Fantasy 411 Q&A: March 26, 2009

Wanted to let everyone know that Cory and I will be on the MLB Network March 29th from 8:30 to 10:00pm ET.
The network has decided to do a season preview show and invited us to
be featured. We are honored, excited and can’t say enough about the
producers (Jim, Martin and Micah) that have been assigned to the show.
Obviously we all hope it is the first step in getting a presence, but
one thing at a time. Please spread the word and invite your friends to
watch the show this Sunday night.



Challenge trade question: Would you rather have Scott Baker or Yovani Gallardo?

Kevin in England

I would take Gallardo over Baker. I think he’s the superior pitcher
and he has no health concerns. The knee injuries last year may end up
being a silver lining because they saved wear and tear on his arm at a
critical point in his career.


411 Calender of Events for Draft Prep:

Cory’s NFBC Results: Done

Zach’s NL Only Results: Done

Zach’s Listener League (Ron Cey League) Results (12 Team 5×5): Done

411 Listener League Results: Coming this weekend

Siano’s AL Only Tout Results: Coming this weekend

Cory’s NL Only Tout Results: Coming this weekend or Monday

Alex’s Mixed Tout Results: Coming this weekend or Monday

Siano’s AL Only Keeper Money League: Coming weekend of April 3rd


Cory, Mike, Zach-
18 team, 5×5 H2H draft approaching Sunday, have the 13th pick. How would you rank these scenarios (1st round/2nd round/3rd round)?

Utley/ARod/Granderson . . .

Berkman/Beltran/Granderson . . .

Beltran/Holliday/Granderson . . .

Beltran/Kemp/Granderson. . .

Thanks as always!

Guys, thanks for all your help while my e-mail draft is taking place. I’m trying to fill my second Util spot, and there’s not much left.
Could you rank these guys, and let me know if you see any standouts among the bunch (OPS instead of average league): Adam Laroche, Xavier Nady, Alex Gordon, Elijah Dukes, Loney, Weeks, Hideki Matsui.

Hey Guys,
Couple of questions for you. Mike had Verlander has an underrated pitcher this season. After watching his spring is it time to make him an YPNMer? Also, is there any reason to be concerned with Hanley’s shoulder and poor spring?


14-team mixed points league, where we draft 8 minors players. Some opt for long-term keepers, but I usually go for players who are closer and have a decent chance of moving up and helping me this season. Can you give me your input on what my choices below might contribute this year?
Matt LaPorta, Brett Wallace, Beau Mills, Aaron Poreda, Dan Bard, Jhoulys Chacin, Tim Alderson

Also, who of the following players would you take as a last minors pick?
Todd Frazier, Chris Valaika, Drew Stubbs, Andrew Lambo

Really gotta get Dish Network to pick up the MLB channel!
Allan in San Antonio


1. Berkman/Beltran/Granderson
2. Beltran/Holliday/Granderson
3. Beltran/Kemp/Granderson
4. Utley/A-Rod/Granderson

To show how close these are, #4 could easily be #1. Just comes with the most risk.



LaRoche, Loney, Gordon, Dukes, Nady, Matsui, Weeks.

I’m tired of this Weeks potential talk. He burned me in one of my leagues last year and I’m not touching him. He’ll single-handedly put you in last place in AVG!

Everyone is aware that LaRoche is a slow starter, but let’s see if that changes in a contract year. I have a feeling it will.


Cory, I had picked up Penny, but after your glowing recommend I decided to jettison him straight away.
Two intriguing choices on the wire are Sean Marshall or Scott Lewis. I know these are probably just Pitch or Ditch guys, but I am trying to catch lightning in a bottle, so do either of these two offer that?

T, not at all concerned with Hanley, and I still think Verlander is a nice value choice. It’s not like you’re going to spend a top 8 round pick on him.


Hey guys,

Planning for my draft on Sunday.
12 team vanilla mixed, all teams keep 4 (no round value).

Mine are:

I have the bookend pick at the end of the 1st round, and these are some of the names that I’m hoping will be available:

Brandon Webb
Jake Peavy
Alex Rios
Russell Martin
Aramis Ramirez
Kevin Youkilis
Adrian Gonzalez
Jacoby Ellsbury
Alexei Ramirez
Mariano Rivera

I think offense is pretty well balanced from the keepers, maybe lacking a little in HR/RBI/AVG, but I sort of hate to fill up my Corner Infield spot this early with a guy like Adrian Gonzalez or Youkilis. Any strategic advice?


T, (I feel like Paulie talking to Tony)

I agree with Zach, not the best of news this spring but let’s not give up just yet.



It’s a crap shoot since most of those scenarios are 3 OFs which is a little dangerous since by time you get to your 4th pick where are the MI and Catchers going to be? All very good players it’s not that but maybe you go Utley and two OFs or the Utley/Arod/Granderson combo. 18 teamer your gonna have issues either way so another idea would be Utley/Beltran/Granderson and just pass on Alex all together.



I dont see standouts but I see some very good players like LaRoche, Loney, Dukes and Gordon. Don’t overthink it since they are fairly comparable. If you feel light at 1B or 3B go for a guy that plays there otherwise the ceiling guys are Gordon and Dukes to me.



Go to our draft preview and look at Mayo’s top 100 prospects , if they made his top 100 there is a solid blurb on them.

laPorta is definitely a target he is getting drafted in some mixed league reserve rounds. I’m hearing good things about Mills and Poreda got sent down but can be back sooner then later……Siano


Both guys are worth fliers or POD.



How about Martin and Rivera? get your #1 catcher and closer bam!!!

Great keeper list, two top 10 picks, sweet.


ok kids, me and Cory are heading to the network for one last meeting, you probably won’t see us on the blog tomorrow but hopefully you tune in Sunday night at 8:30pm ET for the show. Tout is this weekend so keep an eye out for those results and tonight is 411 listener league draft, those results will be up tonight or tomorrow…….Siano

Give ’em hell Siano! Dont let Reynolds talk down to you about fantasy. Oh and dont let him hug you either.🙂 DVR is all set to go on Sunday Night.

Brian in Phillu

I am in a ten team mixed H2H league and my keepers were Martin, King Felix, Holliday, Hanley, and Aramis. After my draft I realized I never actually drafted a second baseman and our league starts Monday. I am looking hard at E. Velez, Schumaker, Casilla, and Teahen. Velez and Casilla are already 2b eligible in my league, but the other cats don’t have the eligibility yet. I really like these four but wanted to know what you guys thought as far as someone who will really do things this year. In order to use one of these guys, I am going to have to drop the likes of an Ishikawa, Brandon Wood, Ibanez, Shin-Soo Choo, J. Uptin, T. Snider, or Scott Baker. I already dropped my one expendable guy in Neftali Feliz and picked up Daniel Murphy. I know this question is kind of bloated, but so is my head right now. Please help me.


What are your thoughts on Dexter Fowler?Will he start the season with the team?If he does where does that leave spilborghs?


Nelson Cruz: Worth the hype? It’s seems like he’s so many people’s sleeper that he is verging on already being overrated. Or is he worth taking in the 120-140 ADP?

botner, see my post from Tuesday on the Ron Cey listener league draft. There’s some talk on Cruz there, also towards the end of the Comments section. In short, I think 120-140 is pushing it a bit, but he’s certainly a decent mid-round gamble.



If Siano is unavailable could you give me your take on my question above?


Thanks for the answer Zach.

Can we talk DEEP sleepers (I’m in a epic, 20 team H2H keeper league) for a minute? Your thoughts on these guys?

Micah Owings
Mike Fontenot
Ryan Spilborghs
Kelvim Escobar
Sean Marshall

Also, for some reason I always get Adam Lind and Travis Snider confused. Which one is the better pick?

I am the clock in my NL ONLY Keeper draft!!
I am second last so I am close to the wheel.
CAn you rate the following players in order (which will help on my next two picks):
Adam Dunn
Chris Young (AZ)
Jay Bruce
Steve Drew

How would you draft?

Tampa Pete

Menzel, Siano IS out for the day. As for your question, I think the Rockies will send down Fowler to begin the season. They’ve got an overload of OFs and would probably rather see Fowler get regular at bats in the minors. Looks like Spilborghs will play every day in center. He was impressive in part time action last year and has been tearing it up this spring. You can do a lot worse than Spilborghs as your fourth outfielder in a mixed league.


Hey Guys,
I have a quick NL Only question. I was offered Adam LaRoche for Mike Cameron straight up. I looked at Adam LaRoche’s first half numbers over the past few seasons on and he has a tendency to get off to really really bad starts. However, I’m worried about Mike Cameron’s trade situation with the Yankees and whether I’d lose him to trade or not. Should I make this deal?
Davis in Mass

Malik, of that group, I like Casilla the most, and wouldn’t have a problem with you dropping Wood (who won’t even start the season as an everyday player) for Casilla. Those other guys shouldn’t be dropped at this point.


Davis, if your 1B situation can be upgraded, definitely pull the trigger on that one. LaRoche does get off to slow starts but by year’s end the numbers will be there. The one thing to be slightly concerned about is the possibility of LaRoche getting traded out of the NL, as he is in a contract year, but you just can’t worry about these things now. On value alone, LaRoche wins out over Cameron.



Given what you said about spilborghs, I am really high on him as im sure everyone is right now with the spring he is having. I currently have Hamilton,Manny and Kemp in my outfield with Victorino as my Utility guy. Spilborghs is on my bench and I was concidering moving Victorino for maybe a high end pitcher to make room for Spilborghs. What do you think?


I am the clock in my NL ONLY Keeper draft!!
I am second last so I am close to the wheel.
CAn you rate the following players in order (which will help on my next two picks):
Adam Dunn
Chris Young (AZ)
Jay Bruce
Steve Drew

How would you draft?

Tampa Pete

Hey guys,

Clay Bucholtz is having a monster Spring, which raises 3 questions:

a) Will he get a rotation spot?

b) If not, how long do you think until he’s up? and,

c) How do you think he’ll perform back in the bigs?

I’m pondering picking him up, but would have to drop Parra or Pettite to do so – would you pick him up, and if so, who for?

Cheers guys,

Steve in the UK

Im in a 12 team keeper H2H league, are any of these guys worth getting: Eric Stultz, Carlos Carrasco, Yusmeiro Petit, Justin Masterson. Thanks.

I’ll take Gallardo and Baker! I can see those two being two of the best surprise pitchers in the league this year. Slight edge to Gallardo.

and how can you say that Gallardo has no health concerns??? He’s been hurt each of the last 2 or 3 years…

I need some advise on my 2B players. Right now I have a platoon of Kazou Matsui and Orlando Huson for my 2B spot. Available on the waiver wire are players like Rickie Weeks, Alexei Casilla, Freddy Sanchez, Mike Fontenot, Skip Schumaker. Aaron Hill, Akinori Iwamura and Clint Barmes.

What do you guys think? Should I drop one of of the 2 and replace them by someone on the waiver wire? Just let me know.

botner, I obviously like Spilborghs (as mentioned above) and also like Marshall, whose strong spring has pretty much solidified him as the Cubs’ #5 starter. Escobar is also worth a gamble if you have an open roster spot late. When healthy, we’ve seen what he can do. As for Lind vs Snider, both are intriguing, but I’ll go Snider. He’s currently listed above Lind on the Jays depth chart and simply has more upside.


Tampa Pete, really depends on what your needs are but on face value, I’d rank them Dunn, Drew, Bruce, Young.


menzel, I’d wait on moving Victorino. See how Spilborghs begins the season first. Also, only trade Victorino if you feel you have enough speed at other positions.


Steve, no, I don’t think Clay starts the season in the rotation…maybe in the pen but not the rotation. If Penny is healthy, I think he gets the fifth spot and Smoltz takes it over when/if he returns. That said, those are a lot of ifs, so Clay definitely has value. But until we know more about this situation, I’d hold onto Parra and Pettitte.


killahz, without knowing who you’d drop, I’d pass on those guys for now.
dannie, all those waiver wire guys have some value, but I’d stick with Matsui and Hudson for now. Knowing Matsui’s injury history, you’ll probably have to return to the wire at some point, but Kaz and Hudson are the safest options to start the season.


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