Pitch or Ditch for Friday, April 24

AP090418016276.jpgCORY’S PICKS

Blackburn @

***Chamberlain @

Cecil @

***Kazmir @ ***Cahill (I
think he’s a good gamble against the Rays, who are very erratic

***Myers @ ***Josh

***Gallardo @

Stults @

***Snell @ Correia (Snell is
coming off a big game and is a good gamble here)

***Mike agrees with everything except Cahill

Some Siano comments:

Myers is a gamble but Marlins didn’t look so great against Pirates.”

I picked up Stults in an NL-Only but I’d wait in a mixed plus it’s


lovin the love for Snell. The Pirates never do well on the west coast, but you’re right. He’s coming off a big gam and will carry the momentum against the Padres


wasup guys,
ok this may be stupid, but…..who the hell is this scott richmond guy and is he worth owning? he looked very serviceable tonight against texas especially with the 8 k’s in 6 innings…whats the deal??

Hey guys,

Would you guys pick Snell over Porcello for tomorrow?

one more quick thing…jose lopez was dropped in one of my leagues -6×6 12 team mix, the 6th cat being hits- i currently have kelly johnson at 2b…should i cut johnson and go with lopez the rest of the way or hold what i got?

sorry, just can’t trust snell yet…
still feeling the pain from last year.

i dropped John Buck and left one of my catcher spots empty to pick up Snell. Then i came here to see what you guys thought on PITCH OR DITCH. Glad i picked Snell over Porcello. I just can’t go up against Greinke…. I have Doumit on the DL and Weiters (in Minors) and Pablo Sandoval (who is not hitting) in a 12 team league. Should i keep snell if he is lights out? I could drop cody ross or Joe hanrahan to pick up a catcher. Ruiz is available, so is Flores, Snyder, Barajas.

Hello 411! Thanks for the Analysis.

I’m wondering if I should used my #2 waiver on Rafael Soriano. Who will ultimately win the job in Atlanta? Gonzalez seems to be struggling, and Soriano can rack up the K’s.

I also have Ryan Franklin who’s doing an excellent job. Perhaps pick up Soriano and packaging him with Franklin for Hanrahan (or Capps but I doubt it) – trading two half closers for 1. But if Soriano wins the job, then it’s a bad idea.

Same question as keithdw. Who is Scott Richmond? I pulled up his minor league stats and they look pretty decent in K/IP, K/BB and WHIP. He’s 30 years old with, what, about 8 major league starts under his belt? Flash in the pan? Or is he worth keeping an eye on for POD? How many decent starts before he becomes a “Yes” for POD?

How many starts was it Ricky “NO”-lasco last year, before he finally became a yes for POD?

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