411 Listener League Draft Results

Here are the results from last night’s 411 listener league draft.

I think Mike and Cory did pretty well.  I’m very surprised that Siano was able to get a front three of Lester, Cain, and Lilly in Round 11 or later, and Schwartz’s outfield is ridiculous.  Oh, and forgot to mention SAUNDO!



12-team, 5×5, HTH, mixed:

With Wieters being sent to the minors, I have no catcher on my roster. Who is the best pick-up among these candidates:

R. Hernandez, Clement, Saltalamachia, Suzuki, Y. Molina, Teagarden, or J. Flores.

Any advice would be greatly apprecated.



I have the eighth pick in my 10-team, 5×5, HTH draft. Sizemore is sitting there, but we only roster three outfielders. Does position scarcity and consistency make Rollins or Teixiera better choices, or will I regret not taking Sizemore for a breakout in year 27?

Curtis, I like Hernandez among that bunch. Cincy’s a great hitters’ park and he has the most extensive track record.

beginning, stick with Sizemore. Don’t worry that much about position scarcity in the first round. Go with the guy who’s going to give you the most value in as many categories as possible.


Cory & Siano please post some thoughts on recording your show!

Good stuff guys. I hate to say this, but I listen to ESPN’s fantasy podcast more than I listen to yours. I do download yours though, which is really all that counts. http://eatsleepmlb.mlblogs.com/

Cory, I recently did a 12-team mixed draft out of the #1 spot and my first 5 picks were identical to yours except where you took A. Gonzalez, I took Papelbon. Anyways, my question is would you rather have the combination of Hanley Ramirez and Shane Victorino or Jimmy Rollins and Matt Kemp?

Any thoughts on Han Ram in light of his ongoing shoulder issues? I heard Will Carroll talking on Jeff Erickson’s show and he opined that in a few years the shoulder issues could really be a significant problem.

Thanks for your thoughts.

ESPN is the worst free Fantasy Management site bar none. In my draft last weekend after round 10, the java application kept stalling for several minutes and would then auto select the entire round of players for the entire league based on their rankings, regardless of who was in your draft queue.

No team in the league was able to select a player after round 10.

Yahoo and CBS Sportsline were MUCH better.

Did anyone else have this experience with ESPN?

PS – You guys are great. The projection and draft spreadsheets you provide on this blog for free are better than the paid products out there. Thank you so much, it was invaluable for my drafts this year.

Did you guys do a list of 12 this year? I may have missed it.

Keep it up & congrats on the Satellite Radio show, very cool.

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