Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday April 18-20



Cahill @

Carmona @ Wang (stay
away from both right now)

***Buehrle @

Oliver @

Eaton @

***Greinke @ ***Millwood
(don’t like Millwood but he’s hot and it’s a good matchup)

***Jackson @

J. Reyes @


***Gallardo @

Cook @

***Lohse @ ***Dempster
(Lohse is hot and Cubs are righty heavy)

Davis @

***Harang @

S. Hill @ ***Myers


 Pavano @

Braden @

Uehara @

***Floyd @

Loux @ ***Perkins
(Perkins pitching well and Angels aren’t scoring)

***Davies @ Padilla (great
test for Davies)

Porcello @

Suppan @

***Volstad @

***Vazquez @ ***Duke (Duke
is hot, but it’s risky)

W. Silva @

***Volquez @ Moehler 

***Scherzer @ ***R.

***Ubaldo @

***Wellemeyer @


Eveland @

Hendrickson @

***Lowe @ J.

Miller @

Correia @

***Arroyo @

Marquis @ Garland



Well it didn’t take long for the upheaval. Pitchers just can’t be trusted. I have Matsuzaka and Hanson,Snell, and Gallardo currently contributing zero. I’ve been surprised by JoshJohnson and Lohse, but that luck is likely temporary

1-Is Dice K having real longer risk cuff or labrum issues or just a temporary dead arm, and do you expect him to return quickly to #1 or 2 form from DL.

2-Glavine may retire, but Reyes was brought up???How long will Hanson be held in AAA? I can’t afford to keep him in reserve after May.

Torn Cuff, VA Beach

Boys –

Trade offer just made…Owner wants HRs and Saves…..I proposed sending him Werth, Dukes and Soria for Joba and Verlander.

I have encarncion or Spilborghs on the bench I can slot in, and would improve my Arms since I still have Valverde, Marmol and Morrow, but lesser arms like Snell, Hampton can be sat, etc.

Seem about fair??


Boys –

That was quick, the owner countered with Aviles, Verlander and Joba for Uggla and Soria.

I dont hate this, does this make me insane or a bad judge of value???



Great show guys!!! I love it when Joe calls. Always entertaining!! Now if we can find a way to get you guys back on every day!

Go guys sure about starting Floyd? I had in mind to sit him going away to TB. He seems to play better at home than on the road. Is Wellemeyer a better bet?
Also, yesterday you ranked Perez as 2nd in a list of closers in waiting. After last night do you still think that happens, surely he now has to wait longer for a save chance. Especially while Franklin is flying.

Boys –

Dont you think Hampton is the true sleeper this year….when he is healthy he deals….but he has been DTM based on injury for so long that folks forget about him.

He has two home starts this week. I have to think he is a perfect PoD (pitch part) this week especially.

My 2 cents!


Hey guys this has nothing to do with POD, but it is a critical fantasy question. I drafted Ortiz believing that he would be healthy. He is considered an “undroppable” in the MLB.com fantasy baseball game, and I would like to petition the game to change that, since Ortiz is a shell of his former self. How do I go about doing that?

Hey Torn Cuff,
1 — There hasn’t been specific talk of long-term issues concerning Dice-K. He’s in a period of rest, and manager Terry Francona expressed on Sunday that the length of that rest period is still undetermined. Stay patient and keep him on the DL if you have room.
2 — Stick it out as long as you can with Hanson. Glavine’s status is very uncertain, and Reyes definitely didn’t do anything in his Saturday start to show that he’s ready to contribute on a consistent basis.
Kyle Stack, MLB.com Fantasy Writer

Hey BDH,

The Soria/Werth side has the advantage, so I encourage you to keep them — and Dukes — instead of taking a chance on Joba and Verlander. I like Joba, don’t get me wrong, but Verlander is still getting hit hard, even with back-to-back eight-strikeout outings.
Werth is valuable, Dukes should still get enough playing time despite his tardiness problem, and Soria is a stud. And considering Morrow and Marmol aren’t full-time closers, and with Valverde struggling with health concerns, you should really value Soria’s dependability.

Hey BDH,

Wow, didn’t even read your second comment until I posted an answer to the first! I still wouldn’t make a trade. Aviles is alright, good position versatility, but now you’re talking about giving up a 30-homer second baseman with Soria. Don’t overthink it. Keep what you have until your trade partner offers more stable players.

Who do I start in my Utility spot week 3? Shin-Soo or D. Lee? I think Lee has taken sedatives, he looks so lethargic and uninterested in the game.

I’ve attempted to track a group of potentially available pitchers for Pitch or Ditch using the % owned in Yahoo Plus leagues. I’ve tracked the stats on Excel and tried to see if I could upload it to a website.


I also added a page from what I tracked last year, which I based off of actual available players in the 12 team leagues I was in.

Greg in Iowa


I bombed on closers during the draft and am left with only Hanrahan in my NL only 4×4 league (no ks). The Nats just called up Garret Mock to try-out for the closer’s job putting my only closer at risk of dismissal. What do you think is Mock’s chances at getting the job and do I put him in front of my waiver claim for Dexter Fowler?

Hey theperminator,

Do you need saves more than the potential speed Fowler offers? I’d go after Fowler if he fills a need. You never know with closers, especially someone as unproven as Mock. I’d think he would have a decent shot at attaining the closer role, since the Nationals are going nowhere in the standings and Hanrahan hasn’t impressed. Frankly, his best asset is strikeouts, which obviously doesn’t matter in your league. All in all, I would still target Fowler first, if he fills a need for your team. If not, take a chance on Mock.
Kyle Stack, MLB.com Fantasy Writer

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