Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, April 16

Is last year’s AL Cy Young winner no longer an automatic start?

***Lee @

Colon @

***Halladay @

***Saundo @

***Anibal Sanchez
@ ***Kawakami

Ortiz @

***Wainwright @

***Hamels @

***Peavy @

Zito @

Yes, stick with Cliff
Lee. I don’t think there’s anything terribly wrong with


Is it time to bench:

1. Alexei Ramirez in favor of Khalil Greene: and

2. Jacoby Ellsbury in favor of Colby Rasmus/Travis Snider

I’m not suggesting giving up on Ramirez and Ellsbury but benching them until they begin to hit.



Is it time to bring Derrek Lee off the bench? I’m in a league where I can’t make lineup changes until Monday of each week and he started off poorly in the first week so I benched him for the second week. Now he’s starting to improve. Right now I have Joey Votto at 1B, Emilio Bonifacio at 2B, and Aaron Hill at Util. Who should I bench if anyone? Keep up the good work guys.

Glenn–New York

Another question, I had just read an earlier post on Brandon Inge. Right now he’s my catcher until Joe Mauer comes off the DL. His production has begun to slow down and I would like to replace him for next week in case Mauer doesn’t come back by then. Who would you recommend out of the following? John Buck, Henry Blanco, Jason Varitek, Koyle Hill, John Baker. Thanks for your help.

Glenn–New York


DO you have a contact email for technical issues with the podcasts? I was having trouble getting show descriptions and artwork to display correctly on the program I use to download podcasts on my Blackberry. Basically the publisher of the program found what he thinks is a problem with the way the audio podcast is published. For details can be found in the last post here:http://www.versatilemonkey.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=358.

By the way, I am loving the XM show. The feel of it takes me back to the radio only show of a few years ago. One question, I am not sure if it comes across on the live show, but on the podcasts, the comments that I assume aren’t meant to go over the air, such as time until break and upcoming callers are audible. No big deal. Between that and the podcast that recorded the pre-show banter a few weeks ago, I feel like an insider😉

Hey guys,
I asked a few days ago about trading sizemore and a closer for han ram and siano said he needed more info like for instance what i would do with my incumbent ss, peralta….well in my excitement i forgot to mention i had another potential deal brewing with another owner and after some fierce negotiating its deadlocked with me getting joey votto and max scherzer giving peralta and king felix. now given all the new information maybe you guys can help me, would these trades make me any better and do you trust felix to stay healthier than scherzer? and one more thing, whats the deal with ron washington playing andrew mr. .200 jones over chris davis tonight? should i be a little worried? love the xm show and keep up the good work!
Thanks, Keith

Does this sound like a fair trade to you? I was offered Jimmy Rollins and Mark Reynolds for Derek Jeter. My 3B right now is Felipe Lopez. I’m not sure I need Rollins’ steals since Ichiro just came back from the DL and Rollins has had a poor start this season. What do you guys think?

Glenn–New York

Hey Guys,

I had asked this question yesterday, Zack said he would think about dropping Bucholtz for Volstad. By the time I logged onto my league, someone had picked up Volstad. So, would you drop Clay Bucholtz or Max Scherzer for any of these pitchers: Gallaraga, Edwin Jackson, Paul Maholm, Jordan Zimmerman? I have a moves limit so I need to be selective about moves and can’t play pitch or ditch…Thanks!

Hey Guys,
In a 12 tm mixed non-keeper would you drop Motte now that C. Perez has been called back up? If so, who would you pick up: M. Byrd, C. Tracy, A. Sanchez, or speculate on T. Hanson?
Neighbor Steve

How’s 17 bucks for Spills working for you Cory? LOL


Weekly leagues are tricky, but in a daily, I’m definitely in favor of riding the hot bat, so both of those moves are fine. Just make sure to get your regulars back in once they show any signs of life.

Lee’s clearly not the power hitter he was a few years ago, but he’s very consistent nonetheless. I’d stick with him and play Votto, Lee, and Bonifacio, and bench Hill. Hill as a 2B is fine, but I don’t like him as a utility. You can get a lot more production out of that spot, and Hill doesn’t even run. If/when Bonifacio cools off, feel free to put Hill back in there, but until then I’m keeping him benched.


hey guys-

10 team weekly mixed, which of the following one-start pitchers (if any) would you bench in favor of Andy Pettitte in a 2-start week next week (OAK & @BOS)?

billingsley (@ COL), gallardo (@ HOU), maholm (FLA), volstadt (PHI), or Harang (@ CUBS)


greg, strong island

Glenn (again),

I’d go with Baker. He won’t give you much power but is hitting the ball very well right now and looks like the most consistent option of that bunch.

While I’m at it, I’ll answer your other question. I’d jump all over that deal. Not even considering Reynolds, Rollins is the superior fantasy player to Jeter. He’s slumping right now but don’t let that sway you into making a trade you’ll later regret. Rollins will top Jeter in HRs, SBs, and RBIs, and probably score more runs. AVG is the only category that Jeter will likely come out on top. Simply put, Rollins is a legit first rounder. Jeter is not.

Not sure why that’s happening. We’ll look into it.


How good are Kershaw and Galarraga really? I picked up Kershaw in the 15th round and Galaragga off the WW. They are shaping up to be my best pitchers next to Cain, ha. What should I really expect out of these two? H2h points league so whip & era arent really of concern, but we do penalize for runs & walks accordingly. Thanks as always


Yeah, I’d drop Clay for Galarraga, who’s shown me enough to be a clear Pitch or Ditch graduate.

As long as you don’t desperately need the roster spot, I’d try to hold onto Motte until we know more about that situation. Picking up Hanson is tempting, but it appears the Braves are intent on leaving him in the minors for at least a month or so, but if there is a way you can stash him (by dropping a bench hitter for instance) definitely consider that.


I’ve got Lee and Liriano in a H2H league today and I need the innings. While I’m encouraged by the POD endorsement, I can’t help but be terrified.
– Chad in Champaign

So I put too much stock into Jed Lowrie on draft day and didn’t back up my MI in a 12 team Points league. 2 points for a steal and everything else is pretty straight forward with the exception of no negative points for DP or Ks. Now the waiver wire is pretty thin so who do you suggest I pick up out of these guys:
Elvis Andrus
Yuniesky Betancourt
Alexi Casilla
Mark Ellis
Asdrubal Cabrera

–Nate in Springfield

Hey Guys

14 team 5×5 mixed. I was offered Uggla for Soria.

My team could use the power boost. But I’m hesitant to let go of my best closer (others are Bell, F Francisco, and Gregg). Soria could be a 40 save guy with good peripherals and Ks. What do you think?


Hey Guys; 16 team mixed, roto, auction, in season cap $300, 7 x 7 w/ K’s and OBP as extra hitter cats, FAAB. Alexie Ramirez just hit the waiver wire. If you win him in FAAB, he goes on your roster at his auction price of $25. I am at $282, so he would put me over. My MI is Rollins, Roberts, Hill. To keep under cap, my only real choice is to drop Carlos Guillen at $14 (I can’t see dropping Hill, who would also get me back to $300). My CO are Konerko, Cantu, Conor Jackson and Wigginton. I am short on power. Min at a position is 20 games, so Ramirez is only 2B and SS eligible. It seems ridiculous, but I am going to pass on Ramirez (FAAB will be interesting, no Vicery, I am guessing he’ll go for around $500 out of $1000). I have a day or two yet, am I making the right decision?
Jeff in Minny


Tough call there. I’d sit Maholm…least upside and doesn’t strike guys out. The Marlins are also swinging the bats pretty well.

I think Galarraga is a solid back of the rotation SP, but the K rate isn’t there. As for Kershaw, he obviously has a ton of potential as last night’s dominant start showed. He’s a guy that you could have drafted as a fourth or fifth starter and put up #2 SP type numbers. The Dodgers will baby him though, so don’t expect more than 150-160 innings.


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