Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, April 23


***Meche @ Anthony

Colon @

***Jackson @

Livan @ ***Lohse
(Cubs cooled him off but let’s give it one more shot)

***Mike agrees but he’ll roll the dice on Millwood


Hey guys. Is Wandy a PoD graduate at this point?


Absolutely, and he’s graduated with honors! I’m very high on Wandy and think he’ll be a sure-fire top 40 fantasy SP by year’s end.


love the Wandy.

10 team Points league with the following scoring
BBI – Walks Issued (Pitchers) -1 point
ER – Earned Runs -2 points
HA – Hits Allowed -1 point
INN – Innings 3 points
K – Strikeouts (Pitcher) 1 point
L – Losses -5 points
SO – Shutouts 5 points
W – Wins 7 points

Edwin Jackson, Kyle Davies, Jarrod Washburn


I guess I could add David Price to that list. In that case choose 3 I’m using a bench spot to hold him.

Thanks for answering all three of my Doumit questions and Happy Birthday to your Mum, Mike. It is also my birthday today and we share it with Jack Nicholson, Yehudi Menhuin, Aaron Spelling and Vladimir Ilych Lenin who was a leftie who absolutely mashed righties in his prime, I hear.

David in Old Hampshire, UK

Oh man after going back and reading my question.. I threw up up in mouth a little.. Washburn, Jackson and Davies oh my!!!!

You guys are doing a great job with Pitch or Ditch:


Not so much on the gambles though.

So far, home games are significantly better than away. 2.85 ERA versus 4.52.

Is Liriano going to get it going this year? Offered Liriano for Crawford in a points league. Is that offer even close ? I have C. Lee, Upton, and granderson , Voto in my U. So I choose beteen the four OF who I start based on schedule. Pitching is always a need. I play the wire weekly. Had a few guys I hoped to count on one was Velander and that`s not working out so well. Is Lor. just another problem? Thanks

Guys, What is the long term forecast on Atkins – there has been a steady decline over the last few years, and wondering if this is a bust year – especially with the talk of a trade hanging over his head (value potentially plummets) ?

That being said, looking to perhaps make a deal:
Atkins/Pence/Volquez (mine)
Chipper/McCann/Peralta (his)
-I take on the known Chipper risk and the unknown McCann eye situation – he is interested in Volquez – look good to you guys?

Love the show got two questions
1. Who do you think I should be starting at 3b Chris Davis or Huff? Should I keep both or try and trade one?

2. Is Parra worth a roster spot or drop him and keep picking up guys and hope that one sticks?

Mike in NYC

Hey Guys, In my 12 tm mixed non-keeper, I have the following Staff: Wainwright, Liriano, Garza, Jered Weaver, W. Rodriguez, A. Sanchez, E. Jackson, Valverde, Hanrahan, S. Downs, & C. Perez with Lackey on the DL.
Would you drop any of them to pick up L. Hawkins since Valverde is now hurt? Would you drop an SP like A. Sanchez or Edwin to back up Valverde with the Hawk? I will not have a DL spot if Valverde lands there and am hurting for saves right now.


Neighbor Steve


I think Liriano will have a good year but he remains a health risk and I tend to believe he was overvalued in drafts. Under most circumstances I’d do the Liriano for Crawford deal but now that I see you wouldn’t even have a place for Crawford, the trade makes little sense unless you can free up a spot by making another trade.


Hey Guys,

Hope this finds you well. Im in a twelve team league, with the roster I have, I feel I should’nt be in 10th what can I do to improve this team..
C-Baker SP-jurrjens, Lohse,Galarraga, Slowey,
1-Berkman/C.Guillen zimmerman, Dice-K, Hanson,
2-Hill/Johnson E. Santana, Wang
OF- Lee, Holliday, Rios, Suzuki, Ellsbury/C.Guillen

Would a trade offer of Holliday, Berkman, Holliday & Wang land me Beltran Pujols and papelbon or is this simply a poorman’s dream? Thank you in advance.

Sorry about my last post guys, SP- didnt come out the way I had it written on my comment box.

SP-jurrjens, Lohse,Galarraga, Slowey, zimmerman, Dice-K, Hanson, E. Santana, Wang

would a trade offer of holliday, berkman and ellsbury & wang land me beltran, pujols and papelbon, or is this simply a poorman’s dream?

I wouldn’t give you bekltran etc for your offer. The best bats and the best pitcher are on that side. Your offense is good but not great but I’m more concerned about your pitching. 2 guys on the DL and one in the minors who are good but not helping so the guys you do have going aren’t really K guys. With that said I’d wait out dice-k, hanson and erv and try to trade pitching for hitting but youre aiming way to high or not offering enough. Focus on just one bat for now. baby steps.

Thats why we label them gambles😉

Rinse with salt water. Play the matchups and don’t be shy to cut.

I agree with zach, too early to give up.

yes do that deal. I never liked Atkins and I would be shocjked if they don’t move him to make room for Steawart.

Mike in NYC,
If you can improve your team then yes make a trade but don’t take less then fair value. It may not look like it but Davis is getting a little better and I see an explosion coming.
Parra is a POD cut and past away.

neighbor steve
pick up hawk and cut sanchez. he is still POD but has a shot to graduate, but since you decided to draft Liriano instead of a stud closer such is your life right now😉



I have crawford, Offered Liriano or lester. I have 4 OF. I named earlier. Sorry I was not clear. Who do you like better. Or just keep crawford and play the wire. Also new scoring system in my league ills you if you give up runs ERA is a big deal.

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