Pitch or Ditch for Friday, April 17


Reyes @

Outman @

Guthrie @

Colon @

***Meche @ Harrison (good
matchup of hot pitcher vs. absurdly hot offense)

Moseley @

***Verlander @ ***King

***Lohse @ ***Zambrano
(tough matchup for Lohse but he’s hot)

***Jurrjens @

***Nolasco @

***Young @

Bush @

Cueto @

De La Rosa @ ***Wolf
(Rockies struggling offensively and Wolf pitching well so

***Haren @

     ***Siano says “Purcey is a gamble..I like his
future. He has never seen Oakland but they also have never seen him and he has
high K potential to go along with High BB.

***NOTE  I’ve answered some of the unanswered questions from yesterday’s Pitch or Ditch post and will re-post the rest of them here.




Hey guys,

I asked a few days ago about trading sizemore and a closer for han ram and siano said he needed more info like for instance what i would do with my incumbent ss, peralta….well in my excitement i forgot to mention i had another potential deal brewing with another owner and after some fierce negotiating its deadlocked with me getting joey votto and max scherzer giving peralta and king felix. now given all the new information maybe you guys can help me, would these trades make me any better and do you trust felix to stay healthier than scherzer? and one more thing, whats the deal with ron washington playing andrew mr. .200 jones over chris davis tonight? should i be a little worried? love the xm show and keep up the good work!

Thanks, Keith

I’ve got Lee and Liriano in a H2H league today and I need the innings. While I’m encouraged by the POD endorsement, I can’t help but be terrified.

– Chad in Champaign

So I put too much stock into Jed Lowrie on draft day and didn’t back up my MI in a 12 team Points league. 2 points for a steal and everything else is pretty straight forward with the exception of no negative points for DP or Ks. Now the waiver wire is pretty thin so who do you suggest I pick up out of these guys:
Elvis Andrus
Yuniesky Betancourt
Alexi Casilla
Mark Ellis
Asdrubal Cabrera

–Nate in Springfield

Hey Guys

14 team 5×5 mixed. I was offered Uggla for Soria.

My team could use the power boost. But I’m hesitant to let go of my best closer (others are Bell, F Francisco, and Gregg). Soria could be a 40 save guy with good peripherals and Ks. What do you think?


Hey Guys; 16 team mixed, roto, auction, in season cap $300, 7 x 7 w/ K’s and OBP as extra hitter cats, FAAB. Alexie Ramirez just hit the waiver wire. If you win him in FAAB, he goes on your roster at his auction price of $25. I am at $282, so he would put me over. My MI is Rollins, Roberts, Hill. To keep under cap, my only real choice is to drop Carlos Guillen at $14 (I can’t see dropping Hill, who would also get me back to $300). My CO are Konerko, Cantu, Conor Jackson and Wigginton. I am short on power. Min at a position is 20 games, so Ramirez is only 2B and SS eligible. It seems ridiculous, but I am going to pass on Ramirez (FAAB will be interesting, no Vicery, I am guessing he’ll go for around $500 out of $1000). I have a day or two yet, am I making the right decision?

Jeff in Minny

Hey Guys,

I am in a 7×7 Mixed Head to Head League. The Extra Categories are K’s and OPS for hitters, and Losses and Holds for Pitchers. I have an offer on the table of Matt Holliday, David Ortiz, and Miguel Tejada for Grady Sizemore and Ryan Theriot. Who gets the better end of this trade?



It sounds like its going to be PJ Walters for the Cardinals instead of Lohse. I assume Walters is a ditch?

Whats up guys!
Just browsing the FA list in my league and saw a plethora of 2b that are available. It’s a 10 team h2h mixed league. I currently have Uggla with Freddy Sanchez as my backup. Is it worth dropping Sanchez to work any of these guys in at the UTIL spot in place of or alongside Conor Jackson? Kelly Johnson, Orlando Hudson, Aaron Hill, and Iwamura are all available. Thanks!


A totally fair offer but I’d hold onto Soria. As you said, he’s a legit top tier closer, and while Uggla will certainly help with power, he’ll hurt your AVG. You do have decent closer depth, so if you’re in dire need for power I might consider it if the deal was sweetened a little, but as it stands now I’m passing.

On value alone, I like the Holliday/Ortiz/Tejada side, but losing Grady and Theriot is losing a lot of speed, so if you can’t afford that, I’d understand if you’re hesitant, but I’d lean towards accepting this one.



I’d rather have Kelly Johnson than Sanchez as a backup but keep Jackson in that UTIL slot. I always like to fill that spot with someone who will give me the most offensive production, especially in AVG and RBI, and I’m usually not in favor of using a MI there.


Anyone know why Hawkins and not Valverde closed for Houston today? As a Valverde owner, I’m quite concerned. He still hasn’t logged a save.
-Dan in LA

No love for Livan?

Spencer from Raleigh, or my blog @ http://thewrightway.mlblogs.com/

Fair trade and I’m luke warm on it. I do like Felix over max but not by as much as you would think. Votto is a good player but 1B is deep so in a way Peralta has about even value if he hits like last year. Don’t love it but it’s basically a challenge trade.

No clue. Valverde pitched yesterday with a 4run lead and gave up a run but there doesnt seem to be any reason why except possible injury. Hopefully it’s only a rest thing, I would bet there is news on this by tonight or tomorrow.

I dont think this list is thin at all. I’m with you on Lowrie but you havr to move on. I’d stash Lugo on my DL if possible and play the hot hand here. I’d rank them this way.
Elvis Andrus
Yuniesky Betancourt
Asdrubal Cabrera
Alexi Casilla
Mark Ellis

I agree with Zach I’d pass.

Jeff in Minny,
At least put in a bid. I think Ramirez and cutting Guillen is a medium risk high reward move. If he gets hot and Hill cools off then swap em out , if everyone performs the guy you beat out for the bid you will own come trade talks. Guillen is a solid player but let’s not make him a superstar. Let us know what happened. Interesting question.

I’d rather have Grady. Then hit the wire and get a solid 3rd player to make it even better. Plus you free up your UT slot.

Hey Guys,
In a 12 tm mixed non-keeper I have J. Piniero as a 6th SP. Would you drop Piniero and pick up either K. Millwood, J. Washburn, O. Perez, or A. Sanchez? Or just sit tight with Piniero?

Neighbor Steve

Hey guys,

My DL is now fully loaded a week and a half into the season. Need your advice. I just lost Alex Gordon at the corner. I already have Smoltz, Carpenter, and Big Erv on the DL, 1 of which is already sucking up a roster spot.

Do I:

1) Drop one of these guys? If so, who?
2) Keep all of them and waste 2 roster spot for an indefinite time?

Can you rank the following in the order I should pick them up?

Emilio Bonifacio
Scott Rolen
Mark Reynolds
Ian Stewart
Josh Fields

Guys – your thoughts on this trade offer. (12 team-mixed-vanilla)
I give up O-dog and get Wainwright.
My staff includes (Lackey-DL, Lilly, R.Johnson, Joba, Volquez, Kawakami, Jimenez – with Lackey down, Volquez stinking it up – feels pretty thin). Seems like a no-brainer for the needs, but don’t like trading for pitching. The wire includes the likes of – Casilla, Betancourt, Asdrubal… -How hot is Orlando Hudson going to stay in that sweet spot? -15/15 (he’s only ever had 10 steals, but 3 already!) with 100R and a nice avg.?


Those are all pretty much POD guys. I’d lean towards keeping Pineiro for now but above all, play the matchups.

Really tough call, but I’d drop Carpenter. He just got injured and there’s uncertainty as to when he’ll return. Both Smoltz and Big Erv are making considerable progress in their rehab and should return within the next month or so. Also, I think Carpenter has the least chance of getting picked up as people are scared off right now.

As for your other question, I’m ranking them Reynolds, Rolen, Fields, Bonifacio, Stewart, but this of course depends on your categorical needs (SB need bump up Bonifacio etc.)

I like that deal a lot for you. Wainwright is a decent #2 or great #3 SP while Hudson, though a useful fantasy player, is far from irreplaceable. I don’t think the dropoff from Hudson to one of those WW guys is that huge.


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