Nick Adenhart Killed in Car Accident

Terrible news out of Anaheim.  We’ll also be taking your questions as usual.

Audio podcast only for today.


Angels pitcher reported dead in crash that killed 3

Questions center on identities of those involved in deadly accident.


– Three people were killed and another person was seriously injured at
an intersection in Fullerton early this morning in a three-vehicle
crash that authorities said was caused by a motorist who ran a red

The accident occurred at East Orangethorpe Avenue and
South Lemon Street just after midnight, said Fullerton police Lt. Craig

Police have not released the names of the people involved.

The Angels radio station 830 AM is reporting that starting pitcher Nick Adenhart was killed in the crash.

This morning, The Orange County Register has been receiving calls from people asking if Adenhart was involved in a fatal crash.

person answering the phone at his grandfather’s home in Fairplay, Md.,
said the Angels were holding a news conference later today.

Angels Vice President Tim Mead said: “We’re having a hard time getting our heads around this” and declined futher comment.

ESPN called the Register after receiving calls that Adenhart was involved in the crash.

nurse from a hospital from Adenhart’s hometown called asking for
information after one of his high school teammates told her Adenhart
was involved.

Brower said two of the vehicles – one traveling on Lemon, the other on Orangethorpe – crashed in the intersection.

One vehicle, a gray Mitsubishi, slammed into a light pole. The other vehicle was a minivan.

of the occupants in the Mitsubishi were declared dead at the scene and
a third died just after 6 a.m. The fourth occupant is at UC Irvine
Medical Center in Orange in critical condition, Brower said.

said the driver of the van fled the scene, was later captured and
charged with felony hit-and-run. The passenger of the van was taken to
Western Medical Center-Anaheim with minor injuries.

A third
vehicle, which was stopped in the intersection, was also struck in the
accident but sustained only minor damage, and its driver was not hurt,
Brower said.

Brower said that intersection is estimated to be closed until about noon.


I’m simply in disbelief of this incredible tragedy. Jeez.
-Dan in LA

Hey folks, Adenhart’s death reminded me of what I wrote after Darryl Kile passed away 6-1/2 years ago. Read it, take it to heart and always remember to have fun:


A well-written article CS, one that we should all take to heart. Many of us only new Adenhart as a top pitching prospect for the Angels who looked like he was finally getting a chance to show his stuff in the Majors. Last night was just a glimpse of the promise he’s had since high school, and it’s a shame we won’t get to see more. It’s easy to draft these players and trade them around like baseball cards, but it’s times like these that really bring things into focus.

Scotty Mac

I don’t even know how to address this. I’m 22 which makes it crazy to start out with for me cause it just puts my own mortality out there. I saw this news this morning and just said “what!!??” out loud. Its just crazy that some guy who I had on my watch list to see if he had any pitching potential is now gone. I think we all just get into the mindset that these guys on our rosters are just a name and a stat line when they’re really so much more. R.I.P. Nick and all those who lost their lives in that crash.

–Clif in UT

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