guillen

OF Eric Byrnes

UTIL Juan Pierre

SP Scott Kazmir

SP Matt Cain

SP Jonathan Sanchez

SP John Smoltz

SP Aaron Cook

P Scot Shields

P Octavio Dotel

RP Mariano Rivera

RP Heath Bell

RP Trevor Hoffman

RP Hong-Chih Kuo

Bench Troy Glaus

Bench Brian Giles

Bench Kyle Lohse

Bench Rich Hill

Minors Matt Wieters

Minors Tyler Flowers

Hey guys ,
Would you trade J.J. Hardy & Casey Kotchman for Joey Votto? I have Ryan Theriot on my bench and Alexei Ramirez as my U.T. and if I did the deal I would put Theriot as my SS for 2 wks. them when Alexei gains eligibilty switch him w/ Theriot I like Theriot because he gives 25 more steals to my team that is projected to have 90 without him. Without Hardy I also have 275 homeruns not including my bench.
Would you do it?
The Manoman
PS. It’s awesome you guys are going to be on the MLB Network

Im in a 10 team H2H league. Ived been offered a trade. I get Jeter and Big Z and give up Peralta and Haren. Take it?

I just recently had a draft and I took Chase Utley in the 1st, Brandon Phillips in the 4th, and Alexei Ramirez in the 6th. I didn’t mean to take all these 2nd baseman, but i just couldn’t pass them up.

What are you thoughts on Alexei Ramirez this year and do you think he was a steal in the 6th rd?

Charles, Va

Thanks for taking my question on the podcast last week and giving it its own link…..I feel pretty big time now🙂

Just a follow up from the question. I have recently been in 4 drafts and in every draft I am able to get Dukes in the 20th – 23rd, Adam Jones 16th or 17th, and Choo in 19th – 20th (on avg). In the later rounds its all about upside and these guys bathe in it.

Two other guys that seem to find there way on my team are Jacoby Ellsbury (8th rd 10 team mix last night) and Elvis Andrews (24th rd). What are you thoughts on these two guys and what can there upside be this year?

Charles, Va

Charles, Alexei will be SS-eligible only a week or two into the season so that’s a very deep middle infield trio. I think he’s a little overrated in the 4th/5th round, and I wouldn’t have picked him after Utley and Phillips, but but 6th is a little more reasonable in terms of cost.


Charles, I like Ellsbury in the 8th; at worst he’ll probably match last season’s numbers, which make him a little less than the Crawford-Ichiro tier, so 8th round is excellent value. I’m not as high on Andrus… everyone is excited about his speed but I don’t think he’ll get on base enough to be worthwhile. In a vanilla 12-team league I seem him as a season-long waiver player.


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