Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, April 8

Bold = Pitch

Wang @

Kazmir @

C. Silva @

Eveland @

Vazquez @

Pelfrey @

Duke @

Gallardo @ R.

***Cory says “For the gambling crowd: Eveland and Cabrera (seriously).”


Hi, I am in an 8-team, H2H league on MLB.com. Would you make this trade?
I get: Grady Sizemore
I give: Shane Victorino, and Geovany Soto.
Victorino was my utility, and Matt Kemp would get pushed there, and Pablo Sandoval and Matt Weiters are my other players eligible for catcher.

By the way, I would also add Michael Young.

Do it.

Hi, again. Right after I made this trade, the owner came to me with another offer.
I get: Josh Hamilton
I give: Matt Kemp, and Robinson Cano
I would add: Placido Polanco OR Justin Upton OR Mark DeRosa OR Howie Kendrick OR Cameron Maybin
If you think I should do this trade, please also tell me who I should add.

This an 8 or 10 team league? Sure isn’t a 12 teamer.

Any chance Ryan Franklin or anyone else in that St. Louis bullpen is worth a pickup after Motte’s meltdown (Mottedown?) yesterday? I mean, let the save chasing begin, right?
-Dan in LA

It’s an 8-team league.

Right now no even though Franklin got picked up in Listener league I think it’s not worth reacting just yet but it is definitely worth monitoring.

this is why I don’t like 8 team leagues. there is too much talent on the wire it’s a waste but I’ll just answer your question. In a non keeper this is not a deal you will end up losing badly on for the most part since Hamilton should have a decent enough year and there are good players to pick up to replace cano including Kendrick who I don’t love but could make this a wash. keeper league I don’t make this deal, non keeper you need to hope Hamilton stays healthy and Kemp doesn’t win the MVP. Me personally I don’t make this deal though since I don’t think Hamilton is a first rounder and Kemp could end the year as one. Can’t kill you for pulling the trigger when all is said and done.
Just an FYI and I hate to be the bad guy on this but in past years we have banned 8 team league questions. They are so convoluted. In a mixed league an 8 teamer is a waste of time, I’m sorry but it’s true you learn nothing. If it is your only league that’s one thing, but if it isn’t I’d rather play in one less league then deal with these circumstances. I write b/c I care………………Siano

Edwin Jackson’s line through seven: 7 IP, one hit, one walk, 4 strikeouts, 75 pitches (54 strikes). Sick. Is this for real?
-Dan in LA

I’ve heard some rumors that when K. Escobar comes back he may be used as a 7th or 8th inning guy. Have you heard anything similar? Thoughts?

Hey guys which player would you pick up on waivers Carlos Gomez or Byrnes who has better value for this season? Gomez obviously brings the steals I have decent speed but Im thinking you can never have enough speed, but If Byrnes can someone get regular playing time he brings the better overall 5 X 5 game, thoughts?

I hope not about K. Escobar in the 8th. One, I have Arredondo for holds/Fuentes breakdown. Two, I think the swingman/set-up role is actually much more taxing, so his arm couldn’t be babied.

14-Team Mixed 10×10 League
I have 3rd Waiver Priority, and I’m waiting on Wieters (Saltalamachia Currently).
I have an owner sending me trades daily, he has both Mauer and McCann in a 1 Catcher league. I have a decent SP staff, but I’ve been slowly working him down to a Harden for Mauer trade.
I’m not sure I should even do this if I get him to it, with Wieters there potentially, and my SP’s not being dominant. Should I stop pushing?

My SP’s…
Shields/Kazmir/Cueto/Pelfrey/Escobar/Smoltz (If I lose Harden)

Is it bad form to make about 100 moves during the course of a season picking up and dropping pitchers to get wins?

Hey Guys,

just finished the sirius show (in 30min commute segments.) Great work. I’m very interested to hear more of the Siano vs Berry Closer debate.
Wondering if the ‘old school’ on demand 411 show is going to continue to be on the short side… the 10 – 15 mins, or is there a plan to get it back to a full 30 mins of fant411 goodness. I’ve been watching / listening in anyway I can for over 3 years… more recently I’ve had to supplement my Fant411 with some other podcasts.
quick fant question.
vanilla mixed league, I’ve got Thome @ util (needed the thump) is Giambi ok for CI, or should I dump a bench OF and grab another CI. Youk and Mig Cabera hold down 1b/3b. which OF would you part with – Span, F. Lewis, Gardner, DeJesus (other of are Manny, C. Young, Bruce)
thanks guys,
-Jason in Central Maine

Dont know about K. Escobar in 7th or 8th, but this latest news doesnt help…..

“Wed, Apr 8 – RHP Kelvim Escobar’s recovery from shoulder surgery won’t be all sunshine and rainbows after all. Well ahead of his projected timetable, Escobar experienced his first setback since the surgery to repair a torn labrum and has been shut down from throwing this week. He will not start a minor-league injury-rehabilitation assignment on Thursday as expected and is taking anti-inflammatory medication for “just a little tightness” in his pitching shoulder. Escobar said the problem first cropped up after he threw 40 pitches in a minor-league game on March 28. He made another start Friday in San Diego, throwing 41 pitches before the decision this week to put his throwing program on hold.
(Yahoo! Sports)”


Hey Guys,

A series of quick questions
I am in a 16 team mixed roto and I am wondering how useful some late picks i made at the end or after the draft via FA can be in such a deep league.

Trying to improve power-wise I added K.Morales, but in fact I’m really not sure about his ceiling in the HR department. Is he a better option than what i currently have? NB: D.Lee is at 1st (Konerko as the Backup) and my OF are Beltran Ethier and Rios (with Crisp and Lind number 4 and 5)

Also, pitching wise, is Rich Hill worth stashing in a DL spot until he comes back or just another PoD guy? Should I wait for T.Hansson to get called up or just drop him?

Finally, do you see the Jays giving the CL job to Scott Downs in the near future? The velocity seemed to be back last night for B.J. but he blew the save anyway…..

Thanks, and sorry for grouping the questions all together.

French Fred

I don’t know if we can comment on Pitch or Ditch and I also know that Corey’s main commandment is “Thou dost not chase wins”, but Grienke, as much as he has improved over the past few years, has never done well at US Cellular (lifetime 0 wins, 6 losses 7.71,ERA, 1.57 WHIP, and.318 BAA; last year there he lost both his starts there, 15.00 ERA, 2.78 WHIP, and .444 BAA. Why would we start him today?

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