Fantasy 411 Q&A: Apr. 1, 2009


What’s your take on LaPorta in CLE? Do you see him making an impact
this year? I took him in the last round of my keeper league draft last
night, but Rasmus and Schafer are also available. Thanks.

I think LaPorta makes an impact, but right now I think I like Rasmus and
even Schafer a little more since they are on big league rosters. Stashing LaPorta isn’t a bad idea, but I wouldn’t let him tie up my
bench if it’s shallow.


I like LaPorta’s chances of getting called up mid-season, and he’s
definitely worth a last round pick in a keeper, but I’m ranking Rasmus
and Schafer ahead of him as I think they’ll get more total playing time
by year’s end.


Happy April everyone, great job on the blog yesterday keep it up. Make sure you read the featured question of the day each day since it may be yours.

We hope to have another announcement by Friday that you may like. No it’s not TV related but it’s not internet related either. Stay tuned……………..Siano


411 Calender of Events for Draft Prep:

Cory’s NFBC Results: Done

Zach’s NL Only Results: Done

Zach’s Listener League (Ron Cey League) Results (12 Team 5×5): Done

411 Listener League Results: Done

Cory’s NL Only Tout Results: Done

Siano’s AL Only Tout Results: Done

Alex’s Mixed Tout Results: Done

Siano’s AL Only Keeper Money League: Coming weekend of April 3rd


Hey Guys,

I’m hoping for your blessing on a trade I just made. I’m starting to have my doubts.

I gave: Manny and Zambrano
I got: J. Santana and Beltre

I usually won’t trade a bat for an arm, but I thought this filled several needs for my team. Lackey was my only solid SP, which was looking questionable with his injury. Beltre replaces Blalock as my CI, and i have Ryan Spilborghs to replace Manny.


This is a follow up from 3/30, about my motives in trying to move Lincecum for Markakis along with the other consideration I mentioned, or even A-Rod straight up. Well I have Lincecum because he was one of my keepers from 08, and yes he was great. However, I’m really a pitch and ditch player and I have a man crush on Markakis. So, I was thinking of selling high on Lincecum. Plus, I have a feeling that I maybe in for a let down with the whole Cy Young season in the bank and all that. So I thought about marketing him to some of the teams in my league that I thought might want to deal. I like the upside feeling that I have on Nolasco, and I’m not wild about Hart either. Now that I mention the whole keeper thing, if I did one of these deals I might be kicking myself at the end of the season, when Lincecum isn’t there to keep for 2010.
So I’ll guess I’ll just hold!

Do you think these players are draftable in a 12 team vanilla? Also, I plan on going super late on SP what’s the last possible round you would wait to take pitching this year?

Jordan Zimmermann
Ubaldo Jimenez
I Snell
J Sanchez
M Parra

Sam, ND

Hey guys,
Looking for blessing on a possible trade. I’d be giving up Halladay and Delgado for Nolasco, Josh Johnson, and Ryan Zimmerman. I think Nolasco makes up for Halladay with more strikeouts and a higher ERA. Since the other two players make him pay for last years’ production from Delgado, I think I’m selling high enough on a highly probably bust. What do you guys think?

Matthew CA

Boys –

Ok, finished the 12 Team, Mixed, 5×5, NoCap, Non-Keeper 30 round draft last night. 10 Bats, 10 Arms each week.
Here is how it shakes out….I feel my first 8 picks of bats really set the tone (projected to be #1 in Bats) then following up with best Arms available, however, I am not in love with Arms – am I over thinking this with my arms? Your thoughts?
1(4) = Reyes, Jose B. – SS
2(21) = Berkman, Lance – 1B
3(28) = Quentin, Carlos – OF
4(45) = Uggla, Dan – 2B
5(52) = Ramirez, Aramis – 3B
6(69) = Martinez, Victor – C
7(76) = Hart, Corey C. – OF
8(93) = Pence, Hunter – OF
9(100) = Vazquez, Javier – SP
10(117) = Soria, Joakim – CL
11(124) = Fuentes, Brian – CL
12(141) = Werth, Jayson – UTIL
13(148) = Jackson, Conor – UTIL
14(165) = Cueto, Johnny – SP
15(172) = Kershaw, Clayton – SP
16(189) = Rodriguez, Wandy – SP
17(196) = Snell, Ian – SP
18(213) = Morrow, Brandon – CL
19(220) = Perkins, Glen – SP
20(237) = Putz, J.J. – RP
21(244) = Escobar, Kelvim – BENCH
22(261) = Spilborghs, Ryan – BENCH
23(266) = Hanson, Tommy – BENCH
24(285) = Jackson, Edwin – BENCH
25(292) = Bailey, Homer – BENCH
26(309) = Encarnacion, Edwin – BENCH
27(316) = Bonderman, Jeremy – BENCH
28(333) = Ohlendorf, Ross – BENCH
29(340) = Hughes, Phil – BENCH
30(357) = Prior, Mark – BENCH


Another prospect question. Who makes a bigger impact this year, Porcello, Perry or Brett Anderson? Thanks.


I wouldn’t worry at all about having made this deal. Sure, you hate to lose Manny, but considering you’re getting the undisputed best SP in baseball and Blalock is your CI, it definitely fits your needs. If I knew who your other OFs were, I could give you a better assessment, but I really think Beltre will have a big season. Don’t forget what he did the last time he was in a contract year!



All of those guys are definitely draftable in a 12 teamer. Zimmerman is stretching it a bit, but you can do a lot worse than gambling on a top prospect. I took Snell in the 28th (last) round in a recent 12 teamer. He’s a very low risk, medium reward player. What’s the worst that can happen? You cut him after a few weeks?
As for drafting pitchers late, I think anywhere from the eighth through the tenth round is a good time to start thinking about it if you want to take that approach.



I don’t do that deal. Yeah, Nolasco is everyone’s “sleeper” and I do think he’ll have a great year (I already own him in two leagues). But are you really going to compare him to Roy Halladay and say it’s a wash? Be careful! I view Zimmerman as having about the same value as Delgado at this point. Zim has a great reputation but so far, his career can be viewed as a disappointment. I don’t think Josh Johnson makes up for the difference between Nolasco and Doc Halladay.


Please add Hanson and Zimmerman onto Ramdes question about which young pitcher makes the biggest impact. Which ones are best to own in deep leagues for this year and long term?


Fair value so I wouldn’t sweat it , the Lackey reason is a good one to pull the trigger.


good idea Paul, no need to rush……Siano


Yes and no. Some of those guys got drafted but I already cut Ubaldo. In a non keeper these are fliers that you shouldn’t be too attached to. I try to wait until at least the 9th and this year I made it to the 11th and got Lester, Cain, Lilly, Dempster. Don’t forget pitch and ditch.


I agree with Zach I don’t do that deal. It’s the safer bet.

Guys –

Just dropped Prior and picked up Marmol who was drafted (24th round) but dropped.

Little by little I think I can get this staff to be semi-respectable. Will breathe easier once Escobar is back and remains healthy, and Hanson is brought back up. Any big holes you see on the Staff?


Speaking of Porcello, someone dropped him yesterday and he becomes a FA tomorrow. Do I use my #3 waiver claim on him? Deep, 20 team keeper league, but I’d be looking for production this year.

12 team mixed keeper. I have a stacked offence and look to be top 3 in every category there, my bullpen is fine, but my rotation is Greinke, Baker, Myers, Weaver & Escobar. I hate to trade a bat for an arm, but I want to balance things out and win THIS year.
I have Longoria at Corner and I have been offered Webb or Haren plus Huff for Longoria and Baker.
I can afford the loss of speed and Huff improves my weakest offensive stat which is AVG. So do I pull the trigger and which guy do I go for?


You may have to fine tune your arms a little since there are some big question marks like snell, cueto, but you also have a little depth there and could find some sleepers out of them like bailey, Jackson and hanson.



Hanson is the guy to me with Anderson a nice 2nd especially since he is up already and had a good spring. Zimmermann and Porcello have a shot to make an impact as well.



This early and in a keeper league I go for it on Porcello. You have plenty of time to work your way back up to top of the waiver order. Will he produce this year? Tough to say since he is so young but he has the shot and that’s all you can ask for right now.



Problem is you are giving up the best player in the deal. I don’t make this trade today b/c of what I mentioned and the fact it is a 12 team mixed so you should be able to plug some holes in April with POD. Don’t panic your staff isn’t terrible, can you put Escobar on DL and pick up another arm? Gavin Floys is avail in 411 as well as Saunders, Ubaldo and Oliver Perez, you could do worse.

I’m curious how you guys would use 9 pitching slots in a 10-team 6×7 mixed league. The 7 pitching categories are batting average against, ERA, K per 9 innings, WHIP, net wins (W – L), saves and holds. Is it all about the 9 best pitchers (or more with 3 bench slots) or is there an optimal mix between starters, closers, and middle relievers?

Hey uys,
Would you trade Ryan Theriot, Marmol, and Devine for Soria and Jackson. Kotchman is my 1b, theriot is on my bench, and marmol is one of my pitchers as francisco is my closer.
The Manoman

Hey guys,
Would you trade Ryan Theriot, Marmol, and Devine for Soria and Jackson. Kotchman is my 1b, theriot is on my bench, and marmol is one of my pitchers as francisco is my closer.
The Manoman

Hello guys,
First off, im a first time poster, and this year for the first time have my own team in fantasy baseball.
We’re in a 12 team 5×5 mixed roto league.

And now im facing a veteran fantasy player in a trade ‘battle’, looking at his team he is projected to be top3 in the league, in the league, he also posts often to you guys “kevin_in_england”

I am always tended towards pitching so i drafted a pitching heavy team, now someone offers me a bat in exchange for an arm.
He posted yesterday and got a respons by Zach, though i feel the way he posted it to Zach was too much one sided view and did not keep in mind my team and needs.
So i would like to pitch it by you guys again and we have been talking about it and might expand the trade to a 3 for 3 player trade.

my rotation:
CC, Webb, Haren, Greinke, Joba, Sonnanstine, Parra
my (notable) bats:
Davis, Uggla, Hamilton, Huff, Granderson, Dunn, Cruz, Kotchman, Ross

In initial talks we were discussing: Longo+Baker(scott) for Huff+Webb
But the other manager likes to upgrade Webb to CC in the trade.. which i dont feel to comfortable with, CC is the foundation of my arms! He noted that Longo ranks way higher than Webb and it would make it fair to put CC in there.
Yet.. CC is the #1 pitcher, Longo is not the #1 Bat, Webb is the #3 or #4 pitcher, Longo is not the #3 or #4 bat.

What is your take on the value of the options.. also.. which is more fair in that regard?

His alternative to add 2 more players in the trade is as followed:
Longo+Baker+Fontenot CC+Huff+Schumaker (who will be 2B elig in about 2 weeks time)
how would that trade pan out for fairness and value?
Still i dont like giving up CC over Webb..

I think i have covered everything i wanted to cover.. so i will wrap up this novel! haha

cheers and looking forward to your expertise.

The Netherlands
(P.S. excuse my english)

And to add.. which of course makes a lot of difference in values.. Were in a keeper league. And i made a booboo, i have Meche and not Greinke (we both have one and the other, but theyre not that much difference in the equasion posted before)Thanks again,Stijn

To Stijn,
why not just simplify this and trade CC for Longoria? I know you would hate to lose him but you would still have your anchor to the staff in Webb and he would get the player he really wants.
Another thought, you seem to be really light on speed so you might consider targeting another player…
Good luck to both of you fellas
Jean-Michel, Baltimore

the reason is, as I wrote yesterday, that I need to replace Longoria in my Corner slot, but I can afford a downgrade and need an Ace to anchor my rotation. In my opinion it all boils down to Longoria’s long term value in a keeper league which is why I am holding out for CC. But we’ll see what other say.

Forget the deal Scott Baker just hit the DL. Wow, where did that come from?

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