Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, April 7

My green lights are in bold……..Siano


Shields @ Beckett


Meche @ Buerhle


Edwin Jackson @ Purcey


Bedard @ Blackburn


Cahill @ Moseley


Suppan @ Lincecum


Jurjjens @ Moyer


Olsen @ J Johnson


Dempster @ Wandy


Snell @ Lohse


Ubaldo @ Haren


Wolf @ C Young


Can’t fault you for going Lohse since it is the Pirates but I’m just not a fan. The way today’s D-Backs game went Ubaldo better bring his A-Game………Siano

Hey guys. Great show Friday night. The announcer before each commercial reminded me of the announcer from the Wayne’s World movie (after they went commercia), it was funny.

Fantasy question: Who are you guys picking up after day one? Felipe Lopez and Pits (Salty) are already gone after half a day’s action in my league. I try to be patient, but don’t want to miss out on someone like Bonifacio or Seth Smith if they’re going to be the next big thing.


Bonifacio had some day as did Smith but Bonifacio was made room for in Fla with the Jacobs trade. Smith I think is on borrowed time with Fowler. If Smith completely out plays Spillborghs maybe not but I’m not sure I see that happening. Go Emilio if your looking to make an add.

Guys, loved your xm/sirius show – keep the fantasy goodness coming! Wondering about your thoughts on Brett Anderson and Cahill – young Oakland arms that could breakout? Worth a flier pickup in a 12 team mixed? If so, which one do you see with the greater chance of performing this year.

Guys, loved the xm/sirius show – keep the fantasy goodness coming! Question for you about Brett Anderson and Cahill – two young Oakland arms that could breakout – worth a flier in a 12 team mixed? If so, which one do you see having a greater impact for this year.

Hey Guys,

Nice Job on Sirius/XM radio—great to have that “radio” format back! Happy Friday’s are EVEN better now!

In my 12 tm mixed non-keeper, Adam Lind was dropped before opening day. I have David Murphy & D. DeJesus as my 5th/Bench OFs. Would you drop either David Murphy or DeJesus for Lind? And, more importantly, would you use a #3 waiver claim?
Also, it’s a one catcher league and I have R. Hernandez. Would you pickup Pitts and drop Ramon or is that premature?

Neighbor Steve

Quick note on PoD… I would still ditch Buehrle, along with Chris Young, who had a horrendous spring and has to face a very strong Dodgers lineup. I WOULD start Lohse, who is no one’s idea of an ace, but I’m not scared of the Pirates.


Kageh, both Anderson and Cahill are worth PoD consideration in vanilla leagues, but remember, they are rookie pitchers so you are going to take some lumps at some point or another.

I’ve never seen either pitch, and according to scouting reports they are both outstanding prospects, so it’s tough to pick one over the other. But if you put a gun to my head and forced me to pick (and please don’t), I’d go for Cahill: righty over the lefty, and better velocity as opposed to more of a “pitchability” guy. But it’s close.


NS, I would have said take Lind over Murphy even before today, honest. I just don’t think Murphy is that good, and while Lind is going to be so-so on the AVG due to his mediocre strike zone command, he’s got much better power upside. Today is positive affirmation of that but I promise I would’ve said so anyway!

Hernandez vs. Pitts is a tough call… if we knew Pitts would get enough PT, I’d take him over the injury prone old catcher in the awful lineup. But in a sense you might be better off with the guy who will play 5 days out of 7 until he gets hurt, and then replace him, rather than the guy who only plays 3 out of 7, and then you have to take zero’s on the off days.

On a related note, did anyone see the Reds lineup today, never mind their bunch? They have MAYBE five real hitters on that team. They could be truly awful if their pitching doesn’t hold up… did anyone think we’d ever say that about the Reds??🙂


You’ve convinced me to let C. Young stay in the rotation this week…

Trade Question:
14-Team 1 Catcher Format
J. Mauer
R. Harden AND J. Smoltz

The team w/Mauer also drafted McCann, and he’s been getting antsy about carrying both. My rotation outside of Harden is solid, but unspectacular.
Shields, Kazmir, Young, Cueto, Escobar, Pelfrey

Should I stick with this base-offer, or just wait it out. I have the 3rd Waiver Priority, and want Wieters, but one of the 2 teams with a better Waiver Priority is starting Y. Molina.

Peace Out.

Who is likely to get Saves in STL if Motte continues to fail? Kinney or Franklin?

Hey guys,
Two more quick questions for you:
1. Who would you trade out of this group for James Shields:
a. Oswalt
e. Garza
f. Wandy
h. Verlander
2. How about this deal on my mlb.com league?
I give:
Holliday Damon
I get:
The Manoman

Should I ask for more as the other owner also has Span.

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