Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, April 14

Bold = Pitch

***Danks @

Loux @ C.

***Burnett @

Simon @

Pavano @

Romero @

***Dice-K @

***Volstad @

Arroyo @
***Parra  (Reds’ offense is pretty awful)

***Carpenter @

Decent gambles: Davies (don’t trust him quite yet but he is going against Mr. Pavano), McCarthy (high K potential), Porcello, Scherzer (normally would start but let’s see how first outing goes).


***Siano agrees with all of these except Parra.  He says no but the Reds currently rank 28th in the majors in runs scored and are hitting .225 as a team, so that’s the reason behind my thinking.


I’m with my man Zach on all of these but I might take a shot on Arroyo, too… the Brewers’ offense is so right-handed heavy, and very free-swinging, that he’s a good matchup with them.


love all the new stuff guys, keep up the great work. i have a trade question…i have peralta currently at ss and sizemore, j dye and j bay in the outfield with nelson cruz, travis snider and chris davis all vying for time in my util spot…my question is would it be crazy to try to package sizemore and maybe a closer to get a top ss like han ram or reyes or would the drop off from my backups be too great to try it? you guys havent steered me wrong yet so any help would be great. thanks!

Hey Guys,

So, in a 12 tm mixed non-keeper, do you consider Manny Parra POD or roster worthy? He was just dropped in my 12 tm mixed, but I don?t have room since my 6th SP is Wandy and my other “droppables” are S. Downs and Motte. Would you make room by dropping Motte for Parra? For that matter, would you drop Motte for Franklin who just got the save tonight?

Neighbor Steve

Hey guys,

Quick question – 12 tm vanilla, I have the #1 waiver pick and someone just dumped Wang. I have Myers, Gallardo, Joba, Parra, Pettite, Scherzer, Greinke and Cueto – would you burn the pick to get Wang, and if so, who would you drop to get him? I know the Ks is gonna be low with him and the WHIP relatively high, but I’m attracted by the run support he’s gonna get (week 2 and I’m chasing wins already!).


Steve in the UK


WANG?!?!? seriously… mafia league… SP are Joba, Dempster, Cueto, O. Perez, Ed Jackson (Escobar and Scott Lewis on DL). I was thinking of trying to move Justin Upton, or out right CUT him, to start POD to try and get some innings in to help cut into my 7.525 team ERA, and 1.541 team whip. clearly I’m not chasing wins, as I have 1 on the year. my bullpen of Nathan, Broxton, and Wheeler is trying to help, but I need more.

Should I cut J Upton (or Bourn, Gardner) I could use some pop too, but my SP is my biggest concern.

Jason in Central Maine

12 team mixed 5×5 vanilla w/ MI & CI. I dropped Arroyo for Edwin Jackson. I know Arroyo has decent rankings, but I just don’t trust the guy. Did I let personal bias cloud my judgement?

Any worries on the lack of pop from the following?

David Ortiz

Russell Martin

Matt Holliday

Lastly, I was thinking of dropping Willy Tavares (don’t think I will need steals) and Mike Fontenot (I have 5 better 2nd/SS options) for Dexter Fowler and Scott Rolen (currently have helton at CI). Or, are these guys worth holding for future trade value? Keep up the great work!
Jaded – nyc

Loving the Sirius/XM show guys. If you guys had an everyday slot on there I’d actually subscribe.

Any news on Big Erv? And what are the expectations for him when/if he comes back?

Brian in Philly

hey guys,

would you do this deal? (generic 5×5 roto, 11 teams)

I get:

He gets:
Scott Baker

I’d be hurting a bit in steals, but I’m hoping I can pick them up elsewhere. I’m already hurting a little in average, so I think Holliday might be a good pickup. I’m doing okay in power already, as I have A. Ramirez, utley, gonzalez, ortiz, and soon holliday. i also have victorino and rollins.

thanks guys,


Are you concerned about Carlos Lee? His bat has been cold and although it is only a week in, his swing looks awkward. In a head to head points league, who has the better season, Lee or Crawford? Lastly, do you still believe Cliff Lee can get it going?
Thanks for the help,

Davies is going to rock the house.

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