Pitch or Ditch for Friday, April 10

Bold = Pitch

Benson @

Richmond @ S.

Pettitte @

Sonnanstine @

Dickey @

Wakefield @

Rowland-Smith @

Harden @

Hamels @

Maine @ A.

Karstens @

Martis @

Hampton @

McDonald @

Zito @ S.

Gambles: Pettitte, Sonnanstine, A.Sanchez,


Motte’s meltdown, and now Dennys Reyes gets a 3 out save today? What is a save-chaser to think? Was Reyes in just because the three upcoming batters were Lefty-Switchy-Lefty, or is this a sign of a committee? I’m guessing Reyes won’t be the regular closer, but is he worth a pickup to scrape out a few saves? Peripherals were pretty good last year.
-Dan in LA

Help! What if it’s Weaver and not Loux pitching against Boston tomorrow? Pitch or ditch??
-Another Mike

I didn’t know where to post this but heres my question I know this may seem far fetched so correct me if I am wrong I have A rod in a (12 team 5×5) keeper league and I was wondering if I should trade him for Kemp, Kemp seems to be getting better while I don’t know what to expect from A rod this year and in the future. Let me hear your advice if I am out of line here.

Another Mike,

Pitch, Boston is flying cross country tonight and weaver is good enough to run him out there. I think he’ll be motivated as well no?



If you listen to us Motte would be your third closer or not on your team at all😉.

Full disclosure I drafted balfour, Gregg and Ziegler but only after I had Rivera and Lidge.

How about Balfour getting first save in TB, it’s a rat race bro and it stinks.



Definitely not out of line. Interesting question but I stick with A-Rod. Could kemp have a better year in 09? Sure but things are looking pretty good for A-Rod right now so I roll the dice since you already have him. I also believe A-Rod is a better keeper in 10 than Kemp. It will be 2011 when we find out if that has changed assuming A-Rod comes back this year and again next year after off-season surgery. Utley looks pretty good to me so far so I’m optimistic.


Hey wassup guys.. Glad to hear you guys are taking calls again.
10 team H2H Points league. With the usual hitting scoring.
With -1 for Caught stealing and -0.5 for strike out.
Jacoby Ellsbury was dropped
My current OF’s are Curtis Granderson, Jay Bruce, Torii Hunter
with Jermaine Dye on my bench.
Should I pick up Ellsbury? If so who should I drop.

In my league that has OPS instead of average, I’m thinking about dropping Morales for either Rowand or Swisher. Any thoughts?


If you think it’s a close offer, but aren’t convinced… Tell them if you get a CL in the deal, you’ll do it. Better to leave it on the table that you need more, than to sway either way and have him play hardball with you in a few weeks.

Hey guys,

It’s tough to think fantasy in light of today’s events, but as they say the show must go on. An owner has offered me Sherrill for Getz in my AL-only, and I have countered with Wheeler, DeRosa and Choo for Mo Rivera and Penny. I have 4 MIs (Getz, Aviles, Casilla and DeRosa) for 3 spots and 8 OFs (Choo, Jose Guillen, Hamilton, Cruz, Gardner, Bay, Coco and Vlad) for 6 spots so I have hitters to give up. My rotation (Big Erv, Purcey, Davies, Guthrie, Ricky Romero & McCarthy) is getting by on smoke and mirrors and my bullpen consists of Chris Ray, Wheeler, Aardsma and Rodney. He has Ziegler in addition to Sherrill and Mo so he’s not hurting in saves, and he has Anthony Reyes and Smoltz who I am marginally interested in. Is this a reasonable counter on my part, should I stick with his original or come up with an improved offer?

Thanks for the knowledge,

Scotty Mac

Ive heard rumors about B.J. Upton coming back as early as Monday. I have him in my weekly league, should I sit him or start him?

Hey everybody,

I have Lidge, F.Francisco, Percival, Sherrill, Hoffman (DL), Franklin and D. Reyes.

2 solid closers and a bunch of question marks. Someone dropped Gregg today in my 12 team 5×5 ML. Should I use #1 waiver claim on him?

If so, I”ll probably drop one of the STL relievers, which would you all keep/drop?

Thanks, Darryl.

Darryl… I would take Gregg over D.Reyes 100 times out of 100. One is a clear-cut if unspectacular closer, the other is a small part of what looks like a big mess. This is a must-do claim.

Killahz… the plan all along has been for Upton to come back at the start of the homestand this Monday (4/13). He went 0-for-2 but walked twice and stole two bags in a rehab game tonight at Class-A Port Charlotte, so barring any setbacks he’ll be leading off and playing center field on Monday.

Scott Mac… frankly I don’t think Sherrill for Getz is an unfair offer. Sherrill is a low-tier closer but should end up with a fair share of saves, and I’m not really impressed by Getz, I don’t think he’ll be a player you’ll miss much. I agree though that going after Mo is a good idea, but I don’t think Choo/DeRosa is going to get it done (that’s the meat of your offer). See if he’ll negotiate on that, but as a fallback, you can probably build something around his original offer and still improve your team.


scottlginsburg… if I was sure Swisher would play enough I’d drop Kendry for him, but Rowand is actually worse in an OPS format because of his weak OBP. Sit tight for now but monitor Swisher’s PT.

Fred in Cali, I’d like you to find a spot for Ellsbury if you can, but assuming a typical points league format, he’s not going to be worth more than those four OF power bats you already have. Got an extra reliever you can dump to pick him up, then make a trade to upgrade from OF depth to higher quality players?

Dan in LA, the Pirates’ three scheduled hitters in the 9th today were McLouth, Doumit and Hinske, so clearly TLR was playing L-R matchups. This bullpen is going to be a mess… I’d stay away from fringy guys like this.


I don’t know if you guys watched the Reyes save yesterday but he was really hit hard. McLouth hit a hard grounder up the middle that Greene only just got to. Then Craig Monroe took him to the warning track that would have gone out of the park on almost any other day considering that rain was falling. I wouldn’t want Reyes on my team.

Bas from Denmark

Why go with Maine? The Marlins kill him.

Spencer from Raleigh

Afternoon Fellas,
In my 10 team mixed league Tori Hunter, Carlos Marmol, and Chris Young (OF) were all dropped. Should I jump all over these guys?

Hunter was dropped for Howie Kendrick (waiver claim, I just missed out)

Chris Young was dropped for Freddy Sanchez

Tori Hunter was dropped for Josh Fields

Also, same league, I traded Carl Crawford and U. Jimenez for BJ Upton. For some reason the guy wouldn’t do it straight up so I threw in a pitcher…….What are your thoughts on the trade? My other OF’s are Markakis, Maybin, Choo, and Granderson…BJ is now on my DL

Forgot to sign my question. The Hunter, Marmol, Young questions is from Charles, Va

Charles, Va

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