Alex Gordon to DL

For now it looks like Aviles to 3B and Pena takes over at SS. I’d say good news for Aviles except he can’t hit.


KANSAS CITY, MO (April 16, 2009) — The Kansas City Royals today announced that third baseman Alex Gordon has been placed on the 15-day disabled list with a right hip labral cartilage tear.  The injury will require an arthroscopic procedure to repair the tear tomorrow by Dr. Marc Philippon in Vail, Colorado.  No timetable on Gordon’s return will be available until the procedure is completed.



Hey guys, is it worth using a bench spot on Gordon (Mauer is in my only DL spot) in a vanilla mixed league? I already have Price stashed on my bench as well. I’ll be moving Ian Stewart from Util to CI and Cust to Util from the bench, and if I cut Gordon, I’d use the spot for Monday/Thursday hitters or Pitch or Ditch.
Thanks, MPFM

Hey Guys Quick Question,
Speaking of Alex Gordon, who would you pick up to replace him? I picked up Chris Duncan but Jason Kubel, Ryan Sweeney, and Michael Cuddyer are on the wire. Do you think Duncan can take advantage of his playing time? Thanks! Davis

Morning guys, long time – first time.
Two questions:

1) As well as Alex Gordon, I have Xavier Nady, Chris Carpenter and Troy Glaus, but only two DL spots. Which two are worth holding on to, and can I drop the other two?

2) I have four players in minor league slots, Elvis Andrus, Andruw Jones, Colby Rasmus and Chris Perez. Which of those are worth promoting to my roster?

Supplementary detail: 12 team mixed keeper league 6×6 (extra cats are OBP and holds), no innings limit. To keep any of the above players would require 5th round pick for Gordon, 6th for Nady, 21st for Carpenter, 26th for Glaus, or 28th for Andrus, Jones, Rasmus or Perez, we are allowed 8 keepers. If I promote any of the minors hitters I have enough position flexibility for them to replace the injured hitters. If I promote Perez, I would have to remove one of my bullpen of K-Rod, Lidge, Lindstrom, Wheeler, Shields and Linebrink.

Hey Guys,

I’m in a 16 team mixed league, and David Price was just put on the WW by another owner. I’ve got the number 5 priority. I already have Tommy Hanson listed as NA using a bench spot.Should I try and pick Price up, and stash him as well?
If so, who to drop?

My pitching staff is Haren, Vazquez,Bedard,Scherzer, Hanson, Broxton,Bell, Villanueva and C.Perez.

My Bench hitters: Crisp Konerko or Sandoval, and Lind


Hey Guys,
In a 12 tm mixed non-keeper I have J. Piniero as a 6th SP. Would you drop Piniero and pick up either K. Millwood, J. Washburn, O. Perez, or A. Sanchez(my choice)? Or just sit tight with Piniero?

Neighbor Steve

I know its very early, but I a getting concerned about David Ortiz. I watched a lot of Boston games this week and he looks really out of sync. He is swinging at bad pitches and taking good pitches for strikes. In your opinion, is he working off the rust from missing time last year?Or is no Manny & wrist going to take a toll this year?Thank you!! Jaded, nyc


I’d try to wait a few days until we know more about the extent of Gordon’s injury, but yes, if he’s out for more than a month, I’d have no problem with you cutting him.

Duncan will hit for more power, but I think Kubel is the most well rounded of that group. I see him getting more ABs than Duncan by year’s end and Kubel’s been getting better every year while Duncan’s career has thus far been a roller coaster ride.



Just answered your question in yesterday’s POD blog post.

Yeah, go ahead and claim Price. #5 priority isn’t that great, and I’m pretty sure you won’t get him anyway. Hoffman appears close to returning, so I’d cut Villanueva.



Ortiz is clearly not the hitter he was a few years ago, and the DH only eligibility hurts his value, but I think he can still go .275-30-100. Be patient for now and then consider dealing him if/when he heats up. Right now you’re not going to get equal value for him.


Hey tamarisk,

1) That’s a doozy. Obviously wait as long as you can to make the decision, since Nady’s and Gordon’s timetables are uncertain. If both are out of the rest of the season, then your decision is made for you with Carp and Glaus remaining. There wasn’t much optimism with Nady’s injury. We know Carp will be out 4-8 weeks, and that Glaus will return by June 1 at the earliest. While both are injury-prone, I’d rather take a chance on Carp. Remember, his oblique injury occurred while swinging a bat, so it’s not shoulder- or pitching-related. If you have to make a quick decision, go with Carp and Gordon.

2) Keep Andrus and Rasmus. Both guys will give you depth at stolen bases, and Rasmus has some pop in his bat. And it looks like both will get enough playing time this season to justify keeping them in a 12-teamer (with Andrus having more value than Rasmus).

Kyle Stack, Fantasy Writer

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