Mixed Tout Recap

The plan was relatively simple: get one superstar for roughly
$40, and another star in the $30 range. Then, focus on getting four to
five hitters in the $20-25  neighborhood, overlooked guys like Brian
Roberts, Aramis Ramirez, Joey Votto, Hunter Pence, Matt Kemp, and
several other outfielders, etc. And since the league was 17 teams deep
(17 teams deep!!!!), I was hoping to grab one reliable closer like
Papelbon, Joakim Soria or Mariano for around $20, and grab a few
reliable starters without breaking the bank for the Tim Lincecums of
the world.

Now, with the league expanding to 17 teams, I thought the price for stars would have dropped. I was wrong. Dead wrong.

four big studs — Jose Reyes, Hanley Ramirez, David Wright and Albert
Pujols — all went for somewhere close to $50. Reyes went for $55, the
highest bid. That pushed bidding up for second-tier stars like Roberts,
Kemp and Alex Rios, who were all bought for somewhere close to $30.

I sat back and waited for the spending spree to die down. But when the
superstars began dropping like flies, I became worried that I might get
left out in the cold entirely.

So, pressured by the spending
spree, I shelled out $45 on Ryan Braun. And $33 on B.J. Upton. And $28
on Aramis Ramirez, all more than I would have hoped for, but hey, you
can’t leave money on the table.

Here’s how everything turned out:


              POS     Player          $

              C       Johjima           2

              C       M. Montero     1

              1B      C. Jackson    11

              2B      Polanco         8

              SS      A. Cabrera    2

              3B      Ar. Ramirez   28

              CI      R. Branyan     1

              MI      C. Izturis        1

              OF      R. Braun       45

              OF      B. Upton       33

              OF      S. Victorino   28

              OF      V. Wells        20

              OF      D. Fowler      1

              U       D. Ortiz        19

              P       Soria            21

              P       Myers          13

              P       J. Vazquez  19

              P       Snell             1

              P       S. Marshall   2

              P       R. Wolf         1

              P       T. Wakefield 1

              P       Ju. Cruz       1

              P       A. Sanchez  1


              BN      C. Tracy       

              BN      K. Griffey     

              BN      J.A. Happ      

              BN      N. Garciaparra 


success depends heavily on the health of Ryan Braun, B.J. Upton and
Vernon Wells, who have all battled injuries recent. Without their
success, I’m probably doomed. 

Looking back, though, spending
$10-$15 more on stars wasn’t what hurt me most. It was the end-game. I
was outbid for every $1 guy I brought up: Kelvim Escobar, Scott Lewis,
Kevin Kouzmanoff, even Jason Varitek. And just as I was penciling in
Kenshin Kawakami for $3, Max Scherzer for $5 and Matt Garza for $6,
someone swooped in at the last second to spoil the bargain.

Soria for $21 accomplished one goal, but he’s my only closer, largely
because all the decent mid-tier and back-end guys were gobbled up for
$10 or more (Heath Bell went for $15). Let’s just say the waiver wire
and I will be doing a lot of bonding this year.

Overall, I’m
not ecstatic about my chances. Then again, I didn’t feel great about my
chances last year, and I spent much of the summer in first place before
getting edged out by Dave Gonos in the final hour, so who knows.

Props go out to 411 regular, Neighbor Steve, for coming out to the scene of the crime and showing some love.

All feedback is welcome.

-Alex Cushing, MLB.com Fantasy


Hi Alex,

I’s curious about a comment you made early in your update: “Now, with the league expanding to 17 teams, I thought the price for stars would have dropped.”

I’m trying to understand why you would have thought that. With more dollars chasing the same pool of stars, it seems pretty intuitive that the price for them would rise, doesn’t it? Am I missing something obvious?


Brad from Cupertino

So freakin excited for Fantasy Baseball. I’ve got my draft this Saturday (yes, I know, cutting it a bit close). Hey do most of you guys do your drafts online or @ like a bar or something? Mine is @ a bar near my place this weekend. I ask because I saw this interesting contest they’re having @ CBSSports.com. Looks pretty cool…you can win a big trip to South Florida to host your Fantasy Baseball Draft. Here’s a link in case anyone’s interested: http://www.cbssports.com/contests/trivia/5637

I gotta agree with Brad. Increased demand will always lead to increased price.

First Cory’s 2 catcher’s in the first few rounds & now this. WTF?

Thanks for the link SN, I definitely have a few stories that might qualify for that contest (and a few more that probably aren’t family-friendly enough to be submitted).
To answer your question about online drafts versus in-person, all of my drafts are online for a few reasons:

1. Since I’ve lived in several places, some of my league members are scattered across the country, and others I’ve never actually met in person

2. I think online drafts go much faster, as strict timekeeping goes out the window when you’re buddies hanging at a bar

3. I don’t like to drink and draft.

-Dan in LA

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