Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, April 28



Penny @ Anthony

Hughes @

Anderson @

***Shields @

Richmond @


***Lohse @ J.

Lannan @
***Hamels *this is the start where if Hamels stinks
I really start to worry. Love me Johnny LB but not in this


***Wandy @ ***Harang *411 delight

***Maholm @ ***Bush *Bush off the near no-no why

Geer @ De La


***Billingsley @
***Sanchez *I like

***Cory says “I say
yes on Hughes vs. Jackson, I think both are great gambles right now. Otherwise I


Should I be looking to trade Paplebon if I can get fair value for him?

I’ll steal Cory’s line. You should be willing to trade anyone if it will make your team better. Only problem with Paps is to trade him for a fellow closer it can only be Nathan or Rivera since Soria is hurt right now, but yeah you should be able to get a great bat or arm for him.

Hey Guys,
I am in a 5×5 10 team weekly non-keeper Roto league. (1 CI 1 MI 1 UTIL 3SP 3RP 3P slots). I have never really played in a roto or weekly league before. My league just voted in a transaction limit at 50 moves. So my plan to pitch and ditch went up in smoke. Can I do well with this staff? I think i have a glaring hole in speed what should i try to deal?

Rafael (Go Yankees)

John Baker (Fla – C)
Miguel Cabrera (Det – 1B,3B)
Aaron Hill (Tor – 2B)
Chris Davis (Tex – 1B,3B)
Troy Tulowitzki (Col – SS)
Lance Berkman (Hou – 1B)
Derek Jeter (NYY – SS)
Manny Ramírez (LAD – OF)
Jason Bay (Bos – OF)
Álex Ríos (Tor – OF)
Nate McLouth (Pit – OF)
Dan Uggla (Fla – 2B)
Elvis Andrus (Tex – SS)
Ryan Doumit (Pit – C) DL

A.J. Burnett (NYY – SP)
Yovani Gallardo (Mil – SP)
Paul Maholm (Pit – SP)
Brad Ziegler (Oak – RP)
Manuel Corpas (Col – RP)
Jose Arredondo (LAA – RP)
Brandon Morrow (Sea – SP,RP)
Chris Volstad (Fla – SP)
David Aardsma (Sea – RP)
David Price (TB – SP) NA
Phil Hughes (NYY – SP) NA

Pitching Wandy on the road, in the bandbox in Cincinnati? Are you guys sure about that? So far he’s put together very good numbers at home, but his one road start so far (6ip 3er 8WH) suggests he’s still someone to be careful of on the road. Am I wrong?

Also, are there any closers of the future (I know, I know, the road to last place) I should be keeping my eye on? I find myself sitting comfortably in last place in Saves right now with KRod, and the team of Street and Corpas. 12team vanilla, I grabbed LaTroy Hawkins to try and nab one while Valverde is down, but I don’t think thats a long term solution.

Thanks for Anibal Sanchez crap. 108 ERA.

Alright guys… what’s the deal with mags? Do I ditch him? Got a deal on the table mags for Verlander. Do I do it? I think so. I think Verlander’s on his way up where Mags is on his way down.

Encarnacion is killing me. Is it time to drop Bonifacio from my bench for a 3B who is producing now, while benching Encarnacion? Casey Blake, Andy LaRoche, Russell Branyan, Crede and Kouz are available. Thoughts? Holliday, BJ Upton, Big Papi, Stephen Drew and R Martin are killing me too, but that’s for another rant..

hey guys,

12 team 10 keeper 5×5/ a guy’s been shopping Vladdy & I offer Maggs. He’s counter w/asking for N.Cruz, who I know you guys aren’t high on, but who I drafted 2cd behind Wieters b/c I believed he can be a productive player for many seasons & a great keeper. do I do this deal? this season it’s probably a better deal for me (but who knows w/the way Cruz is started it could be a wash), but even if Vladdy did outproduce am I giving up the future for an aging star (much like my beloved Mets have been prone to do in the past).

shannon in ky

Hey Guys,

Who do you like better for the rest of the year Ryan Spilborghs or Dexter Fowler?


Fowler, they said it on the podcast monday.

Halfner or Jose Guilen for UTI?

I’m in a 10 team H2H keeper league with some expanded stats.
R, H, HR, RBI, SB, BB, K, E, AVG
This is my roster
Russell Martin, Prince Fielder, Robinson Canó, Evan Longoria, Jimmy Rollins, Andre Ethier, Shane Victorino, Carlos Lee, Corey Hart, Brad Hawpe, Dexter Fowler

Erik Bedard, Jordan Zimmermann, Carlos Mármol, Joakim Soria, Brandon Morrow, Scot Shields, Tim Lincecum, Javier Vázquez, Rick Porcello, Josh Johnson, Brett Myers

My starting pitchers are clicking, my relievers well whatever it is only saves and holds and a touch of era and whip so I?m not to worried about them.
Anyway, a guy in my league is buggin me for Ethier, but he is offering V Wells, or Jeter.
Both of which I?m not wild about since their age discounts their keeper value. So I was thinking maybe I should try and entice him with and large group trade. The guys he has that I like are B Roberts, P Sandoval, J Reyes NYM-SS and Adam Jones.

What do you guys think if I offer Martin, Cano Rollins and Ethier for the four mentioned above?

His entire roster is Pablo Sandoval, James Loney, Brian Roberts, Garrett Atkins, José Reyes, Jason Bay, Vernon Wells, Josh Hamilton, Adam Jones, Chris Davis, Daniel Murphy, Derek Jeter, Brian McCann

Clayton Kershaw, Roy Oswalt, Jonathan Papelbon, Bobby Jenks, Matt Capps, Kyle McClellan, Scott Baker, Roy Halladay, Max Scherzer, Matt Garza

I?ll hang up and take your answer on the air :~)

Hi guys, 20 Team H2H league, currently in first. Could use an upgrade in my OF and am looking to ditch the inconsistent Beckett. As stands, my OF is:

Coco Crisp
J. Anderson – Bench

Which one of these guys do you think I could and should get for Blister Beckett? All of these teams need pitching:

N. Cruz
Alexei Ramirez
T. Hunter


Hey gents. Trade Question here. 12 team H2H points. I have been offered: Crawford, C. Davis, Verlander, J. Washburn. He wants Morneau, Bruce, Cain in return.

My pitching is Mediocre at best with Cain, Galarraga, Kershaw, (Wolf, Bush, Richmond are POD).

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