Ron Cey Listener League Draft Results

Here are the much anticipated results from the Ron Cey listener league draft.


the owners in this league are devoted 411 followers, so the competition
is intense.  That said, I’m really glad I did my NL-Only auction first,
because by comparison, this seemed like a breeze!  Overall, I’m very
happy with my team, Round

Picking out of the five slot, I kicked things off by making the somewhat controversial choice of taking Miguel Cabrera over Grady Sizemore,
but there’s a reason why I did this.  First, I see Cabrera having a
monster year, think .320-40-130, and the 40 point difference in AVG
between the two is significant.  But mostly, this selection was made
with the second round in mind.  I wanted to avoid taking two
outfielders in the first two rounds, and I had either Carlos Beltran or Alfonso Soriano
as targets for Pick #20.  I preferred the Cabrera-Beltran duo over the
Sizemore-Fielder one.  Fortunately, Beltran was there for the taking.

most cases, I like to get speed out of all three middle infield slots,
but this was an example of having to adjust on the fly, viewing Dan Uggla as simply the best option on the board in the middle of the seventh round.  After J.J. Hardy,
there was a huge SS dropoff, so that’s why I grabbed the
eighth.  With all three MI spots filled this early in the draft, I
wasn’t forced to scramble for mediocre options later.  The downside of
this approach?  I was forced to reach a bit for Maybin and Lewis to
help out in steals.                                                                                                                        

The one pick I’m not all too happy about is Nelson Cruz as
my 3rd OF.  He was the most intriguing option still on the board, but I
probably shouldn’t have waited so long to take another outfielder.  I
tend to agree with Siano that Cruz is overrated, and 12th round is just
too early.  I also don’t have a third closer, but this doesn’t bother
me, as save sources do emerge during the season.

As for pitching, I did break from the 411 doctrine of not taking an SP until the ninth or tenth round, but Dan Haren
in the sixth was too good to pass up.  Aside from Haren, all my SPs
were taken in or after Round 11, and they’re all quality options.  I
even went out on a limb with the Fausto Carmona pick, but 25th round is huge upside.

forward to another eventful season in the Cey league.  Special shout
out to new member Dan in LA (Futuristic Pasta) who requested that I say
he’s awesome.  So there you have it!

Zach Steinhorn


Seems like you did break from the 411 mold also by not taking catchers in the 3rd & 4th rounds. Does Cory know about this?

Not yet! I disagree with him about that anyway. I like spending a mid-round pick on an upside catcher instead.


Good call Zach, I didn’t really care for Cory’s strategy either.

Intense competition? Are you sure?

I don’t think so. Not when you’ve got schmohawks like “Giants Again” taking Rollins, Lincecum, Granderson, Hamels, Victor Martinez, and Roy Halladay with his first 6 picks. Nice offense, buddy! He’ll probably finish last in each offensive category.

Joe Mauer in the 5th round? That guy does know that he’s hurt, right? 4 closers taken in the 5th round? Retarded. I wish I was in this league. I’d tear it up.

As for your draft, you would’ve been better off in Steals if you would’ve skipped taking Nathan in the 5th round and taken someone like McClouth, Victorino or Hart instead.

Can’t really argue with Haren in the 6th. He is a stud. But then again, Josh Beckett got picked up in the 9th round (seriously, what is wrong with these owners!), so maybe you could’ve snagged an offensive player there as well and taken Beckett in the 7th or 8th.

Ianetta in the 10th I like. Kouzmanoff and Jackson in 13/14 seems a little early. Maybin in the 15th is a super reach. How about Adam Jones instead? He should be good for 20 this season, based on the way he’s stealing in Spring Training.

This was an odd draft. Along with closers being absolutely ripped off the board (Frank Francisco in the 12th? Capps, Bell, Hanrahan, Motte, and Street in the 13th?), I thought a lot of very good players who were shunned in favor of “upside” guys. Soto was off the board before Martin and McCann, for example.
And there’s no way I should’ve gotten Youkilis at 56 (MDC adp is 37), and with Berkman and Aramis on my team I didn’t really need him, but at that point it was such a damn good value pick and too nice to pass up.

-Dan in LA

Oh wise men,

I have a top 2 hitting team in a 5×5[W,SV,WHIP,ERA,K]roto 16 team league, but my pitching staff needs help.

are fine with upside promise, but the rest is more uncertain
w McClung [temporarily.] Ugh!
Philosophical ? here. At season start, should I spot start guys like Bush, Wolf, Litsch etc based on matchups or after 340 picks is the sp talent pool so mediocre for numbers that good mid relief like Howell, Kuo, Thornton is better stat value ?

Grasshopper, in VA

3 more bench spots than the 411 Listener league, very jealous.

jakoye, to respond to some of your comments, I am a big believer in taking a stud closer in the fifth or sixth round if one is still available, so I have no regrets with the Nathan pick. At the time, I already had two OFs, so I felt I could wait awhile before taking another. An argument can definitely be made that I waited too long, but I felt that there was enough OF depth that some solid bargains could be had later. As for Haren vs Beckett, first, there’s no way of knowing how far certain SPs will fall. Second, from a fantasy perspective, I think Haren holds a significant advantage. Haren is the model of durability while Beckett’s thrown 200 innings in a season just twice in his career. Sure, when Beckett’s healthy he’s a very good pitcher. But I’m more than happy to pay the extra price to avoid the headache. The Maybin-Jones comp is a close one, but I like Maybin’s SB upside more than that of Jones, and steals was what I was looking for with that pick.



AL ONLY 260 cap 12 keepers

After my keepers I will need to target MI, 3B, OF

I am considering two different theories, #1 is cheap upside
(after others keepers these are the candidates)

MI – Aaron Hill $11-14
3B – Mike Lowell $12-15
OF – Delmon Young $14-18

OR #2 Costly proven Talent

MI – Jose Lopez $17-20
3B – Adrian Beltre $22-26
OF – Magglio Ordonez $25-30

Option #1 would allow more money on pitching but could result in less offense. I know your answer is mix the two but if that is not an option which stratedgy would you choose.


In the Paul C Smith league, we got 4 bench spots, which of course is far too many. That’s why I picked Tommy Hanson, David Price and Matt Wieters so I don’t have to use 3 of them…

Bertil in Sweden

I like the Mullets offense, but his staff is …ummm…different. G-Man taking Lincecum is not surprising factoring in his alliances, but lately I have been pondering Timmy and wondering when was the last time we all drank the koolaid like we all have over a young arm.

Normally, fantasy owners are more skeptical and want to see more of a track record. I mean, how many times do we see young guns flame out just as quickly as they emerge? It certainly can’t be we feel his mechanics are somehow superior, heck my shoulder/neck hurt just watching him pitch.

Overall, I think the draft was fairly generic, but if the Minny Mullet makes the right trades and helps bolster his staff, I think his team is the most intriguing to me. Though that dude across the pond is sneaky and now that Hammer has her team a ring she might decide to let loose on you bad boys!

-Johnny Archive

Cory, do you still have the same feelings about Nelson Cruz after his power preseason? You stated the following:

“The one pick I’m not all too happy about is Nelson Cruz as my 3rd OF. He was the most intriguing option still on the board, but I probably shouldn’t have waited so long to take another outfielder. I tend to agree with Siano that Cruz is overrated, and 12th round is just too early. I also don’t have a third closer, but this doesn’t bother me, as save sources do emerge during the season.”

I would disagree with you that he’s not overrated. He is a potential .290 avg, 15-20 SB, 80-100 RBI, 80 R and 20+ HR in what will be his first full year in the majors. Also, hitting in the 4 spot in the TX lineup following Kinsler, Young and Hamilton…those 3 alone have some of the best OBP in the majors so the RBIs will be there. Plus he plays in a hitter’s park.

This spring alone he already has 5 HR, 14 RBI and batting .333 – granted it’s preseason. And if you look at his minor league numbers, he’s a consistent .300 hitter.

Maybe I’m wrong and putting all my “eggs in one basket” and some might feel that I’m just riding on the “potential wagon” of a young hitter, but is minor league numbers don’t lie. What is your feeling about Pablo Sandoval?

Sorry – that last post was meant for Zach, not Cory! I’m at work and trying to multi-task!

Thanks again for your time!

jm, I hope you’re right about those projections. While I am encouraged by Cruz’s Spring Training performance, I’m still skeptical. First, Spring Training and the regular season are two totally different situations. Second, it’s not like Cruz is young. He’s 28 going on 29, and has already had multiple chances to stick on a big league roster. But he obviously has potential, so maybe this is the year! Could Cruz be the 2009 version of Ryan Ludwick? Not out of the question. I’d be fine with him as my #4 OF but a bit leery of him as my #3.


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