Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, April 22


B. Anderson @

***Danks @

Horacio Ramirez @

Benson @ Purcey * Purcey could strike out 10 and still get bombed.


***Verlander @

Niemann @

***Nolasco @

De La Rosa @

***Young @

***Jurrjens @
***Lannan *Johnny Long Beach blue plate

Bush @ ***Hamels *I think it’s crazy to bench him despite it being
rough to watch.

***Cueto @

***Wolf @

Maine @

***Cory says I’d
go with Maine, and I’m still queasy about using Lannan, but it’s hard to argue
with the results. Those who really like to gamble might want to take a look at


Hey guys quick trade question. Should I trade Konerko/Morrow for Gallardo? It is a 16 team h2h league with k/9 and ops. I already have wood and broxton so I don’t think I need 3 closers. My pitching is kinda weak with Burnett, Dempster, Zimmermann, Hanson, Maholom, Brett Anderson, and Parra. Giambi or J. Upton would replace Konerko at my uti spot. My offense is strong.

Three questions around Ryan Doumit’s injury.

I’m in a 14 team 6×6 mixed league with Walks and Holds as extra categories.

1) Who should I pick up from the waiver wire to replace Doumit – my choices are Jason Varitek, Pudge, Gerald Laird, John Buck, Nick Hundley or Jesus Flores.

2) I have 5 bench spots and 1 DL spot. Currently I have A-Rod on the DL and Brandon Webb and Joel Zumaya occupying bench spots whilst injured. With the Holds category it is usual to keep starters on your bench and rotate them through the 7 pitching slots whilst ensuring you have closers and middle relief to rack up the Saves and Holds every day.

I assume not to cut Doumit. Who would you cut to make room for the catcher – Zumaya or another reliever (I currently have Ryan Madson, Fernando Rodney, Joakim Soria and Mariano Rivera) or a starter (Kevin Slowey, Gil Meche, Wandy Rodriguez, Jared Weaver and Zack Greinke).

3) Another option would be to trade an outfielder for a catcher – we play just three outfielders and I have Utility covered by Travis Hafner. Options to trade would be Alex Rios, Johnny Damon or Nelson Cruz. Cruz is a good sell-high candidate and I will be OK with power this year – what comparable type of catcher should I aim for for Cruz?


David in Old Hampshire, UK

quick trade question. I would get Soriano and Peavy for Beltran and Johan. Does this sound legit or should I stick with Beltran and Johan? Thanks for your help in the past and keep up the good work.


hey all I just answered a bunch of questions in the Q+A post from today, I’m gonna knock these three out and call it a evening and hope my boy Matt Cain hangs on for the W.

I like that trade.

1.) I like Laird out of that group but with some decent depth if Laird struggles feel free to make a change. Not like Doumit was lighting it up.
2.) Tough call but I cut Madson. Even in a 14 team league holds can be found.
3.) How about Cruz for Mauer? Laird can hold the fort.

That is a bad trade for you. Peavy isn’t in Johan’s league right now and Soriano vs. Beltran isn’t a stone cold upgrade. Look at Sori’s HR and RBI and then look at Beltran. Also while you are at it look at avg. Don’t make this deal.

Well, I’m sure I have the same question a lot of people have now… Who do I pick up to replace Doumit?
Buck, Baker, Varitek, Laird, Hundley, Paulino, Suzuki ? Those are the top catchers on our waiver wire. H2H points league so Im not really concerned with avg, obp etc… I just want some extra base hits, some rbi’s and some all around production. I would pick up Buck in a heartbeat if he could get some more at bats. What do you think?

I apologize for asking that, I hadn’t read the above post. I was so mad about it I just ran straight here to post the Q.

all good Eddie, if you don’t care about average I’d go Laird and try to mix in Buck. I love Suzuki but he’s basically a singles hitter.

about to start a new post.

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