Fantasy 411 Q&A: March 31, 2009


I am in a 12 team H2H no salary league. I am assuming, knowing all of
these people, that the order will go Hanley Ramirez, Albert Pujols, David
Wright, so that leaves me with my choice between Chase Utley and Jose
Reyes. In our league Utley scored more than Reyes by 10 points and even
Ramirez by 25 last year. Utley finished 8th in scoring in our league. I am leaning towards Utley over Reyes, because even
after Reyes’ SB, R, Triples etc. he still didn’t score more than Utley, and
that’s with Utley having hip problems in the second half. So I am just
interested in another opinion because all I hear is that Reyes is
a no-brainer top 4 selection, but like I said, why would I take him over
Utley if Utley, assuming the hip holds up all year, is going to score more points this season?


Totally fair point, and I mostly agree with you, but it’s very hard to put Utley over Reyes because of the injury concerns. I truly believe Utley will perform, and to back it up I took Utley with the 9th pick recently. I think your idea is medium risk and medium reward since he probably won’t blow Reyes out of the water. Listen, taking gambles is part of the fun and this is by no means a dumb one, so I’ll endorse it. Just make sure you’re not passing over Sizemore or Wright for the wrong reasons. Do your homework and then make your final decision.


As many of you are still in full draft mode, here’s Jonathan Mayo’s Top 5 Rookie of the Year candidates in each league heading into the ’09 season.  Mayo joins the 411 show today to discuss this list.



Matt Wieters-BAL C
David Price-TB P
Elvis Andrus-TEX SS
Travis Snider-TOR OF
Rick Porcello-DET P


Cameron Maybin-FLA OF
Colby Rasmus-STL OF
Jordan Zimmermann-WAS P
Jordan Schafer-ATL OF
Tommy Hanson-ATL P

411 Calender of Events for Draft Prep:

Cory’s NFBC Results: Done

Zach’s NL Only Results: Done

Zach’s Listener League (Ron Cey League) Results (12 Team 5×5): Done

411 Listener League Results: Done

Cory’s NL Only Tout Results: Done

Siano’s AL Only Tout Results: Done

Alex’s Mixed Tout Results: Done

Siano’s AL Only Keeper Money League: Coming weekend of April 3rd


Time to focus on improving my pitching since no one bit on any trade offers: 12 team 5×5 roto. My existing Pitching is: We start 3SP, 2RP and 2P daily with an Innings max of 1300.

F. Liriano
Josh Johnson
K. Slowey
Y. Gallardo
J. Broxton
C. Marmol
Zumaya (on DL)

On the waiver wire:

Qualls, Motte, Ziegler, Gonzalez, Bell, Francisco, Balfour, Howell, Masterson, Morrows and now Devine (dropped to add Zumaya to DL and grab other Closer)

SP – Cueto, Kershaw, Kuroda, Volstad, Scherzer, S. Lewis, Guthrie, Zimmermann, Jimenez, Owings, or D. Price

I now have 1 Open spot on my roster and 2 DL spots. Who should I add? Drop? Do I keep Marmol or drop him for another RP/SP?


I am in a 12 team H2H no salary league. I am assuming knowing all of these people that the order will go Hanley Ramirez,Albert Pujols,David Wright so that leaves me with my choice between Chase Utley and Jose Reyes. In our league Utley scored more than Reyes by 10 points and even Ramirez by 25 last year. Utley finshed 8th in scoring in our league. So my question is that I am leaning towards Utley over Reyes, because even after Reyes SB,R,Triples etc. he still didn’t score more than Utley and that’s with Utley having hip problems in the second half. So I am just interested in someone elses opinion because all I hear is that Reyes is a no brainer top 4 selection, but like I said why would I take him over Utley if Utley is gonna score more points this season (If the hip holds up all year). Open to Opinions.


My two cents worth is always use your leagues scoring to make your decisions. I even make my own excel spreadsheets so I can customize my rankings to match the league’s scoring. What is great for one may not be for another. Go Utley since he should have a bigger year than last year while Reyes should finish about the same as last.

Should I even go Utley at 4 or go Cabrera or an OF what is your opinion ?

Are lineup sets up as follows…


Mike;s last 2 questions

First Round take your best available. If Utley is best available take him. If Cabrera is Best Available take him. If it is a close call I always take the most scarce position which this year seems to be SS followed by 2B. But it all depends on your scoring system.

Take note though, I am not the expert here. Just another fantasy sports player asking for advice myself.

What’s your take on LaPorta in CLE? Do you see him making an impact this year? I took him in the last round of my keeper league draft last night, but Rasmus and Schafer are also available. Thanks.

Just watched the Preview show from the podcast. Great show! Thanks for making my preseason so much easier. See you guys throughout the season!

Ed in Chi

Hey guys I’m in a 12 team head-to-head league, 5×5, normal categories. We only start 1 catcher, 3 outfielders, and no corner or middle infielders. It’s a weekly league and we can also start two starters, two relievers, and 3 other pitchers of our choice. I’m wondering what you think of this team? I think I’m a little light on steals and both Coco Crisp and Carlos Gomez are on the wire, who do you like better this season? Do you think I have enough power to compete as well?

C Dioner Navarro
1B Prince Fielder
2B Kelly Johnson
3B David Wright
SS J.J. Hardy
OF Alfonso Soriano
OF Matt Kemp
OF Jayson Werth
Util Pat Burrell
SP Roy Oswalt
SP Daisuke Matsuzaka
RP Francisco Rodríguez
RP Joakim Soria
P Ricky Nolasco
P Heath Bell
P John Danks
BN Adam LaRoche
BN Carlos Mármol
BN John Smoltz

Thanks guys, love the show!

Mike, Corey, Zach,

I had my NL ONLY KEEPER Draft last night. I kept Lincecum as a keeper but drafted pitching late to get bats (411 philosophy). Let me know what you think of my starting pitching.
Tim Lincecum
Javier Vazquez
Johnny Cueto
Manny Parra
Wandy Rodriguez
Bronson Arroyo


Tampa Pete, for an NL-Only, I think your rotation is fine. Even though I too own him in an NL-Only, not too optimistic about Arroyo, who’s been flat out awful in Spring Training, but if Cueto and Parra pan out, you’ll be in good shape. Can always make a trade during the season if you have excess hitting.


ramdes, I like LaPorta’s chances of getting called up mid-season, and he’s definitely worth a last round pick in a keeper, but I’m ranking Rasmus and Schafer ahead of him as I think they’ll get more total playing time by year’s end.


Tampa Pete,

I agree with Zach and he didn’t mention Wandy who I know we all like.



I believe I answered this yesterday…..Siano


Your question is the featured question of the day!!!!!!!!!!


Yeah, Wandy’s a given! He’s my #3 in NL-Only as well.


With Duchscherer having health problems, it looks like rookies Brett Anderson and Trevor Cahill are will start the season at the 4 and 5 spots (for now). Who do you think will stick in the rotation for a longer period of time? Who would you rather roster? Thanks.

P.S. Already had my draft, but still really enjoyed watching you guys flexing your fantasy muscles on the network.

Andy in Taipei


I think LaPorta makes an impact but right now I think I like Rasmus and even Schafer a little more since they are on big league rosters. Stashing LaPorta isn’t a bad idea but I wouldn’t let him tie up my bench if it’s shallow. If you read the main blog post today you would have seen this…..Siano
————————————————————————–As many of you are still in full draft mode, here’s Jonathan Mayo’s Top 5 Rookie of the Year candidates in each league heading into the ’09 season. Mayo joins the 411 show today to discuss this list.



Matt Wieters-BAL C
David Price-TB P
Elvis Andrus-TEX SS
Travis Snider-TOR OF
Rick Porcello-DET P


Cameron Maybin-FLA OF
Colby Rasmus-STL OF
Jordan Zimmermann-WAS P
Jordan Schafer-ATL OF
Tommy Hanson-ATL P


I like your team. Gomez will steal more but Crisp is the safer bet for the more complete season. if you strictly want steals go for Gomez and hope for the average. Marmol lost the closers job and even though he could get it back by May you have 3 good closers already so I would trade him to whoever has Gregg. If you can’t put Smoltz on the DL cut him and pick up one of the OFs.


Are any of these guys worth dropping Arroyo for in a mixed keeper league: Volstad, Escobar, Kawakami, Ohlendorf, Adenhart, & Maholm?

Hey oh wise ones-

In a vanilla 5 x 5 16 team league
1B- Morneau
3B- Beltre
SS- Drew
2B- Roberts
OF- Braun, Hamilton, Taveras, Scott
My bench
Barmes- 2B/SS
K. Morales- 1B [after 5 games]/ OF

I have Ian Stewart, Chris Dickerson as utility, but will likely not keep one…to maneuver pitching.
Stewart has great potential, but is more of playing time risk now, trying to guess when to sit him, when to start him. Do you foresee him at playing mostly at2B, 3B, or OF, or as a mix here and there, and with uncertain playing time is he still more value than likely regular OF Dickerson for the season?

DHMFFFQ-Die Hard Mets Fan from Flushing Queens

thrilljam, I’d consider dropping Arroyo for Volstad. He was pretty impressive last year, pitches in a very favorable home park, and has had a solid spring. He won’t strike guys out, but at the age of 22, he’s got some upside.



You told me to do the trade (I tried but he didn’t bite) and that there were 5 confirmed closers on the list. I was hoping to get an idea of which closer of the 5 you liked best. That’s all.


Hi, I am in a 8-team, H2H, League. I received an offer where I receive: Holliday and Victorino, and give: Sizemore

Hi, I am in a 8-team, H2H, League. I received an offer where I receive: Holliday and Victorino, and give: Sizemore. Should I accept the offer?

Yesterday, I posed the extremely sexy question about trading my second catcher in a 20 team H2H league, Mike Napoli, for pitching help in the form of Andy Pettitte. The response was justifiably lukewarm.

Well get ready for more sexiness, as the ante has been upped in the Napoli sweepstakes, and I was just offered Joel Hanrahan.

So that begs that question: Hanrahan (I punted saves in the draft, so he’d be my first closer), Pettitte, or just wait it out and hope that Napoli starts out strong and somebody’s catcher gets hurt.

Thanks in advance to anyone who weighs in on this…

I’m in a 14 Team Vanilla Mixed 2-Keeper League with Reyes & Teixeira being my 2 keepers. I have the third pick
in my draft tomorrow, and I was planning on taking Soriano with that pick. I was assuming that Howard & Fielder would go 1 then 2. Well,
I just received word that the second pick will be Soriano, and now I feel obligated to take Fielder with the third pick. I’m not excited taking
this pick, but I feel like I should be. Already having Teixeira, I didn’t want to fill my corner infield or utility spot that early in the draft (I had
guys like Konerko, or N.Johnson potentially slated for those spots.) I wanted to go OF with that spot with Soriano, and OF again with my
next pick, (sticking to Ciano’s suggestion of 2 OF’s in the first 5 rounds.) hoping that Ichiro, Crawford or Quentin might still be available. Should I be more excited about having a Reyes/Teixeira/Prince combo, and do you think I would be crazy passing on Prince, and taking Crawford with that pick?


Hey guys,
Would you trade Ryan Braun + JJ Hardy for Hanley Ramirez and Chris Davis? This is my lineup so far. (I play in a 12 team standard H2H League)
1b-kotchman (would be davis)
2b- kinsler
ss- hardy (would be ramirez)
of- braun (would be rios)
of- rios (would be hart)
of- hart (would be cruz)
dh- giambi (can only be a real dh)
ut- alexei ramirez
b- theriot
b- cruz (would be kotchman)
b- wieters

I was also thinking about throwing in Kotchman to free up a roster spot to get Denard Span. I don’t know if I should trade hardy though as he is having a torrid spring but i wouldn’t fit him on the every- day line-up. I can also trade Kotchman, Theriot, and Braun for the other 2 guys putting Hardy on my bench and letting me keep him while also having steals b/c of Hanley. What do you think I should do?
The Manoman


id cut arroyo pick up escobar put him on Dl and then pick up maholm.


your giving up a stud but you know what you are getting a very good return. if you don’t have to cut a good player to kake room I can live with that trade for sure. If you do have to cut a good player I’d like to see who it is?


Hey Matt my name is Mike, I posted a question earlier today and my advice to you is hell yes be happy with Fielder. The alternative is get a worse off player just so you can take a worse player later to play CI, just my opinion.

The Manoman I would do that deal in a heartbeat. You get arguably the best player all around in baseball plus Chris Davis who is in most leagues 1B and 3B eligible and who quite possibly could match Brauns’ home run totals and you get JJ Hardy as like a throw in.

Like I said guys I am not an expert, but some advice for a fellow owner.


I’d go Anderson but would definitley have Cahill on my radar.



No punting!!! If you get hanrahan who has value but may only get 30 saves do you even move up from last? If there are other teams with no closers yes but you have to weigh the points earned from Hanrahan vs points lost from napoli. I’d just wait it out if you start two catchers. If you only start one I’m not sure what to tell you here.



Go Crawford , as far as ADP goes Prince and CC are very close in value and like you said you have Tex. On the way back I’d hope for Quentin or Ichiro but if not go best avail. Not loving the Konerko / Johnson idea, hopefully you can do better at CO.


Thanks Siano. To follow up:

It’s a head to head league, if that matters. In other words, I don’t need to worry about finishing last in saves. I figured I’d pick up saves as I go (I planned on drafting at least one closer, but a computer crash left me with Napoli and threw off my mojo.) Most teams have at least one closer, some have two.

Also, it’s a one catcher league. I could start Napoli at Utility, but I have better options there. What say you?

I don’t get Hardy, I might be giving him away though thanks for the input.
The Manoman


I like the deal, yeah it hurts your OF, but since you only start 3 there should be some depth (span) to find out there. You have to love Hanley and Davis and if Hardy does awesome you tip your cap, don’t forget Braun is a tad banged up, good risk for you.



roll the dice with stewart for now he has the bigger upside. May take some patience so be ready to read what Hurdle has to say from here on out.


Botner that makes all the difference thanks for clearing it up and sorry if you said that and I can’t read. Go for it on hanrahan……Siano

manoman, agree with Siano on that one. You can argue that power-wise, Braun vs Davis is a wash and Hanley hits for the same power as Hardy while stealing about 40 more bases!


I would drop DeRosa, so I would end up losing Sizemore and DeRosa to get Holliday and Victorino.

Thanks guys, I appreciate all of the input you guys have provided me with.
The Manoman

Babu, I would do that deal. You’re not losing any speed with the downgrade from Sizemore to Victorino and Holliday’s a nice reward for taking that downgrade. I don’t think DeRosa’s a valuable enough player to stand in the way of this trade.



thats fine, derosa doesnt move the needle enough in that kind of deal.


gnight guys hopefully Cory jumps on later.

Please tell me Porcello makes the rotation and become fantasy relevant after another fine outing today (and another crappy one by Robertson).

Listen to today’s podcast. Mayo talks Porcello.


Where’s the podcast located ?

Boys –

Today’s audio podcast, specifically the un-edited version for anyone lucky to download before it was cleaned up was great radio (ugh, web audio at least).

I love the behind the scenes feel, enjoyed it. My Draft is 2night so it put me in the mood to have some fun.

Thanks for the laughs.



Is there anyway to get the comments on the blog to flow in a more orderly conversation? For example, when one of you guys posts a response to a question, is it possible to place it directly beneath the question being answered but have your response highlighted or indented?

I’m really happy that the blog is so active, but it makes for some bad reading.


Ok guys. Since everyone is fresh off the preview show, I need a little help from the ‘Masters of the Universe’ of the Fantasy 411! I had a 17-team mixed ‘french vanilla’ (thanks Cory) 5×5 roto draft and I have some holes. Is it possible to get some advice? Here’s the lineup

C – Mauer, Teagarden
1B – Teixiera
2B – Kaz Matsui
3B – Blake DeWitt (I know, hole)
SS – Jeter
MI/CI – O. Hudson and Nick Johnson
U – Nady
OF – Beltran, Abreu, Ludwick, Burrell, Crisp
P – Dempster, Sonnanstine, Kuroda, Uehara, Capps, Corpas, K. Gregg, Rowland-Smith, Okajima
RES – Tommy Hanson and Gio Gonzalez

Can I compete? I know I have issues at 3B and CI and my rotation is not incredibly strong (but serviceable). One team took Santana, Sabathia, Peavy and Soria but had NO hitting! Thanks for the input from everyone.


Have kind of a log jam of outfielders in my bench.

It’s a 6×6 League 12 man league (H, IP are the extra stats)
with a 4th OF spot and a IF spot.

So with the heavy focus on average in mind, I currently have –

Travis Snider
Adam Lind
Daniel Murphy

Right now have Lind in the 4th OF spot and Murphy and Snider on the bench. But my bench is extremely thin because I am having trouble giving up on the Travis Hafner gamble as well.

Should I be dropping one of those guys for a Christian Guzman/Ty Wiggington/Joe Crede/Todd Helton type player?

Best podcast ever with the outtakes in the middle & Biz’s Beat of the Day. Was like the old days with the movie quotes and bickering about old stats. There’s the Mike and Corey I fell in love with.

Just wanted to let you know how chuffed I was to see that the Preview Show was available as an Audio download so quickly. Fantastic listen. So thanks.

Ok Siano, this is my 3rd time posting don’t make me strike out.

I see we like a lot of the same catchers. I went a little crazy on catchers and need to cut one and open a spot in my reserves. Who is least likely to come up this year:
Max Ramirez
JP Arencibia
Carlos Santana

BTW…all 3 of these guys are on my reserves.

I think Santana is a better player but JP might get a shot 1st?

Our league gave us a 5th keeper slot for a rookie. I kept Longoria. But now that we have drafted, all is equal and I want to win this year, so I am wondering if I should keep him or trade off the hype. Therefore, what do you consider to be a realistic projection for Longoria THIS season.
If I trade I would need a corner guy in return, preferably with a high AVG. I can just aim as high as possible based on the hype, or I can trade for a lower ranked player with similar production then I could leverage that for an upgrade elsewhere. In each scenario who would you target; Atkins, Fielder, Aramis, Youk, Adrian Gonz, Berk or other suggestions?

Following on: I am stacked with big bats throughout my team, but my rotation consists of Greinke, Baker, Myers, Weaver, Escobar.
So I have an offer of Longoria and Greinke for Huff and Webb, or Longoria and S.Baker for Huff and Haren.
What do you think? I can lose the steals and figure that Huff might replace most of Longoria’s production elsewhere at CI. But I could use that big arm. Or do you hold tight and dominate all batting?

Keep Longoria. Youk would be a good pick as a corner man especially if he qualifies as both a first and third baseman in your league. Along those same lines take a look at Hank Blalock, he might qualify as both 1st and 3rd. At 1st I think Travis Hafner is due for a BIG year.

I now have an offer on the table of Huff and Webb for Longoria and Baker. Given my needs at Pitching and my depth in batting what do you think?
I came 2nd in the league last year despite winning all batting categories because my pitching wasn’t good enough. I want to win this year.

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