My NL-Only Auction Draft


After eight years of playing fantasy baseball, I decided
that it was time to take my game to the next level.  I’m participating in the inaugural Bloggers
Open, organized by the guys over at  It’s an NL-Only auction league, and our draft
was this past Wednesday night.

This was my first real (as opposed to mock) auction draft,
and while I went in with a well thought out plan, things didn’t exactly go the way
I would’ve liked.  My preparation
consisted of sketching out an ideal team, one that I expected would fit under
the $260 cap.  I used the dollar values
from, and was hoping to stay relatively close to those numbers, and if
I got a bargain in one area, I would be able to spend more at another
position.  I then put together a list of
preferred $1 type options. 

The draft started out well as I snagged Carlos Beltran, one
of my main targets, for $38, a bit more than I wanted to spend but as they say,
premium prices for premium players.  One
thing I noticed right off the bat was that top players were going for way more
than what I expected, and while I tried not to let this affect me, it
ultimately did.  Jimmy Rollins was my
other key player, but he went for $43.  I
had about $39 budgeted for him, and when the bidding went into the 40’s, I
pulled out, instead opting for my backup plan at SS, Rafael Furcal, for $27.

Long story short, I was able to get many of the players I
had in mind, including Hawpe, Headley, LaRoche, Lilly, Harang, and Capps.  But my reluctance to spend the extra buck or
two on the above average player ultimately left me about one star short.  Also, the auction draft often moves so fast
that it’s hard to tell where the true dropoffs are at certain positions.  I was left with 7 bucks at the end, an
obvious no-no, and landed up shelling out $6 for Jason Kendall!  Let’s hope that along with the .240 average,
he gives me 5 steals to make this investment somewhat worthwhile.  My glaring weaknesses are 3B (Feliz) and a
huge one at MI (Eckstein, who I plan to drop very soon).  I did grab Eugenio Velez in the reserve
draft, so that could be my solution.  This
team is OK, but far from great.  Below
you’ll find my starters with their associated dollar values and a Word document
that lists the rosters of each team with dollar values.

Zach Steinhorn


C   Ramon
Hernandez   $10

C   Jason Kendall   $6

1B  Adam LaRoche   $17

2B  Kelly Johnson   $18

3B  Pedro Feliz   $3

SS  Rafael Furcal   $27

CI  Chad Tracy   $11

MI  David Eckstein   $3

OF  Carlos
Beltran   $38

OF  Brad Hawpe   $20

OF  Chase Headley   $4

OF  Kosuke
Fukudome   $3 

OF  Joe Mather   $2

UTIL  Eric Byrnes   $5

P  Ted Lilly   $13

P  Aaron Harang   $15

P  Wandy
Rodriguez  $8

P  John Lannan   $2

P  Bronson Arroyo   $4

P  Ian Snell   $7

P  Matt Capps   $19

P  Joel Hanrahan  $15

P  Jon Rauch   $3

Auction Results Bloggers.doc


I think you came out of this pretty well. Some definite upside picks for fairly cheap, especially at SP (Wandy, Harang, Arroyo, Snell). If they perform up to potential, that could be a very good staff.
-Dan in LA

Had my 12 team mixed auction draft this weekend and came away with some interesting players I didnt expect to. Two of which were Elvis Andrus and Denard Span. What are reasonable expectations for those two this season? Is 20 SB’s realistic for Andrus? Can Span do 20/20?

Brian in Philly


I’d be interested in your take on Tracy at $11 vs other 1B options.

I ask because I have to make a decision on keepers for my NL-only league shortly, and have three 1B to consider: N Johnson ($1), Ishikawa ($3) and Tracy ($11). The latter 2 are in 2nd contract yr, and Johnson is in O yr. In theory, I could keep all three, but will likely keep only 2.

Johnson will always be a wild card because of his health. I note he went for $1. Can I assume you weren’t willing to take that risk? I could see him putting up the same type of numbers as Tracy if he ever got 500ABs.

Secondly, did you consider Ishikawa ($1 in your league as well) at all? While he doesn’t have the track record, he did well at end of last year and has hit 5 dingers in AZ already. While he’s platooning w/ Aurilia, I could still see him going 15/80/.280


brownp2, ideally I wasn’t planning on spending $11 on Tracy. He was one of the guys I had in mind for CI, but some of the higher ranked options on my list (like Conor Jackson) went for way more than I anticipated, so I decided to go with Tracy as I had some extra money left. Sounds like Tracy is healthy, so I do expect him to have a solid year. I also liked Ishikawa, but had Tracy ranked higher (better home park, supporting cast, experience) and was left with excess $$ so I had to spend it! Of those three names you mention, I’m going to pass on Johnson. Regardless of the dollar value, I’m not clogging up a keeper slot with someone I have zero confidence can stay healthy. Also, he’s not even assured to get everyday ABs if he is healthy, as Willingham could play a little first base.


I haven’t seen Kasey Kotchman have a AB in almost 3 weeks. I haven’t seen his name on any injury report but he hasn’t played in some time. Any news on Kotchman??

You have a lot of great bargains here which should help you in being a star short.

Byrnes is a steal for $5. i hope i can get him for that on draft day. Probably not as we are a keeper league and prices are inflated as a result.

I also think you did real well on pitchers. You have great bounceback potential in Harang and Snell. You also got two solid closers for the price of one great one.

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