Fantasy 411 Q&A: Mar. 30, 2009


Matt Kemp or BJ Upton? Who would you take in a challenge trade and
what are the optimistic and pessimistic projections for each guy?


Kevin, to let you know how highly I think of Upton this year, I took
him 13th overall in my NFBC draft. I believe his shoulder is healthy
and that he will have a monster year; in fact, I think his baseline
season is Kemp’s upside.


Back to work and getting you ready for your draft if you have not gone to battle yet. Reminder that if you missed the show on the Network it will show up in iTunes as a full audio and video podcast.


411 Calender of Events for Draft Prep:

Cory’s NFBC Results: Done

Zach’s NL Only Results: Done

Zach’s Listener League (Ron Cey League) Results (12 Team 5×5): Done

411 Listener League Results: Done

Cory’s NL Only Tout Results: Done

Siano’s AL Only Tout Results: Done

Alex’s Mixed Tout Results: Coming today

Siano’s AL Only Keeper Money League: Coming weekend of April 3rd


Boys –

Podcast of the MLB Channel Fantasy show – woohoo-…much love. This will be a saved file for sure.


You guys looked good in the suits last night. Following up on Cory’s comments, what are you projecting for Spilborgh’s? I have my 19th and 20th picks coming up and I’m looking for a Monday/Thursday or extra Uitl. Other options would be guys like Felipe Lopez, Coco Crisp, and Ian Stewart. Should I grab Spilborth? 5×5 mixed OPS league. Thanks

p.s. Any more TV shows planned?

Had my NL-only auction (5×5)this weekend and as the draft was going on I felt was doing okay but when it was all said and done I looked at my team and thought what was I thinking?? Pitching wise I am not too worried about b/c I already have some moves in the making but if you could take a look at the offense and tell me what you think I’d like an outsiders opinion.
Iannetta (K)
Hanigan (1)
Adam Laroche (12)
Fontenot (7)
Zimmerman (26)
Renteria (10)
Escobar (12)
Helton (6)
Dunn (20)
Ethier (25)
Hart (29)
Maybin (9)
Taveras (16)
O-Dog (12)

I went ahead and tried to build some MI depth in my UTIL b/c I thought it was the weakest NL position and may come in handy trade bait wise later in the season. Zimmerman is about the only guy I feel like I overpaid for but he was the last 3b put out there worth anything so I didn’t want to get stuck with Geoff Blum or comprable… Thanks…
–Nate in Springfield

I taped your MLB Fantasy show last night and can’t wait to watch when I get home. Quick question: in my ten team H2H mixed league with 5 keepers, I have too many outfielders and not enough roster spots to go after other guys. Have been debating making a trade to let of of J. Uptin for a draft pick next year, and then picking up Schumaker to fill my empty 2B slot or grabbing the hot Billy Butler. I have been waiting for Schumaker to get eligibilty in Y! league, but nothing so far, and this guy has been great all spring. So has Butler, but only has 1B eligibilty which is occupied via C. Davis with Furcal in my IF spot. My one Utility spot is in the midst of a fierce battle between Choo, Ishikawa, or Daniel Murhpy. Well, I guess the question was not as quick as I thought, but maybe it shows just how much thought goes into playing Fantasy. Thanks for your help.

Hey guys,

Your thoughts on Aardsma after getting rocked yesterday and the news of Morrow moving back into the bullpen for good? I have him in my AL-Only but could use the spot on a Ricky Romero, Contreras, Hammel/Niemann or Pavano since I still need another SP but don’t really have anything else to sacrifice to the Roto powers other than Rodney.

Thanks for the knowledge,

Scotty Mac

Hey guys,

Great show last night. I thoroughly enjoyed it. You seemed to actually be schooling Harold Reynolds on baseball. Well played!


I have a quick question about the lame CG/SHO league. I did pretty great drafting pitching:


Brandon Webb
Jonathan Papelbon
Ervin Santana
Carlos Zambrano
Javier Vázquez
José Valverde
Chris Young
Frank Francisco
John Smoltz
Chris Carpenter


I’ve been offered Utley for Webb. Obviously I love this deal. I’m super excited to have Webb, but to get Utley for him I feel like I almost can’t pass that up. Do you think I have enough CG/SHO potential to sustain the hit in pitching? The other thing is that would give him Webb and Lincecum.


Am I giving him too much of a chance to dominate the pitching categories? Should I try to work a second player into the deal like me giving Cano or Kaz Matsui for Kevin Slowey?


Thanks guys,
Ben in the 9-0-9

Just wanted to say congrats on the show last night. Great job as always. Hopefully the 411 can become a full time fixture on MLBN sometime soon. “Matt Wieters comparables are guys like Mike Piazza and Zeus.” Hilarious.
Charlie Saponara

Scott, depends on if you need an MI (Lopez) or a steals guy (Crisp) but I definitely like Spilborghs as a late round flier. I took him as my 5th OF in a draft last night, and think a .290 AVG with 15 or so homers and 10 steals is fairly reasonable. He’s had a great spring, which has eased some of my doubts.


Looking for advice on a 12 Team 5×5 roto that was an autodraft (bad weather last week and a sat. internet I decided to do an autodraft). Have 1 utility position and start 3 SP, 2RP, 2P.

My existing team:
V. Martinez – C, 1B
C. Iannetta – C
M. Teixeira – 1B
I. Kinsler – 2B
J. Reyes – SS
E. Longoria – 3B
A. Soriano – OF
C. Lee – OF
M. Kemp – OF
J. Ellsbury – OF
S. Drew – SS
J. Cantu – 1B, 3B
A. Ramirez – 2B,SS,OF
C. Davis – 1B, 3B

F. Liriano
J. Johnson
K. Slowey
Y. Gallardo
J. Broxton
C. Marmol
J. Devine

I have an outstanding offer to trade Cantu Billingsley since I think I need more SP that expires today. Also considered just dropping Drew for pitching help, either SP or RP (efforts to trade him with Cantu for Top SP failed).

On the waiver wire: Qualls, Motte, Ziegler, Gonzalez, Bell, Francisco, Balfour, Howell, Masterson, Morrows. SP – Cueto, Kershaw, Kuroda, Volstad, Scherzer, S. Lewis, Guthrie, Zimmermann, Jimenez, Owings, or D. Price

Your thoughts? Assuming Cantu trade or no trade. Should I just stand pat to start the season and wait to see how things develop? Or should I drop an offensive player simply due to surplus and grab a P?

really enjoyed the show guys!!
you looked so debonair!
my camel was drooling when you guys discussed ibanez i have no idea why.
i hope to go out there whackin’ without slackin’ this season!

note to cory: in the 411 league, ryan spillbourghs went to team mancrushes united.
would love to see some projected standings from that draft.
less than a week left!
bring it!

Just noticed I could also grab and stash Zumaya on the DL if I dropped a player from the above posted team. Should I simply drop Marmol and grab Zumaya for the DL and Motte or Ziegler to replace Marmol?

Just did my auction Sat. night. 9:30 pm – 3:30 am. Standard 5×5 mixed league with 13 teams (8 keepers allowed) with a $270 cap.

Here’s what I ended up with. Any holes you think I should be looking to fill? We have 10 reserve spots, so there isn’t a whole lot left right now and I would need to make trades to make significant changes.

Catch 1: Doumit (kept at $7)

Catch 2: Iannetta (bought at $13)

First: Berkman (bought at $36)

Second: Brian Roberts (kept at $25)

SS: JJ Hardy (kept at $10)

Third: Chipper (bought at $19)

MI: Alexei Ramirez (kept at $7)

CI: Blalock (bought at $8)

Out: Hamilton (kept at $10)

Out: Quentin (kept at $7)

Out: Ichiro (bought at $27)

Out: Burrell (bought at ($10)

Out: Winn (drafted in reserve rounds)

DH: Josh Fields (bought for $1)

Util: Hafner (bought for $3)

Pitch: Cliff Lee (kept at $7)

Pitch: Harang (bought at $10)

Pitch: Cueto (kept at $5)

Pitch: Nolasco (bought at $15)

Pitch: Wang (bought at $6)

Pitch: Cain (bought at $12)

Pitch: Valverde (bought at $16)

Pitch: Capps (bought at $9)

Pitch: Hanrahan (bought at $5)

I am taking a wait and see approach with Hafner so I may bench him for Luis Castillo or Brian Giles.

Todd D. Brody

Hey Guys,

Can you please evaluate my team, and let me know areas/categories you think I will need to improve in? The league is an 11 team 5×5 mixed. Each player has a corresponding salary and a there is a salary cap, which is how I was able to get both Hanley and M. Cabrera…but why I had to take some chances at with pitchers.

Catcher: R. Martin
1st: M. Cabrera
2nd: R. Cano
3rd: P. Sandoval
SS: H. Ramirez
OF1: BJ Upton
OF2: A. Rios
OF3: Chris Young
UTIL A. Dunn
SP1: Y. Gallardo
SP2: A. Wainwright
SP3: J. Jurrgens
SP4: Wandy Radriguez
RP1: Joe Nathon
RP2: J. Broxton

Hey Guys,

Neighbor Steve here.

In my 12 tm mixed we only start 4OF. My OF: Ca Lee, Victorino, Hunter, Milledge w/ Dav. Murphy on the bench.

SPs: Liriano, Lackey(ouch), Wainwright, Weaver, Garza, & W.Rod.

I am looking to upgrade at 2B where I only have A. Hill (Peralta is @MI). Would you deal W.Rod for P. Polanco? Other option would be to deal W.Rod & Milledge for Greinke & Polanco. This would help me with Lackey heading to the DL . The team I’m dealing with needs speed. Would you do either deal? There are solid OF options on the wire: DeJesus, L. Scott, Cameron, Spilborgh etc. Thanks.

Thanks for the answers Cory. Based on your advice I offered the trade and swapped Kemp for Upton. So now lets hope he fulfills on that Monster year.
What are your thoughts about McClung vs Villaneuva and also if Downs is worth a flyer with B.J.Ryan struggling?

Nate, overall I think you did a pretty nice job. But instead of building MI depth with three average players, I probably would’ve targeted at least one top end MI. He would have a lot more potential trade value, and though it is an advantage to have depth at the position, it doesn’t really help if you’ve got average players with little trade value. The only other critique I have is that $25 seems very high for Ethier. Other than that, I think the hitting is fine.


Hi guys,

My computer crashed last night during the draft (nightmare) and I ended up getting autopicked Iannetta and Napoli before I could log back on. So I’m looking to shop Napoli (I wasn’t upset with the Ianetta pick at 140), but I’m not getting many bites, as everyone seems content with their catchers.

I was offered Pettitte for Napoli though and I’m light in SP (it’s a DEEP, 20 team keeper league, so there’s a very shallow FA pool). Do I go with that? Andy seems to be having a pretty good spring and as long as he’s in pinstripes is going to get his wins and K’s. What say you?

Ben, I think you have to do the deal. Any time you can acquire a legit first rounder, especially for a pitcher (no matter how great Webb is), you can’t pass it up. Without Webb, you’ll be a little light on pitching, but I think you can add some depth through the wire or by making a few smaller deals.


Proposed trade in 10 team H2H
I give
Corey Hart & Tim Lincecum
I going to ask for
Nick Markakis & Ricky Nolasco

or I could ask for Scott Kazmir or Edinson Vólquez in place of Nolasco

What do you think?

mike,cory and zach,

I’m in a 12 team H2H 5×5 league and was hoping maybe you can rate my team and give any advice you might have.

C-Doumit SP-Cain
1B-Teixeira SP-Garza
2B-DeRosa SP-Lilly
SS-M.Young SP-Floyd
3B-C. Davis SP-Carpenter
OF-Manny RP-Fuentes
OF-Kemp RP-F.Fransisco
Utility-Victorino RP-Gregg

On my fantasy team i have AJ Burnett on my team and i am thinking of should i keep or drop him. Its a Vanilla league Keeper league. If i drop him there on the FA pool is Marcum, Penny, McGowan, Nate Robertson and Lohse. So is it worth the gamble picking up any of these guys or ride the rollercoaster of emotions AJ will give me.

Continuation from above post at 3:03PM
How about if I offer Lincecum for A-Rod straight up
We have two DL spots
Sorry about two different posts

Thanks for the answers Cory. Based on your advice I offered the trade and swapped Kemp for Upton. So now lets hope he fulfills on that Monster year.
What are your thoughts about McClung vs Villaneuva and also if Downs is worth a flyer with B.J.Ryan struggling?

ok everyone major catching up to do today so sorry so late. I’ll start from bottom and work my way up. Cory has been posting from the past few days today so I’ll just focus on this thread…………………….Siano


NL only maybe you pay attention to Milwaukee, mixed be prepared to play musical chairs. Downs isn’t a terrible flier but more important in an AL only…….Siano


I don’t do that deal. I don’t think the jump from Hart to Markakis is significant enough to warrant trading Lincecum. As much as I like Nolasco, he’s no Tim Lincecum, and with a little bump up in AVG, Hart can definitely match Markakis in value by year’s end.



If you can stash McGowan on DL go for it but as much as it pains me not at the cost of Burnett, those other pitchers shouldn’t even be in your galaxy with Burnett. stay away!



Some volatility at closer since Gregg has to prove he can keep the job and you never feel comfy with a Rangers closer and you could have a little better middle infield but all in all good job.



I’m no Burnett fan, but don’t even think about dropping him for one of those guys, all of whom are either waiver wire material or out for an extensive period of time due to injury (Marcum, McGowan). Assuming he stays healthy, Burnett will give you 16-18 wins with 200+ Ks


Please don’t forget about my 2 catcher/Pettitte conundrum! It’s on the table. 🙂

Hey guys,

I’ve another question for you … there’s a team in my AL-only that NEEDS speed (just lost Owens when he got waived by the Sox and is left w/ Damon, Markakis and Sheff as his top SB guys) and I have an overabundance w/ Crisp, Figgy and now Gardner (not to mention other double-digit guys). Would a trade of Figgy and Rodney for Lester and CJ Wilson be fair? He has Lyon already and I may be making a move for Francisco.

Thanks for the knowledge,

Scotty Mac


Classic challenge trade. I hope you didn’t draft Lincecum just so you could trade him for Markakis. You could have just drafted Markakis, anyway leave Nolasco in the deal. I don’t oppose this deal at all just curious why Lincecum is on block already……………..Siano


Please clarify why the urge to trade Lincecum, I’m curious why you’d move him for a guy who is not back until May. Drafters remorse?


neighbor steve deal away, with only 4 OFs you’ll have no problem getting another guy. You could almost hit and ditch it with that depth. I don’t mind the deal that gets you Greinke.



You’ll only regret that trade if napoli gets healthy and Pettitte doesn’t so not much risk there. 20 teamer pretty tough to get pitching and you have Ianetta so while not the greatest trade ever it works.


Scott I would go Lopez or Crisp but all of those guys will have value, you are in a good spot for a 2nd UT, right now only Stewart looks like a Mon. / Thurs early in the season, the others will be playing and probably producing…………Siano


That’s a tough team to look at I share your disgust😉. Where are the studs? You need help…..Siano

Hey Cory or Mike. Wanted to get your thoughts on my team. Used your rankings as a guide.
League is 6×6 (OBP & L) Hate L but i tolerate. We start 2 at(C,1,2,3,S) 5 OF , 7 SP , 3 RP and 7 man bench. Draft ended at 2:15 AM or i would have went to NL Tout.
Cobra Kai
A.J. Pierzynski
K Johjima
M Wieters
J Giambi
P Fielder
R Garko
K Johnson
I Kinsler (R)
E Encarnacion
M Reynolds
H Ramirez
O Cabrera
C N. Lee
C Granderson
J Werth
N McLouth
R Spilborghs- had to take him😉
C Billingsley
D Eveland
D Lowe
H Kuroda
J.A. Happ
J O. Sanchez
J Masterson
K Escobar
P Maholm
W Rodriguez
Z Greinke
B Ziegler
J Lewis
J Soria
M Corpas


Upton and Choo are the guys you should be holding on to not trading. Ishikawa to me is the guy to move, I like murphy for this year…..Siano

Scotty Mac I feel your pain. I got Aardsma in an AL only as well. I think Contreras has some sleeper value this year but i wouldn’t give up on Aardsma just yet, Morrow is an injury risk and there seems to be other arms out there you can take fliers on. Stash Contreras if you can but I’m not cutting Aardsma until I see how the first week of the season or so plays out……………..Siano

ben in the 909,

Hate to be blunt but Webb is the only guy on there that can go CG. You have a nice staff but a lot of injury risk or injured players so how can you expect to get CGs? I don’t know what to tell you, you said it yourself Utley is way more desirable but if you make this deal you are punting that stupid lame category that would have been worthy 20 years ago.



Are you serious? that’s the team you got from autodraft? Are you competing against children? Make that deal for Billingsley now and people need to wake up and see the huge value on the wire! Why would you cut Drew? By the way there are 5 confirmed closers available right now, Is this a 5 team league?



Good team. Chipper Blalock combo worries me but if that and Hafner are your biggest problems you’ll live.


Chicago Bil.

Really good offense and RP, SP is either gonna be sleeper heaven or really hurt you. I’d try to hedge my bets (POD?) or stabilize via trade (Haren or Lester type?)


Scott (Gilroy)

good team at first I thought your pitching was just decent but on second look liked it more. Hanley and Kinsler is sweet.


ok I’m all caught up. some good news coming your way in the next few days (no it’s not TV related). Have a good night everyone.



I was shocked at how loaded the autodraft team was on offense (from my previous post) It is a FoxSports public league, and I know nada about the other 11 managers. One received pitchers in the first 10 rounds of the draft. Obviously something went right on my pre-ranking as to offense.

My dilemma is I am left somewhat weak on pitching. So far no one has bit on any trade offers I made using Cantu or Drew or both as bait. I see both as expendable under the circumstances. Maybe I am just uncomfortable with my abundance of wealth on offense LOL. Now Marmol has lost the closer role for the moment at least, the pitching looks even more suspect. If the Aussie that has Billingsley doesn’t bite, should I:

A. Stand pat to start the season and ignore the pitching

B. Drop Marmol and grab one of the other closers (which one?) while stashing Zamaya also on DL

C. Something else?


BTW, Spilborghs received the Abby Greer award today – MVP of Rockies Spring Training

I’m a little late to the bus on this one, but you guys really rocked it out last night on The Network. You were able to communicate relevant information to fantasy players at every level, brought the 411 attitude, and stole the show.
We all knew that you guys are good, but that was a pleasant surprise. Nice work!

It looks like Kevin Gregg and Jason Motte have won their closer battles. Both are on the waiver wire in my league after the draft and I have first waiver position. Who would you rather have? Thanks.

With Duchscherer having health problems, it looks like rookies Brett Anderson and Trevor Cahill are penciled into the 4 and 5 spots (for now). Who do you think will stick in the rotation for a longer period of time? Who would you rather roster? Thanks.

P.S. Already had my draft, but still really enjoyed watching you guys flexing your fantasy muscles on the network.

After the spring kendry morales is having do you forsee him being a top 10 first baseman by years end?why do i not see anyone drafting this guy right now?

Damon Big Dog: Motte. Less competition right now, he could really be the best arm in that ‘pen, whereas Marmol is the superior pitcher to Gregg, closer or not.

Dmenz, no, not top 10. Not enough power to compete with the big boys. But a solid mid-tier option, certainly.


Thanks for the help. I’m going to pick up Motte and drop my late round flier (Jordan Zimmerman). I just finished watching the MLB Fantasy Preview and thought it was the most entertaining and informative fantasy baseball show I’ve seen. I’m hoping you guys get a regular gig on the network.

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